Pendleton Police Department

  • Agency: Pendleton Police Department
  • Address: 550 N Pendleton Ave, Pendleton, 46064 IN
  • Chief: Marc C Farrer (Chief of police)
Phone: 765-778-3933
Fax: (765)778-3696

Pendleton Police Department is located at 550 N Pendleton Ave, Pendleton, 46064 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Marc C Farrer. The Pendleton Police Department phone number is 765-778-3933.

Pendleton Police Department News

Officer Ed Nunn decided to take on some of the local youth and found out just how strong our Pendleton kids can be!!!

Once again, Thank you President Trump for your outspoken support of Law Enforcement Officers!!

Sending prayers to the Family and Terre Haute Police Department

Quick reminder that this weekend is the National Drug Take Back Day... Pendleton Police Department will be partnering with INTERSECT and CVS PHARMACY by manning a drop off sight at 620 E. State Street, Pendleton, Indiana. We will be onsight from 10am to 2PM.

The Pendleton Police Department is accepting applications for RESERVE POLICE OFFICERS. Applications can be downloaded at or picked up on station. We ask that applicants live within a 15 mile radius. Applications will be accepted until April 30, 2018. Thank you in advance for your interest in the Pendleton Police Department

Sad couple days for Law Enforcement...prayers for the families.....

I have thought long and hard about how to address yesterday's events in Pendleton without saying too much about the case, to keep from getting in trouble, or seeming unsympathetic or overly emotional when it comes to any kind of threat to my community. I say MY because I live, work and raise my children here and I am very appreciative of the support this Town provides my department. I would like to first say that the Officers of PPD (and every Officer I know) are very sorry for any and all threats or actions that harm or threaten to harm the people we try to protect. The feeling of a wolf getting inside our perimeter makes for some sleepless nights of anguish and double guessing our actions. Yesterday, after coming off the horrible events of the Florida shooting, Officers and citizens were all on edge and in the middle of it we took a runaway report. I try to not say routine, but we have taken numerous reports like this over the years. The difference in this one is the advancement of social media and the ability for people to get involved. There are pluses and minuses to this part, but I also understand at a root level everyone just wants to help and my phone ringing is a show of love everyone has for the community. The runaway we all now know because of posts, was an 11 year old boy from our school system. A search by us and citizens found where in weeks past he had posted a comment that if he got 600 likes something big was going to happen on March 10th and further searches found pictures of guns that he had posted. No threat, no target of any specific kind was mentioned. Understandably, in the current climate, there was concern and assumptions of something terrible. After following leads and a concerted effort by PPD, the schools, and other agencies we found the boy. What I need parents to know and relay to their children is that this boy simply ran away to go see his dad!! He walked and biked to North Anderson to see a man, who through his own demons, cannot care for his son. Hopefully after the "chit-chat" I had with Dad, he can make changes and foster a relationship for the future. By what I found in that home, the boy was the only one in danger this particular day, and luckily he was found. The boy was returned to Pendleton and proper agencies became involved to help guide the boy in the future. Lastly the post saying "Something big was going to happen" was simply a plan to record himself jumping off the roof of the shed in his backyard. Definitely something BIG for an 11 year old boy.........I hope this provides enough information to resolve any fears people in our community might have/had and I ask that parents encourage their children to not fear this child if he does return to school based on the events of this situation.... Please do not hesitate to contact me if I said too much or there are still questions. Chief Marc C. Farrer

Got to visit the kids at Fall Creek Daycare, Pendleton!!!!

The new police fleet vehicles have arrived and are currently in the construction phase. Over the next few weeks Officers will be transitioning from the Chargers to the Ford Explorer Interceptors. Hope the community likes them!

Even the robbers can be lured by candy!! Captain Randy Sidwell

Quick note to mark your calenders for Oct. 28, 2017. Officers of the Pendleton Police Department along with Intersect and DEA will be accepting unused medications at CVS in Pendleton from 10am to 2pm. If you are unable to travel to CVS, contact dispatch at 765-642-0221 and Officers of the Pendleton Police Department can respond in Town to pick them up for you.

Officers of the Pendleton, Indiana Police Department are attempting to identify the following persons of interest in a series of thefts that occured throughout Town on 10/1 and 10/2. Please contact the Pendleton Police Department with any information. 765-778-3933 or dispatch at 765-642-0221

The Pendleton Police Department responded to numerous reports of thefts from vehicles today throughout town. While mostly medications and monies were stolen, there are also reported firearms being taken by the suspects. I normally suggest to people to leave vehicles unlocked and simply do not leave items of value inside. This way no forced entry results in damage and the person(s) find nothing to steal. Firearms should be secured by the owner and not be left unattended. If anyone saw anything, anyone, or has information that may help in this investigation, do not hesitate to contact the Pendleton Police Department through Dispatch at 765-642-0221

For those that may have forgot, tomorrow is the Homecoming Parade!!! Starts at 6p. Come enjoy the parade!!!

Thank you very much Wilson St. Pierre for the magnetic flag holders. Wish we did not need them, but your support is greatly appreciated...

The Pendleton Police offer prayers to Southport PD and the family of Lt. Allan.

Great event for a great cause that helps all Pendleton residents

4th at the Falls!!! Parade, Food, and Live Music.

Officers of the department have taken reports today of thefts from vehicles and a entry into a garage. Please secure items of value appropriately and be mindful of suspicious persons or activity. Officers can be contacte d by calling dispatch at 765-642-0221

Just a quick reminder that if you are planning a trip ,and your home is going to be vacant, you can ask for a routine check of your property until you return. Simply contact the Department at 765-778-3933 and we will take down the information. A vacation should not be hampered by worrying!!

Officers are trying to identify the person pictured here reference a theft investigation. Please call station at 765-778-3933 with any information.

Anyone in the Pendleton area missing a bike??? Please call us if you recognize it.778-3933