Indianapolis Department of Public Safety

  • Agency: Indianapolis Department of Public Safety
  • Address: 200 E. Washington St., Suite E220, Indianapolis, 46204 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 317.327.2865

Indianapolis Department of Public Safety is located at 200 E. Washington St., Suite E220, Indianapolis, 46204 IN. The Indianapolis Department of Public Safety phone number is 317.327.2865.

Indianapolis Department of Public Safety News

For Immediate Release: Flood Safety and Remnants of Hurricane Isaac in #Indy - please read: #inwx

Congratulations to Dr. Frank Straub on being named @SpokanePD Chief from all of us at @DHSIndianapolis and @IndianapolisDPS!

As you enjoy all that our wonderful city has to offer today remember that we count on your help to ensure our community is safer!

Good morning to all of our followers and a big welcome to all of our many visitors #motogp #GenCon!

Even after the sun sets, the #heat lingers. The coolest part of the day is 4-7AM, limit being outside to then. #Indy

Cramps can be an early sign that your body is having trouble coping with the #heat. Learn more at and stay cool, #Indy!

Never ever leave children, elderly or pets in the car for even a few minutes. Learn more #heat tips at #Indy

If you're going to be in the sun, wear loose, light clothing and at least SPF 15 sunscreen. Learn more at #Indy #heat

Try to stay away from caffeine and alcohol when it's hot: both increase the effects of #heat on the body. #Indy

If you're outside for more than a few minutes, take a buddy and watch each other for #heat illnesses. #Indy

Be careful, #heat exhaustion and heat stroke are both life threatening. Learn the signs and what to do at #Indy

Severe weather is possible today #Indy. A 40 % chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 3pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 89.

When you're outside and feel dizzy, exhausted and sweaty you could be experiencing #heat exhaustion. Learn more: #Indy

Remember, high humidity also means a high #heat index. Prepare accordingly with the tips at #Indy

#Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can strike anytime it's hot, even after dark. Learn more at and stay cool, #Indy!

You can get a sunburn in as little as 15 minutes in the sun! Wear SPF 15 or stronger and learn more at #Indy #heat

Drink lots of water even if it's not too hot, you need more water in high humidity to stay cool. Learn more: #Indy #heat

It may have cooled off some, but the high humidity means it still feels hot to our bodies. Learn more at #Indy #heat

It may have cooled off, but conserving water is still important until we get a lot more rain. Use as little water as possible. #Indy

Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the rain-producing part of a storm. Stay safe, go inside.

Staying away from metal during lightning is easy, but you should also avoid concrete floors and walls. #Indy #lightning

When thunder roars, go indoors! If you can't get to a building or vehicle, squat close to the ground. #Indy #lightning

Chances of being hit by lightning: 1 in 600,000. For more tips, go to and click on Lightning Awareness in the scroller.

Did you know that even on cloudy days you can sunburn when you're outside? Wearing sunscreen protects you. #Indy #sun

The hottest part of the day is from 2-4, but the #heat lingers into the night. Whatever time it is, stay cool. #Indy