Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

  • Agency: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
  • Address: 50 North, Alabama Street, Indianapolis, 46204 IN
  • Chief: Paul R Ciesielski (Chief of police)
Phone: (317) 327-3811

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is located at 50 North, Alabama Street, Indianapolis, 46204 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Paul R Ciesielski. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department phone number is (317) 327-3811.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department News

When it comes to protecting your stuff, there’s only one routine to vote for: #9PMRoutine! 🔒 🏡 🚘 & 💰 #GoodNightIndy

‪IMPD Run Club! Please join us every Tuesday 7-8pm at the IMPD Police Academy and work on the various components of the physical fitness test! #RunClub #IMPDRecruiting ‬

When we say stop and lock it, we don’t mean try and execute the below dance....we mean: do the #9PMRoutine and bring valuables inside! 🔒 🏡 🚗 & 💰#GoodNightIndy

Chief Roach, Deputy Chief Barker, & Commander Spurgeon met with IMPD East District Officers and a District Detective to discuss ideas, issues seen in the community, and needs of patrol. The Chiefs also went out on patrol in the community and met with residents to see what issues they could help address. Beat Officers did some problem solving on the spot and Chiefs took feedback to see what they could do to help officers accomplish their mission on patrol in assisting the community. When the community and police work together, a safer Indianapolis is the result. Thank you to all who said hello and spoke with us about their neighborhoods! #WeAreIMPD #ChiefOnPatrol #Eastbound #YourPoliceYourCommunity

#NowHiring: Help reduce crime in Indianapolis by becoming an Intelligence Analyst. Your skills are needed and are critical to the core mission of the IMPD. Please share this post with others. We have two openings: Intelligence Analyst – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department – Indianapolis, Indiana Posted until: 11/30/2018 at 11:59pm Intelligence Analyst Supervisor position. closes on 11/6/18 at 11:59pm. #WeAreIMPD #Recruiting

Take a look of this great write up about the Indy Cease Fire gun buy back! Written by our friends at Indy Public Safety Foundation. We are forever grateful for our partnership with the foundation and for the generous contributions by the community to the foundation that go to support great causes.

Roving roll call is one of the many ways we connect with our community! If you would be interested in hosting a roving roll call, contact your local district office! #YourPoliceYourCommunity #BuildingBridges

Over 150 guns have been bought back as a result of the #IndyCeaseFire effort. The gun buyback will go on until 5 p.m. today at the MLK Jr Center at 40 W 40th St on North District IMPD Yesterday, they had a resource fair and job fair for the community to help connect those in need with resources that are available to them. Tomorrow IMPD will be coming together for a unified message, urging for community action in reducing gun violence in Indianapolis. Thank you to all of our partners involved in this effort! #StopTheViolence #OneLessGun #YourPoliceYourCommunity

You know why he’s smiling? Because you did the #9PMRoutine! Make a cop smile by locking up, which helps reduce crime in your neighborhood! #GoodNightIndy (IMPD NWDistrict Sgt. Jeff Parmelee pictured)

Protect your candy stash by doing the #9PMRoutine! Otherwise you might have to follow the trail of candy wrappers...and buy more candy! #GoodNightIndy

Thank You Lake Sinclair Rocks for sharing your gift and message with us.

After 35 years of serving the City of Indianapolis, North District IMPD SGT. Rhonda Reynolds worked her last shift yesterday! She will officially retire and receive her retirement badge in February. Join us in congratulating and thanking her for her lifetime of dedicated service to Indy!

Thank to everyone who came out to the IMPD safe trick or treat events! It was a great success because of you! We can’t thank our sponsors enough for helping to provide treats and participating in the events! We can’t wait for next Halloween! 👻 👻 👻 #YourPoliceYourCommunity IMPD Downtown DistrictIMPD Southeast District

TBT: 1938 One of IPD's first recruit classes, appointed January 6, 1938. Class Members: L.G. "Pat" McLaughlin Chester Sturgeon Clyde L. Ashby Paul M. Kennedy Karl Kornblum Louis A. Gohmann Harry M. Bailey William G. Hague George W. Kahl Robert E. Reilly - 5th from left, center row. Sylvester J. Alhlering Philip L. Early Michael Kavanaugh Donald Murphy William F. O'Roarke James R. Owens Earl C. Booth John Kestler Arthur J. Feltman Leonard Shoemaker Carl W. Mitchell Joseph M. Griffin Howard B. Allen Emerson McNew Charles R. Caine

There are ghosts and goblins that will be ghoulish and looking for more than the #9PMRoutine, so when they pull on your locked car handle or turn the locked door knob, it will be like the car and house are saying, “BOO!” Be safe and Happy Halloween! #GoodNightIndy

IMPD Southeast District Sage Trick & Treat and haunted house! Going on from 4p-7p 1150 Shelby St! 🏚 👻 🎃

From all of us at IMPD, Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 Don’t forget to join us for IMPD Downtown District trick or treat on the circle (11a to 1p) and IMPD Southeast District trick or treat & Haunted House (3p to 7p)! Be safe when you go trick or treating! #HappyHalloween⁠ ⁠ #NoGhoulishBehavior

If a thief goes to steal your stuff, they’re not going to be hit by a spell and turn into a toad. Toss the wand and do what works: the #9PMRoutine! 🔒 🏡 🚙 & 💰 #GoodNightIndy

Looking to learn Self-Defense? Look no further! IMPD Southwest District will be hosting a free self-defense class this Thursday at 6p! Join us for this great event and learn a few moves for self-defense! #NotQuiteKungFuButGoodForYou #KnowledgeIsPower #YourPoliceYourCommunity