Lawrence Township Constable's Office - Marion County Indiana

  • Agency: Lawrence Township Constable's Office - Marion County Indiana
  • Address: 4455 McCoy Street Suite 100, Lawrence, 46226 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 317-890-0011

Lawrence Township Constable's Office - Marion County Indiana is located at 4455 McCoy Street Suite 100, Lawrence, 46226 IN. The Lawrence Township Constable's Office - Marion County Indiana phone number is 317-890-0011.

Lawrence Township Constable's Office - Marion County Indiana News

Called into emergency service this afternoon to deliver Meals on Wheels to some folks in Lawrence Township. It's always a pleasure to lend a hand to our seniors and serve our community.

A little political strategizing with Indiana' s Own Dana Black and Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry.

An early morning stop on Election Day with Mayor Joe Hogsett and Trustee Steve Talley.

If you like good seafood, give the new Caplinger's location in Lawrence a try.

A special person who represents the best of Indiana.

A look at Election Day 2018 in Lawrence Township. Thanks to everyone who supported my re-election as Lawrence Township Constable. Great to meet so many engaged and energized voters. I also want to thank all of the volunteers and precinct committee people for their hard work and dedication. It was a long day but worth every minute.

Lunch with the family on Election Day

The polls are closed in Indiana. Let’s go Joe.

Students at Lawrence North HS conducting some exit polling outside the voting site at their school.

The polls close in just 6 hours. Have you voted yet?

Out in Lawrence Township greeting voters with Mayor Joe Hogsett.

It's Election Day. The polls in Marion County are now open and you can cast your vote until 6 p.m. I hope that you'll support my re-election and vote for the entire local, state and national Democratic team. Make your voice heard.

Getting the signs out at my polling place ahead of tomorrow’s election. Remember to vote

This was the line of voters this morning outside the City-County Building in the final hours of early voting. People are fired up. Great to see our next Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal working the line.

Shooting a political TV spot in downtown Indy.

The polls open Tuesday at 6 a.m. Make your voice heard -- Vote. President Obama would approve.

The crowds for the last day of early voting were amazing. Even with wait times of more than an hour, people were fired up and ready to have their voices heard. I want to thank all of the great volunteers who passed out literature at the Lawrence site for all their hard work and dedication. I especially want to thank the voters who came out to support the Democratic ticket. Great seeing Jay Curry -- the brother of Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry -- who came up from Florida with his wife and dog to support this brother's campaign. Now it's on to Election Day. Look forward to seeing all of you at the polls.

Big turnout for early voting today in Lawrence Township. The line is wrapping around the hallways but folks are ready to vote

Marion County: Last Day to Early Vote at 6 Satellite Voting Locations from 10am-5pm. For directions to satellite locations text myvote to 55222. A voter can early vote at any satellite location!

Great sharing lunch with Congressman Andre Carson and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge of Ohio this afternoon at Marble's Southern Cookery. Only three days to go until Election Day and Democrats are fired up.

Took some time away from campaigning today to welcome a new business to Lawrence — The Pittt, 6320 Oaklandon Road. The BBQ was outstanding and I’m looking forward to going back for more next week.

The only word I can use to describe the turnout today at the early voting site in Lawrence is tremendous. The voting was steady all day and the reception from voters was amazing. Great to see Sen. Joe Donnelly, congressional candidate Dee Thornton, sheriff’s candidate Kerry Forestal, Prosecutor Terry Curry, state Senate candidate Derek Camp, Judge Kim Bacon, Trustee Steve Talley and many other candidates in Lawrence today.

I know Election Day is getting close when I’m driving around Lawrence Township dropping off material to our hard-working PCs.

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, made several stops in Indy today stumping for U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly. Heard some pretty inspirational words during his stops in Fountain Square and at USW Local 1999. The election is just five days away, so please remember to vote, either now or on Election Day.

Welcomed former U.S. Senator and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to Lawrence today where he spent some time at the Ft. Harrison Veterans Center campaigning for U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly. Hagel, a Republican, praised Donnelly's unwavering commitment to serving our veterans, military families and our men and women in uniform who protect our country.