Indiana University Police Academy in Bloomington

  • Agency: Indiana University Police Academy in Bloomington
  • Address: 1469 E. 17th St, Bloomington, 47408 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 812-855-4111

Indiana University Police Academy in Bloomington is located at 1469 E. 17th St, Bloomington, 47408 IN. The Indiana University Police Academy in Bloomington phone number is 812-855-4111.

Indiana University Police Academy in Bloomington News Great article about the female officers at IUPD-NW! Though none of these women are alumni of the IUPA, they are part of the IUPD team and true professionals! The IUPA encourages female IU students to apply to the IUPD Cadet Officer Program and join the IUPD family!

Thanks to the IU East Criminal Justice Department and the IUPD East division for donating 6 ballistic vest to the IUPA. These vest will be issued to future recruits in the IUPA. Chief Dunning and his team at IU East are huge supporters of the IUPA!

Another nice interview on Inside IU East Sports of a student/record-holding athlete going through our Cadet Officer Program. Sarah Mallory discusses her first few weeks in the program, what drew her to it and IU East, and some of the advice alums of the program gave her (work hard, be on time, be a good person, etc.). Thank you IU East Red Wolves for talking to our cadet and cadet officer!

Tell your friends! More info and the job link is at

My favorite question to Cadet Officer (and record-holding IU East track athlete) Mitch Burelison -- if he could go back a year, what would he tell his Cadet-self to help prepare for the Indiana University Police Academy last summer (even though he graduated with honors and an inaugural scholarship). Watch the full interview on Inside IU East Sports: #earnednotgiven

Thanks LT for all your help over the years! Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Good news about an IUPA alum:

Keep an eye out for our new recruitment/information cards! Check out our website for more information and to apply for the IUPD Cadet Officer Program.

A shout out to the Indiana University Police Academy!

Good times! We know you have all been patiently waiting for the opportunity to apply to the IUPD Cadet Officer Program and a shot at the Indiana University Police Academy. Applications are being accepted until February 28, 2019. Apply today... you won't regret that you did!

It is official. The 45th is on the wall! Now on to the 46th!

Nice news release from IU East about its recent grads from the Indiana University Police Academy, Rikki Foust and Mitch Burelison. It also discusses the inaugural Randy Williamson Scholarship for Excellence, awarded to Burelison in recognition of his high marks in academics, physical fitness and firearm proficiency.

Congratulations 45th Class!

What an honor to have President McRobbie at our graduation ceremony last Saturday! And congratulations to Cadet Officer Mitchell Burelison of Indiana University East for becoming the inaugural recipient of the Randy Williamson Scholarship of Excellence!!

Statewide IUPD Command Staff. From left to right: Lt. Brad Seifers (Administrative), Chief Doug Johnson (IUPD IUPUI), Chief Stephen Miller (IUPD Southeast), Chief Laury Flint (IUPD Bloomington), Interim AVP and Superintendent Benjamin Hunter, Chief Wayne James (IUPD Northwest), Chief Thomas Remender (IUPD Kokomo), Chief Kurt Matz (IUPD South Bend), Chief Scott Dunning (IUPD East), and Major Nick Luce (Academy).

Some additional photos from the 45th IUPA graduation.

Very nice article in the Bloomington Herald-Times about Saturday's graduation. Really captured the pride and excitement felt throughout Alumni Hall.

So exciting to think about what these young men and women will do in the future. Congratulations! Thank you President McRobbie for the encouraging words and for having faith in the IUPA.

The graduation ceremony for the 45th Class is about to begin. A full house as usual, and lots of excitement.

Congratulations to our recruits who are graduating today! They've come a long way this summer, and have found that one of their biggest strengths is their unity through diversity. #WeAreTheIUPA #IUPA #police #graduation

Our 45th class graduates TOMORROW, and it would be a shame if we didn't show you all just how smart and unique these recruits are!! #IUPA #police #policeacademy #graduation

Our IUPA recruits graduate this Saturday!! What bits of advice do you have for them as they start this new chapter of their lives?