Monroe County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Monroe County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 301 N. College Ave., Bloomington, 47404 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: (812)-349-2780
Fax: (812)-349-2828

Monroe County Sheriff's Office is located at 301 N. College Ave., Bloomington, 47404 IN. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office phone number is (812)-349-2780.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office News

Below is a photo of what was taken off of driver today on Dayshift. Thank you Deputy Friend for getting this smorgasbord of drugs and paraphernalia off of Monroe County Roads.

10 years ago today Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy Sarah Jones died in the line of duty. On October 17, 2008 around 10:30pm, Deputy Sarah Jones was directing traffic on State Road 45, near Melton’s Orchard, when she was struck by a car. Deputy Jones was transported to the IU Bloomington Hospital, then later airlifted to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. On October 19th, 2008 Deputy Jones succumbed to her injuries. Deputy Sarah Haylett-Jones is gone, but never forgotten.

As part of working third shift, our deputies patrol many areas of the county. These areas often include many of the parks located throughout the county. In the early morning of October 10th, at approximately 2:00 am, Deputy Bennett Dillon conducted such a patrol of Leonard Springs Nature Preserve. While conducting the patrol Deputy Bennett Dillon discovered an abandoned kitten. The kitten had been thrown away in a bag of trash, covered in trash and feces. The kitten was barely breathing, and had blood in its eyes and ears. Deputy Dillon removed the kitten from the trash bag and wrapped it in a blanket. After contacting the Animal Management division, Deputy Dillon contacted Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital (AHVH), and transported the kitten to AHVH. The kitten received emergency care from Dr. Dale Miller D.V.M. After evaluation, Dr. Miller stated that the kitten had parasites, extremely low body temperature due to exposure, fleas, and a broken leg. The kitten received emergency care, including antibiotics, fluids, a blood transfusion, and a cast/splint. Deputy Dillon was informed that the kitten might not make it, but if she made it through the first 24 hours, her chances would improve significantly. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was updated daily on the kitten’s health and progress but we didn’t know if she would make it. The reason for the delay in this post is due to the touch and go situation of her health. Due to Deputy Dillon’s actions and the actions of the staff at AHVH, including Dr. Miller, Lainie, Jordan, and Erin it is my pleasure to report that not only did “Lennie” survive, but she is doing great. Lennie is being fostered by another Deputy during her recovery. Special thanks to the Bloomington Animal Shelter and the Monroe County Humane Association for the help both financially and in caring for Lennie in her time of need. Great job to all involved, everyone’s proud of you all. Update 10/26/18: Lennie is doing great and the cast isn’t slowing her down one bit. Vet says she has a few more weeks to go. There is a short video in the comment section.

Reminder that applications for the Deputy Sheriff position are DUE THIS FRIDAY (October 19th). Don't miss your opportunity!!

On the morning of 10/13/18, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office third shift responded to a call of a possible overdose in progress. Upon arrival at the south side location, Deputy Logan Frye, the first deputy on scene, came upon a locked door and no answer after identifying himself. Deputy Frye kicked the door open and came in contact with a non responsive female on the floor. Deputy Matthew Williamson then administered Naloxone to the female. The female became responsive and was transported to the hospital. A life was saved by good decision making and swift action taken by the deputies. Great job to the third shift deputies, everyone’s proud of you!

PSA: Please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! The beautiful and historic Beaumont House in the 9000 block of W State Road 48 is open for business, but they do not have a drive thru (nor do they want one). If you plan to consume alcoholic beverages, please stay home or make transportation arrangements such as a local cab or ride sharing service (UBER, Lyft, or old school-call a friend).

Late Saturday night I stopped to check on a vehicle broke down at 37 and Victor Pike and met this family. While dad worked on the car, I distracted the kids. We need more calls like this one.

MCSO is proud to welcome our newest Deputy. Today, Deputy Cole Chitwood took his Oath of Office and will be attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy shortly. Thank you to the Honorable Judge Kellams for officiating the ceremony. Congratulations Deputy Chitwood!

MCSO recently participated in the 2018 Sheriff’s Shotgun Shoot at the beautiful Cool Springs Education Center to raise funds for the Indiana Sheriff’s Youth Ranch. Our morning team came in 2nd place overall and also had the top shooter!

The Monroe County Correctional Center is accepting applications for IMMEDIATE openings! Check us out today.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently working a theft case of the pictured tractor. The tractor has a side mounted Bush Hogg that is used for mowing along the roadside in the county. It was stolen 10/3/18 from Hartstrait Rd and Vernal Pk at approximately 1:30PM. Please call 812-349-2781 with information if located.

In the early morning hours of October 3rd, 2018 Deputy Todd Wasson conducted a traffic stop on State Road 37 near the College Ave exit on a vehicle traveling twice the posted speed limit of 45mph. When Deputy Wasson contacted the driver a strong odor of marijuana was emanating from the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded approximately 9oz of suspected marijuana. Criminal charges have been forwarded to the Monroe County Prosecutors Office.

Congratulations to Deputy Payton Windsor and Deputy Tyler Reynolds on their recent graduation from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. These two have entered into their Field Training program and will begin working with Training Deputies. Welcome home gentlemen!

Photos from animal rescue training

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office hosted a class on large animal rescue. Students from as far as Kentucky attended. Learning how to handle large and exotic livestock safely was part of the training today. Channel 4/59 came to record the event for a news story tonight. Tune in!

Airport Road between Bunger Road and Endwright Rd is closed due to an overturned semi. No injuries but a utility pole was broken and the power is out.

Sheriff’s deputies were busy this morning with a warrant service for a person. The individual we were looking for wasn’t there. However, 3 other subjects had warrants and were arrested. 2 other individuals received drug charges. They had a just few things in their possession lead to additional charges.

MCSO and Sheriff Swain will staff a booth at Fiesta del Otono today. If you are visiting Farmers Market, or in Bloomington, stop by and enjoy the fun.

Have information about criminal activity? Tips on the location of a wanted person? Want to remain anonymous? Call 812-349-3854 Ex 5337 Leave your tip with Lt Jacobs. Some folks may not want to call dispatch or prefer not to get involved. This allows another avenue of communication for you to contact our office. Note: This number is not for crimes in progress or new incidents that require dispatch.

Adding appropriate touch to the decal scheme of MCSO patrol units. September 11 is the perfect day for it.

A Big Thank You to Texas Roadhouse for providing lunch for area first responders today!

Arlington Road is back open. Thank you Monroe Co Highway Dept for getting the tree cleared from the roadway.

We would like to remind motorists that if you cannot tell the depth of the water do not drive through it! Currently the water on Bunger Road near State Road 45 is not at a safe level to drive through.

As of 0730 this morning Arlington road is still blocked by a tree and powerlines between Gourley Pike and Prow Road. Please plan your travels accordingly to avoid this area.

The traffic crash on Fairfax Road has been cleared and the roadway is now open