Kouts Police Department

  • Agency: Kouts Police Department
  • Address: 210 South Main Street, Kouts, 46347 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 219-766-2332
Fax: 219-766-3024

Kouts Police Department is located at 210 South Main Street, Kouts, 46347 IN. The Kouts Police Department phone number is 219-766-2332.

Kouts Police Department News

a small huskie just walked to town hall w/o any tags.. if you or someone you know have a huskie, please call us to make arrangement for the reunion!

Yesterday, Thursday 4/19/18 at 4:45pm, the Kouts Police dept was contacted to assist in the investigation of a carjakcing/ kidnapping complaint out of Madison, Wisconsin. The victim was forced to drive until reaching SR10/ SR49 (Wheatfield) at which point the female driver was able to escape, with vehicle, and made contact with us. Responding agencies from the Jasper County Sheriff's dept, Indiana State Police and the FBI met in Kouts to interview the victim and process her car for evidence. Information showed he then obtained another vehicle and was southbound out of the area. Later, after 10pm, Information given a few hours later indicated the suspect was taken into custody after a traffic stop near the Indiana/ Kentucky boarder.

Just for information, an elderly resident was contacted via phone being requested to contribute to a "fallen police officer fund" (or words to that effect). While I do not know of any organization doing this, there may be ones out there that are doing this. I strongly encourage you that if anyone calls for ANY TYPE of fund raiser/ charity, to research it vigorously and if you are in doubt, come into the police department and I will assist you in finding out the true nature of the call. Please pass this information to your non-tech friends/ family members that are not confortable with technology. Stay Safe!

Our agency was contacted by Kouts school officials requesting that we provide additional police presence during the pre-planned student demonstration today. As such, we will have additional police officers present prior to, during and shortly after the planned event. This is being done not due to any threat issued, but rather as a request by administrators to provide a safe environment for the students and staff during their time to demonstrate in accordance to school policy.

For information: the old scam involving publishers clearing house has gone from a phone scam to a crappy photocopied paper with misspelled words to a fairly professional "winner's packet" with all kinds of "official" documents from the BBB (better business bureau), the IRS with tax forms, and banking information with the FDIC logo on it. Please let any of your at risk people know that paying money to recieve money is a scam; if you run into difficulty, please have them talk to us to confirm. Our local banks have been notified. Stay Safe

https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/kouts-in/46347/daily-weather-forecast/2122511?day=2 we are anticipating more then 2 inches of snow over the weekend.. please have your parked cars off the street so that our street dept guys can keep the roads clear. As this is Indiana, the weather changes occur by the minute so be prepared for the unexpected weather and stay safe

Due to the pending snow amounts coming in, please remove your vehicles from the side of the streets. If our snow plows are hindered by parked cars, the fire/ ambulance vehicles will also be hindered. If cars are still present causing an obstruction, we will be forced to tow them.

Over night, a car was stolen on McKinley street... the keys were taken from an unsecured house... the car was recovered in Lake County....PLEASE, LOCK YOUR DOORS on your cars and houses... if you have any information on these incidents, please contact the Kouts Police Department

Good Morning, Our clerk-treasurer's office as well as my office have recieved calls from a number showing to be from NIPSCO... the caller is NOT from NIPSCO as when I identied myself as the police to the caller, he advised he was going to call the police on me. If you are called by NIPSCO number, please VERIFY who you are talking to by you, yourself calling NIPSCO directly from your billing statement. I was unable to ascertain the scam due to the short nature of the call. Also, please call your relatives to let them know, that the scam is back active in our area. If you have any questions, please contact the police department for assistance, after calling NIPSCO. stay safe

Trick R Treat hours on Tuesday October 31st will be the traditional 5PM until 7PM. As a reminder, please review, with your children, the basic safety rules and enjoy the night!

The Porter County SWAT team will be doing training in Kouts today in the SouthEast side of town. There will be a large presence of police officers in the area. AGAIN, TRAINING ONLY!

***UPDATE from Porter County Sheriff Police: The two missing juveniles have been found safe. We have no further information at this time. We thank the community and assisting departments for all of their help and support.***

This morning at 7:34am, the Kouts Police Department received a complaint of a handgun that was stolen from an unsecured vehicle sometime between 5:00pm on Tuesday and 7:30am on Wednesday. This occurred in the area of Wesley Road and Strong Road. The gun is a .45 caliber Taurus with a silver top slide and a polymer plastic bottom half; also, the polymer type holster with side straps was taken. While the investigation is on-going, I ask that anyone that has information about this theft contact us immediately due to the dangerous nature of the firearm, that could have been discarded in a public place that maybe found by kids who think it’s a toy gun. Since my primary focus at the moment is the recovery of the firearm, I also urge anyone who wishes to anonymously contact me as to the whereabouts of the gun to contact me via department email, phone or even a note on my car so that the weapon can be secured. As always, please lock your property up when not attending to it (cars, houses, ect.) as the ever-present lure of theft can happen anywhere. Thanks and be safe. Chief James Smith

The Kouts Police department is happy to announce that in conjunction with "Offer Up", we have a free "MeetUp" spot located on the south side of the Kouts Police station at 210 South Main st (shared parking lot with Subway) that will be video surveyed 24 hours a day and will be well lighted in the evening hours. Please use this area for any exchange of merchandise between private parties. There is a sign posted on the side of the building. Also feel free to conduct any other legal business that requires a safe, public place.

We are preparing to enter that time of season of the 4th of July celebrations. While we hope you'll enjoy your time, I am here to remind you that we need to do so in a safe and courteous manner. As such, I am providing the link to our fireworks ordinance and ask that you review it so everyone is on the "same page" to be in compliance with the set rules established by the town. www.koutspd.com/fireworks-laws listed on koutspd.com Please keep your children supervised during any use of fireworks as we do not wish to see anyone injured. Have a safe summer!

We have had several complaints of of minors operating golf carts throughout town in a reckless manner. The town ordinance allows golf cart owners to apply for a town permit to operate golf carts on the town streets with a preset compliance checklist. Please contact our clerk's office 766-3312 to begin this process for a permit if you choose to operate a golf cart on the town streets. Part of the ordinance requires the golf cart to be operated by a licensed driver with no exceptions. It costs $15 to register the cart, however, a violation of the ordinance will result in a $50 fine and possible impoundment. So please register your golf cart and prohibit your unlicensed children from operating golf carts. Thank you

We have a nursing mama dog that was reported running around family express this morning. there was no colar or tags on the her. If you recognize the dog or know the owner, please have them contact us as there is more than likely hungry pups waiting for mom!

On Monday February 13, the Drazer Park utility shed was found with it's door kicked in. We know it occurred between Saturday morning and Monday morning. If you saw or heard anything that could assist us in investigating this incident, please contact the Kouts Police Department via email koutspd@hotmail.com or call us directly at 219-766-2332. The park is being renovated to replace aging and broken playground equipment, so all of us have a stakeholder status in maintaining the status of the park.

Porter County "One County, One Protocol".

Proceed with extreme caution if you must go out.

Be careful driving if you must go out today. Go slow and take your time. Also, be aware of the town snowfall ordinance, to allow plow trucks to get through.

Drazer Park Trunk-Or-Treat event. Saturday October 29th from 5pm-7pm.

Click below to review the Kouts fireworks ordinance. Have a very safe and happy Independence Day.