Putnam County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Putnam County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 13 Keightly Rd, Greencastle, 46135 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 765-653-3211

Putnam County Sheriff's Office is located at 13 Keightly Rd, Greencastle, 46135 IN. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office phone number is 765-653-3211.

Putnam County Sheriff's Office News

Last night Bo took part in the annual Trunk or Treat event held on the square. Bo posed periodically with various little characters of the night! Although Bo is wearing his favorite costume, he always has the heart of a lion to "Serve and Protect." Thank you to Major Dwight Simmons and his wife Debra for helping with this event for the Sheriff's Department.

Take a look at this guy!! K9 Bo dressed up today and wants everyone to enjoy their evening! We must say, he is a cute Lion!!

We Hope you have a great Halloween night!! The Putnam County Sheriff's Dept. would like to remind everyone that we will be out patrolling neighborhoods and the county roads tonight to ensure everyone's safety. We know it's a fun time of the year and we really do want you to enjoy the night. Having said that, we will be around to address any criminal activity that might arise as well. We all know that graveyards, old covered bridges and old houses can make for creepy places to visit. However, if what your doing isn't legal the "fun" isn't going to last very long if we show up. We ask that everyone be respectful of other's property, graves and public property. For those that wish to vandalize, cause disturbances and trespass you might end up summoning the Police instead of some scary spirit. No amount of seances or your Ouija board will be enough to make us go away either. We promise that your newly appointed cell mate in the County Jail is MUCH SPOOKIER than anything you'll run into at a haunted bridge. Most of all we ask that everyone enjoy this Halloween night.

As a reminder, here are the tentative Trick or Treat hours. Lets hope this rain stops soon. 🙄 Parents please ensure your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather tonight. Make sure kids stay in groups, stay visible, and stay safe out there. Greencastle 6pm-8pm. From 4-6pm there will be the downtown event with games and activities in and around the Vine Street parking lot and at the Putnam County Public Library. Cloverdale 5pm -8:30pm Fillmore 5pm-8pm Bainbridge 6pm-8pm Roachdale 6pm-8pm with VFW costume contest Russellville 6pm-8pm

Firearms Instructors Anthony Brown and Riley Houghton instruct Deputies on the final phase of the departments firearms training. Deputies qualified with their handguns, shotguns and rifles.

Deputy Riley Houghton instructs other officers on the safe handling and operations of issued firearms at the Emergency Operations Center during the classroom portion of Firearms Training. Deputy Houghton and Anthony Brown are the primary firearms instructors for the Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Scott Ducker is the armorer with an extensive background in the maintenance of various weapons. Brown and Ducker currently serve in supervisory rolls in our armed forces, and Houghton completed his service to our nation. Their service and sacrifice for others is very much appreciated.

Colonel Matt Demmings and Major Dwight Simmons gladly accept a basket of cookies on Thursday October 11th presented to them by the Student Council at Fillmore Elementary. The student council asked their fellow Fillmore students to donate cookies as part of their "Cookies for Courage" program, to thank those in the community for keeping them safe.

Sheriff Stockton and Merit Board Member Marilyn Culler attended the Roachdale Rib and Music Festival Saturday. Scott and Marilyn enjoyed the day with the community and also received a few cooking tips. The sheriff picked up a cooking tip for ribs involving Dr. Pepper and apple juice but the remainder of the recipe was sworn to secrecy!!

The Putnam County Sheriff's Dept. is currently hiring for Full Time and Part Time Jail Deputies. The Full Time position starting hourly rate is $13.85 along with insurance benefits. We encourage anyone interested in a position with our department to fill out an application online and submit it to the email listed. Be sure to read and follow all instructions and if you experience any problems, please notify us. www.putnam-sheriff.org

Miranda Williams, who is doing her internship with Family Support Services of West Central Indiana, stopped by and presented the Sheriff with a friendship rose. Miranda was passing out roses on behalf of the agency for Friendship Day this morning!

Dump truck accident just occurred on US36 west of Groveland. Curtis wrecker is in route to retrieve the truck. Traffic will be slowed and stopped intermittently for the next couple hours.

Putnam County Deputies arrested a driver earlier this morning on suspicion of operating while intoxicated. The driver had come into the Sheriff's dept. requesting to speak with a Detective (none were available at the time). The front office employees quickly noticed that the driver appeared very intoxicated. The suspect left the Sheriff's dept. and headed south on US231. Deputies caught up with the suspect and stopped him just south of the Hospital. The suspect driver was given field sobriety tests and then a chemical test at the jail. The suspect tested nearly 3 times the legal limit.

The fog made for some nice views this morning but some lousy driving. We ask that you be cautious while driving at day break in foggy weather. Visibility on CR 1000 South can be near zero while heading eastbound. There are a couple of particular hills where you are staring directly at the Sun while traveling up them. It's not pleasant☀️😱. There were multiple minor vehicle accidents this morning, fortunately no injuries. We ask that you allow more time for your morning commutes and watch out for the deer. They are definitely on the move.

A truck stolen out of Indianapolis was recovered Saturday on US40 East of US231. Unfortunately the thief left the scene before Law Enforcement were able to arrive. The vehicle lost control skidding down US40 and then got stuck in the median. It's tough to see at this angle but 3 of the four tires were buried in the soft ground. Fortunately the criminal mastermind thief wasn't smart enough to know how to lock it into 4 wheel drive. Unfortunately we weren’t aware of it being stolen until arriving on scene and doing some investigating. A suspect has not been located yet. A big Thanks to the observant neighbor that called Law Enforcement about this vehicle partially in the roadway. We rely on the citizens of Putnam County to contact/assist us when they observe anything suspicious or dangerous. We can't do this job without your help! Thanks to Trimble towing for arriving on scene and recovering the car. There didn't appear to be any major damage to the truck and the owner was very happy that we recovered it for him.

If you observed or heard a low flying helicopter in Putnam County today, this is why. Jefferson Township Fire Dept. along with Operation Life and St. Vincent Stat Flight worked hard to get a patient quickly on flight to Indianapolis today.

A vehicle fire on SR236 completely destroyed a truck. Driver stated that the fire started in the engine compartment. Fortunately he was able to stop the vehicle and get out before being injured. On scene were Roachdale fire dept. Putnam County Sheriff’s dept. and Adams Towing.

Sr236 West of us231 will be down to one lane for awhile due to vehicle fire. Use caution.

Heavy patrols on Manhattan road led to 18 traffic stops today. Sometimes two cars at a time. Even Sheriff Stockton participated in the patrols and stopped several cars. Manhattan road is heavily used for commuters going to and from work. We urge motorists to drive carefully while passing through this mostly residential area.

Big Walnut is definitely up. The near eternal monsoon that was hovering over us seems to finally be going away. Who knows, maybe the sun will be out tomorrow........ Just in time for work 🙄 Be careful on your early morning Monday commute. We still have trees and branches falling into the roadways. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=39.64310510000007&lon=-86.86239709999995#.W5WxkZNKhfQ

A friendly reminder from your local Sheriff's Dept. - It's not a smart idea to do 87mph in a 45mph zone - It's a really bad idea to pass a fully marked police car, going the opposite direction, while doing 87mph in a 45mph zone. - It's a really REALLY bad idea to pass a second fully marked police car, traveling in the same direction, doing 87mph in a 45mph zone. #expensive

Be careful driving this weekend. We are looking at a total 4-6 inches of rain! There have already been several trees down and debris in the roadway. The National Weather Service is already predicting that many of the creeks and rivers will hit flood stage, possibly by Sunday afternoon. If you come across flooded roads, don't chance it. We will do our best to keep everyone up to date on floodings.

Additional photos from the accident at Heritage Lake. We ask that people be patient with us when they are nearing a scene such as this. Curtis Wrecker and Fire rescue work hard and fast, but it still takes time and we must often close the road. Plan to have alternate routes home for when incidents such as this occur.

To give an update: A black Ford pickup truck traveling southbound on Heritage Drive ran off the road striking the guard rail. The vehicle then traveled airborne landing in Heritage Lake. The vehicle was on it's side and the driver was trapped. A good samaritan was standing at the boat launch ramp and observed the vehicle flying sideways into the water. He was able to boat over to the vehicle. The driver was still trapped and could not open the door. The good samaritan busted the window out and pulled the driver to safety. Witnesses observed the vehicle traveling at an extremely high rate of speed before crashing into the guardrail. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The incident is still under investigation. On scene were Putnam County Sheriff's Dept., Floyd Township Fire Dept., Greencastle Fire Dept. Hazmat Team, Bainbridge Police Dept., and Curtis Wrecker Service. It took several hours to pull the vehicle from the water.