Shelbyville Police Department

  • Agency: Shelbyville Police Department
  • Address: 105 West Taylor Street, Shelbyville, 46176 IN
  • Chief: Bill Elliott (Chief of Police)
Phone: 317-398-5106

Shelbyville Police Department is located at 105 West Taylor Street, Shelbyville, 46176 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Bill Elliott. The Shelbyville Police Department phone number is 317-398-5106.

Shelbyville Police Department News

We have a small break in the heat, but still in the lower 90's. Heat expected to return tomorrow so please protect yourself and your pets.

Due to the extreme heat, Officers are going to be allowed to wear Polo Shirts on patrol. These shirts will be either white or navy blue and have a badge on the front. Polo shirts breath better then our traditional uniforms shirts offering a cooler option during extreme heat.

Weather Alert: The weather is very hot and will continue to be hot for several days. Please stay out of the heat if possible and stay hydrated. If you must be outside drink plenty of water and find the shade whenever possible.

One of the biggest questions we receive, is why does it take two officers or more to pull over one vehicle. The answer is officer safety. In today's soceity we do not know who is in the vehicle. Most of the stops, once the other officers know the first officer is safe they leave the stop location. Please remember out #1 goal is to go home to our family at the end of the shift.

I was off on my report of calls taken so far in 2011. We have taken approximately 14,000 calls for service so far.

The vehicle on the right (looking at the photo) is the 2011 Dodge Charger SPD Car. The other one is a 2007 Dodge Charger.

SPD FACTS: Year to date the Shelbyville Police Department has taken approximately 9,000 calls of service.

Local business man killed in car crash was hit by a suspected intoxicated person. Prosecutors Office is filing charges. Please read the story here.

Milroy man murdered and suspect caught. You can read the story by clicking this link.

We have had a lot of comments on the new 2011 Dodge Chargers. These were purchased on the Indiana State Bid. Ford did not have a State Bid this year since they are going to stop making the Ford Crown Vic. Due to the new body design, we had to change the decal package. We have received very positive comments on the new Dodge Chargers. Thank you for all your comments!!!

There is a lot of questions when it comes to mopeds vs. motorized bicycles. I am currently working on this. Please remember that a motorized bicycle is considered the old style moped with pedels to start it. The mopeds we are seeing today are not motorized bicycles. These are not allowed to have three wheels and can only carry one person. There are different laws on these two different vehicles.

SPD FACTS: The Shelbyville Police Department currently has a SWAT team capable to deploying any where in the county or surrounding if needed. Equipped with a command vehicle and armor vehicle they can deploy to any tactical situation. We also have a Hostage Negotiation Unit which deploys with SWAT team if needed.

Starting today, I plan on posting SPD FACTS on the page each day of the week. If you are looking for certain facts please let me know and I will try to post the answer for you. Thanks

SPD FACTS: SPD takes approximately 20,000 calls a year. Your department is capable of working the most basic incident to the most complex. We are one of a few departments in the area who have a full computer forensic lab capable of recovering evidence from computers and cellular phones.

Fire in the unit block of West Mechanic Street. Block is closed off right now. Please avoid the area until police and fire crews have made the scene safe.

The police department sees a lot of scooters out in the summer. Please remember that State law says the motor must be under 50cc and can not exceed 25mph. Riders under 18 must have helmet, eye protection and state issued ID as well. Riders are not permitted to ride on State maintained roads as well.

Please watch for construction traffic on Colescott Street and Miller Ave. They have started repaving to finish the project started last year.

Welcome to our new page. We will post all updates and information on this page from today 07-12-2011 forward. Thanks Lt. Michael Turner