Hamlet Police Department

  • Agency: Hamlet Police Department
  • Address: 10 South Starke St., Hamlet, 46532 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 574-867-2623

Hamlet Police Department is located at 10 South Starke St., Hamlet, 46532 IN. The Hamlet Police Department phone number is 574-867-2623.

Hamlet Police Department News

ATTENTION: Division Street will be closed from Indiana to Terry during the next three weekends due to the Hamlet Haunt. Citations may be issued for those that choose to disregard!

Town-wide Yard Sales May 4th & 5th, 2018

Annual Easter Egg hunt will be March 31, 2018 at the Hamlet Park. Event starts at 2:00pm!!!!!

The Hamlet Police Department is once again having a Christmas drawing. Winners will receive an age appropriate gift basket. The winners will be chosen at the Hamlet Town Christmas Social on December 16, 2017 which is held at the Hamlet Fire Station. Entry may be made by donation of a handmade or purchased ornament, to be displayed on the tree at the Hamlet Town Hall. Individuals are requested to place your first name and the year 2017 on their ornament. Upon delivering an ornament, you will receive one ticket for the drawing. Tickets may be obtained from the Hamlet Police Department, Tuesday through Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Please put your first name and a contact number on the ticket. Any questions should be directed to the Hamlet Police Department. Submission is immediate. The age groups are as follows: Ages 1 to 4 neutral Ages 5 to 9 girl Ages 5 to 9 boy Ages 10 and up to 16 girl Ages 10 and up to 16 boy

Please come out and support your local organizations. The Hamlet Haunted Fairgrounds is entering it's final weekend. The organizers and volunteers have given a lot of their time and put on a great show. I was lucky enough to be invited, along with my children, to participate. We can't wait until next year's event. In addition, the Girl Scouts were out in full force to keep the games going and assist anyway that was asked of them. Remember, these girls and their parents volunteer their time for the community. It takes little effort to return the favor.

The year is passing by and the fall months are unfortunately right around the corner. Many things have occurred and more are in the future. Several months ago, the Hamlet Police Department requested assistance by means of Reserve Deputies. Though answered, the Reserve program continues to be in need. The Hamlet Police Department is once again accepting applications for non-paid individuals that are interested in becoming involved in the community and the Police Department. Those interested may obtain an application from Town Hall or the Police Department. I will warn you that the process is both lengthy and requires high standards. We hope to have the highest quality service for our citizens.

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FYI: Knox Town Wide Yard Sales start today!!!

It's official! Local resident Cody Rosinski will be joining the Hamlet Police Department. He officially takes his position on May 15, 2017. Officer Rosinski served as a Reserve Officer for the Town of Bourbon and Town of Hamlet. Prior to taking this position, he was employed with the Marshall County Jail Division.

Town of Hamlet Easter Egg Hunt 2017- The Town of Hamlet and The Hamlet PD would like to thank all that participated in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 8th, 2017.

ATTENTION: The annual Easter Egg hunt will be held April 8, 2017 at 2:00pm. Any questions should be forwarded to Town Hall. In other news, the Town Wide Yard Sales will be held May 4th, 5th, and 6th. Clean those rooms out and make a little extra cash!!!!

It has been a while since posting and I apologize. Unfortunately, it isn't due to positive activities. There has been a recent increase in "drop bags" near the intersection of Starke Street and US30. Anyone observing suspicious activity is encouraged to contact the Police Department. These bags contain chemicals harmful to anyone that is uncertain of the contents. Although normal household chemicals, when mixed they are very toxic. God forbid one of our children come across one of these bags.

The Hamlet Police Department and Town of Hamlet would like to thank everyone that participated during the Holiday events. The added ornaments provided by the community members really made a difference to the tree!!! The winning tickets were drawn and will be presented to the Town Board at tonights meeting. Announcements to follow. As stated in an earlier post, the decoration contest has been announced. Next year, I have a feeling the decision will be much harder. Great displays and time well spent!

The Christmas Social has came and went. Not the turnout we had hoped but a few new faces this year. It's the foundation for next year. The tree is decorated. Thank you to all that contributed. The winners of the gift cards will be announced in the near future. The Christmas light contest winners will be provided to Town Hall tomorrow morning. Tougher choice than I wanted. There were some strong presentations even with the uncooperative weather! My kids really enjoyed the shows. I look forward to even better next year.

Added a star to the tree today, still waiting on children and community to come out and show your holiday spirt and decorate YOUR tree. Welcoming all ages to participate. Remember that child(ren)of Hamlet put your first name and number on the clip board at the police department door. You may come at anytime or anyday, the convenience is there for you! Happy Holidays!! Special thank you to Kevin Leinbach for the snowman and other holiday lights!

In an effort to bring some life to our little tree, I've decided that we will institute an honor system. Any Hamlet child that brings an ornament with your first name and the year on it will be entitled to a ticket for the drawing. A clipboard will be placed on the Hamlet Police Department door. Please put your first name and a telephone number on the list. A raffle ticket will be placed in the drawing on your behalf and the winners will be notified following the drawing. Remember, this is YOUR tree. For those that want to play Grinch, make sure you smile for the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!

ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF HAMLET The Hamlet Police Department and the Town of Hamlet invite young and old to participate during the Christmas Holiday. Simply bring an ornament, custom or not, and display it on the Town Hall Christmas Tree. Please date your decoration, as these will be kept for the following years. First name only may be added as well. In addition, each child of Hamlet that attends the Christmas Social held at the Hamlet Fire Department on December 18, 2016 between 5pm and 7pm will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize.


Everyone be safe this weekend and remember those we have lost.

Thoughts and prays are with the family both blood and blue for a man lost too soon. RIP Chief Vessely.