Hymera Police Department

  • Agency: Hymera Police Department
  • Address: 204 East Jackson St, Hymera, 47855 IN
  • Chief: Darrick Cullison (Chief of police)
Phone: (812)241-5212
Fax: (812)383-9202

Hymera Police Department is located at 204 East Jackson St, Hymera, 47855 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Darrick Cullison. The Hymera Police Department phone number is (812)241-5212.

Hymera Police Department News

Hymera man behind bars tonight after a domestic dispute. 22 year old Colton Samm of Hymera was arrested by the Hymera Marshal for Strangulation. Cullison stated he was responding to the coal street address on a unwanted guest complaint, after entering onto the porch of the residence Cullison heard a woman screaming that she was getting battered, Cullison stated he had no choice other than to force the entry door open to the residence where he located a female and Mr. Samm. The female was reportedly crying with signs of battery around her neck and face. According to the victim Mr.. Samm had her strangling her in the bedroom and advised Cullison that he had hurt her by doing so. Samm was booked into the Sullivan County jail on a level 6 felony of Strangulation. Bond was set at $8,000 All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

High speed and reckless driving lands sullivan man in jail. Town marshal darrick cullison was standing in his driveway Friday evening when he noticed a dark colored ford driving at a high rate of speed toward his residence, the driver compressed the brakes causing the vehicle to skid out of control. The driver suddenly placed vehicle in reverse causing the vehicle to spin the tires, driver then decided to drive down Cullison driveway at a high rate of speed. Driver then stopped vehicle and looked strait at Marshal Cullison, backed up spinning tires and then forward again spinning tires and throwing rocks at a high rate of speed. By the time Cullison made it to his police vehicle the vehicle drove south on coal street to state rd 48 turning West toward shelburn. Cullison drove West on 48 when a additional 911 call was made on the suspect vehicle which was located at the railroad tracks in shelburn where it was blocked by a train. Cullison made his way to the vehicle that commited the reckless driving back in Hymera. The driver was pulled over and identified as 33 year old Christopher Bowne of Sullivan In Mr. Bowne had blood shot eyes and a strong odor of a alcolic beverage coming from his breath along with an open alcolic beverage in the vehicle, along with a 3 year old child in the back seat. Field sobriety was given along with a portable breath test, in which indicated alcohol consumption. A small amount of marijuana was located in a pipe that was recovered from his pockets.all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Mr. Bowne was taken to the sullivan county jail and booked for: Neglect of a dependant child Possession of marijuana Possession of reckless paraphernalia Operating vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person Resisting law enforcement Bowne is under $20,000 bond

On August 13, 2018 officer Darrick Cullison responded to a hit and run accident with personal injury. Witnesses stated a red Chevy truck failed to stop crashing into another driver on state road 48 in Hymera. Witnesses stated a female was operating the red Chevy truck and continued on north out of Hymera. Driver of the second truck was taken to hospital by ambulance with neck and back injuries. With the help from the public a the female driver was located along with the suspect vehicle in the northeast part of sullivan county. Arrested was 31 year old Dawn staylar of Wisconsin, after admitting to being the operator of the suspect vehicle. Her 12 year old son was in the back of the truck along with other adults during the course of impact her blood alcohol level field tested at .12% Ms. Staylar was arrested for neglect of a dependant child and also leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. She was booked into the Sullivan county jail on $12,000 bond, all suspects are considered innocent until proven gulity in the court if law

Hymera town marshal would like the public's help in locating the child's ride on toy pictured below it was stolen over the weekend from a residence in Hymera along with some tools, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hymera marshal Darrick Cullison is needing the public's assistance in identifying the male subject in the pictures below. On Sunday July 29 2018 the male walked in the marathon gas station and grabbed a hold of a case of beer and walked out without paying while the clerk was busy with other customers, if you know any information on the subject please contact the Sullivan County Sheriff Department. At 812-268-4044, and leave message for Marshal Cullison

Ice covered roads are to blame for a 1 car accident just west of Hymera on State road 48 this morning, 1 person was injured and was transported to the hospital with lacerations to the head, assisting departments were Hymera fire department, Hymera town marshal, and Sullivan county sherriff deputy

Hymera town marshal darrick cullison is needing the public's help in locating the male subject and vehicle that was responsible for damaging 2 fuel pumps at the Hymera marathon gas station, this vehicle and the driver is possibly from the jasonville area, any information would be greatly appreciated, please call 812-268-4044 with any information. Thank you

Hymera man behind bars after leading marshal cullison on a vehicle pursuit. 55 year old brad kerns of Hymera. Officer Cullison was on routine patrol when he noticed Mr. Kerns operating a vehicle while being habitual traffic violater. Officer Cullison made a attempt to stop kerns and he refused to stop, a short while later, kerns stopped the vehicle and led cullison on a foot pursuit. Nick cullison the brother of the town marshal was in the area jogging when he noticed kerns was running from police. Nick was able to detain kerns until police made it to his area. A special thanks to nick cullison for going above and beyond helping law enforcement out in that way. Kerns was booked on 2 level 6 felonies and 1 misdemeanor charge$20,000 No 10% allowed

On February 3, 2018 officer Cullison was called to South Church street on a unwanted guest complaint, immediately after arriving officer Cullison witnessed a female battering a male subject in the face, officer Cullison separated her from the victim, she started battering officer Cullison, she then was taken to the ground where after a struggle she was placed into police custody. An additional adult male was also present and refused to take police orders and fled the scene almost running over officer Cullison and the female he was struggling with on the ground, the fleeing subject was caught moments later on state road 48. The arrested was Elizabeth Samm and Curtis Mundy. Both individuals were charged: Elizabeth Samm: Battery Battery on public servant Disorderly conduct Resisting law enforcement Curtis Mundy: Fleeing Law Enforcemnt operating vehicle while intoxicated Operating a vehicle endangering a person Officer Cullison would like to thank Shelburn Deputy marshals Sullivan county deputies Farmersburg deputy marshal Indiana state conservation officer And the ISP off duty state trooper With out you all yesterday it would not of been possible we thank you all for your assistance.

Update: marshal Cullison with assistance of Linton Police Dept and Facebook was able to locate the individual and vehicle involved with the hit and run incident, thank you! Hymera marshal Darrick Cullison is requesting the public's help in identifying the male subject pictured along with the truck he was driving, video shows the male subject backing into the fuel pumps causing several hundred dollars in damage, then getting out of his truck, then checking for damages and leaving the scene at a fast pace. If you know who this subject is or have any Information at all relating to this incident you are urged to contact Officer Cullison at 812-241-5212 or the Sullivan County Sherrif dispatch center at 812-268-4044.

Hymera Marshal Darrick Cullison is investigating a theft of multiple items from a Meadow street residence. Homeowner stated 2 guitars with a amp, PlayStation 4, playstation3, and a smart television was taken along with other accessories. Any information related to this case would be greatly appreciated. Any information can be given to Marshal Cullison by phone at 812-241-5212 or contact Sullivan county sheriff department at 812 268 4044.

On October 12, 2017 officer Cullison was on the lookout for a possible intoxicated driver, during his patrol time he noticed the blue Chevy Cruz he was looking for, pull into a town owned parking lot. During his investigation he noticed a white female who appeared to be highly intoxicated, exited the car, saying that she was going to run, Cullison then stopped her and she punched officer Cullison in the mouth where she was immediately placed into police custody and transported to the Sullivan county jail. Assisting officers were Jason Bobbit and Justin Copeland of the sheriff department. Cullison booked her on $20,000 with no 10 %.

Trick or treat hours and dates for this year are October 30th and 31st 6-9pm. Hope you all have a happy and safe Holloween!

Hymera police is needing the public's help. On Tuesday September 19, 2017 at approximately 1:20 in the afternoon, officer Darrick Cullison was called to the 200 block of South Hickory street in Hymera where it was reported a door was kicked in, once he arrived he noticed a lot of damage to the door way. The resident was only gone for a hour she stated. Any information would be appreciated to whom may be responsible for this act.

On Thursday September 7, 2017 Marshal Darrick Cullison responded to a complaint at the town park on south main, of subjects "smoking dope". Arrived and located 3 individuals 2 males and 1 female during a routine check officer cullison and officer Valdez revealed a white powder substance that field tested positive for meth on the 19 year old female subject . She was then taken into police custody and taken to the Sullivan county jail and booked on charges of possession of meth and possession of reckless paraphernalia, bond was set at $12,000. Cullison advised that he intends to cover the park on foot more often hoping to keep this problem from happening again. Cullison stated "the park is for our children to play and have fun, not to walk into someone's bad habits and to be exposed to dangerous substances".

On August 29th, 2017 Hymera Marshal Darrick Cullison arrests 2 for fighting with what was reported as "using Brass Knuckles". Both Males were from the Hymera area. Both had very obvious Battery wounds. Both parties was charged with Felony Battery.

On August 22, 2017 marshal Darrick Cullison responded to a residence on south east street where it was reported a male subject stealing water utilities from the town of Hymera. Water records showed no water at the residence. When the situation was examined a water meter jumper was loacted, which was illegally feeding water to residence. James Granthem was charged with utility theft. Officer Cullison was also notified about additional thefts Mr. Granthem had been involved with and additional interviews and statements were turned into the prosecuters office where he was charged additionally with a level 4 felony.

On August 16 Officer Darrick CULLISON responded to a complaint of a suspicious male subject at the marathon gas station, Cullison approached the male subject whom stated he was sent to hymera by the marines to find a female, routine warrant check revealed he was wanted on a warrant out of vigo county, continueing the investigation a small amount of. Controlled substance was located in the males possession he was then taken into police custoday. assisting Cullison was deputy Holmes of the sullivan county sheriff dept. The male was from indianapolis.

Hymera Town Marshal Darrick Cullison would like to thank the indiana state police trooper and conservation officer along with Sullivan County Sherriff deputies and Dugger town marshal in assisting him in the very intense situation last night , that shows that working together works for the best. Thanks again Fellas another criminal bit the dust.

Hymera Town marshal is looking for the persons responsible for entering a residence on west wright street, and taking 4 totes of collectors hotwheel cars, train sets. this occurred today at approximately 7:00 p.m. marshal cullison is interested in a black car with some damage to the front of the vehicle any information would be greatly appreciated.

Don't forget the Hymera Fire Department is having their annual fish fry from 4pm to 7pm at the firehouse. Come get some good food. They firefighters are hard at work getting it all ready.

National weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for sullivan county 2-4 inches possible drive safe advisory starts at 5 am-9-pm Thursday

Hymera marshal Darrick Cullison would like to thank deputy Marshal Randy Tate for the time he has spent assisting him and the community over the the 2016 year Tate has put in over 500 hours. We thank you randy for your time especially doing it with no pay keep up the good work.