Evansville Fire Department

  • Agency: Evansville Fire Department
  • Address: 550 S.E. 8th Street, Evansville, 47713-1786 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: (812) 435.6235
Fax: (812) 435.6248

Evansville Fire Department is located at 550 S.E. 8th Street, Evansville, 47713-1786 IN. The Evansville Fire Department phone number is (812) 435.6235.

Evansville Fire Department News

A Big Thank You to all of our Veterans for their service. And a special Thank You to our Brothers & Sisters in the Emergency Services who have or still do wear both hats!!! 🚒🇺🇲️

Remember those who served to protect our freedoms on this Veterans Day.

Some photos from the Harriett Street Fire on 11/3/18. Photos by Jillian Medicis.

EFD Third Platoon:1E3,1A33,1L1,1A63,1E10,1Q5,1R3;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);713 W VIRGINIA ST;11/04/2018 09:13:37.

EFD Second Platoon:1E3,1E4,1A23,1A62,1E10,1E1,1Q5,1Q8,1R3;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);1011 HARRIET ST;11/03/2018 23:29.

Busy day for EFD Third Platoon: 1E3,1A33,1A63,1E10,1E1,1Q5,1Q8,1A3,1R3;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);1105 MARY ST;11/02/2018 07:33:38. 101;1L1,1E1,1E14,1R1,1A32;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);S GOVERNOR ST/BELLEMEADE AVE;11/02/2018 08:22:48. 1E3,1A33,1A63,1E10,1E7,1Q5,1R3;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);2923 DEARBORN ST;11/02/2018 17:43:49.

Working smoke detectors save lives!!

Don't forget to change batteries and test your smoke detector as well as set your clocks back 1 hour this weekend. (please watch and share the attached video)

Happy Halloween. Let’s be safe out there!

Evie Sue and Vandy Lee were on hand at EFD Headquarters with Steve and Sue Harp, to present EFD with two new pet oxygen mask kits. The donation was made possible by the Emma Zen Foundation in conjunction with Team O2 for Indiana. The oxygen masks help EFD firefighters administer oxygen to pets rescued from fires. The kits are carried on all EFD apparatus.

EFD Third Platoon Rope Rescue Team personnel trained under the direction of Team Leader Captain Tony Knight at the 5-story EFD Training Tower last week.

Last week, the EFD Training Division performed the annual testing for ground ladders on all EFD apparatus. The ladders are put through rigorous tests to make sure they will “hold up” when we need them.

EFD FIRST PLATOON:1E3,1A61,1E10,1E7,1Q5,1R3,1A13;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);812 S BARKER AVE;10/27/2018 14:59:53. Photos by John M. Buckman,III -Wildfire Studios.

EFD crews and the Inspection Division have been especially busy this month participating in numerous Fire Prevention and education details, tours and visits. Here, the crew from Engine 10 (Second Platoon) joins Fire Marshall Kevin Shelley on a visit to a local school.

EFD First Platoon:1E4,1E10,1E1,1Q9,1A12,1R3;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);2420 VOGEL RD;10/22/2018 09:48:00. Attached Garage Fire.

The Evansville Fire Department received new RIT Pack bags as a donation from our friends at the Alcoa Fire Department on Friday. Presenting the equipment to EFD Chief Mike Connelly (L-R) is Rusty Sherman and Chief Bo Ross from the Alcoa FD.

Engine 4, Third Platoon, at the EFD Training Facility last week training on water supply, drafting and pump operations.

1st Platoon Engine 3 trained with a flow meter today to compare pressure to gallons per minute flow. This is important information to have when you are fighting fires.

Congratulations to EFD Recruit Class #58-18 on your graduation.

EFD Second Platoon:1E3,1A23,1Q5,1Q8,1Q17,1R3,1E1,1E10;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);3204 KRATZVILLE RD;10/12/2018 12:45:23. Fire tapped out in 30 minutes.

It’s Graduation Day for Recruit Class # 58-18.

Several first responders (Police, Fire, EMS, Tow Truck Operators) as well as highway repair crews are struck and killed each year. PLEASE....Slow Down & Move Over. (Thanks to www.respondersafety.com for making the video)

EFD First Platoon:1E4,1E10,1Q8,1Q17,1R3,1A13;WORKING FIRE (STRUCTURE);2585 N KENTUCKY AVE;10/09/2018 20:14:18.

Please watch this short 5 minute video about closing your door before you go to sleep. It could save your life or someone you love!!! And please share this post to spread the word.