Humboldt Police Department

  • Agency: Humboldt Police Department
  • Address: 725 Bridge Street, Humboldt, 66748 KS
  • Chief: Dan Onnen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 620-473-2341
Fax: 620-473-2133

Humboldt Police Department is located at 725 Bridge Street, Humboldt, 66748 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Onnen. The Humboldt Police Department phone number is 620-473-2341.

Humboldt Police Department News

Anybody missing this big guy? Found him in the 300 block of N 9th Street

We have 3 new female dogs picked up today. The black female lab had no collar at all and is very friendly. The other two females in the same pen were pretty skittish but are friendly. If these dogs belong to you contact the Humboldt Police Department at 473-2341.

Just picked up this young gal at 7th & Charles. No collar or tag. Give us a call at 620-473-2341 if you know her

Anybody know this guy? Looks to be a lab and hound mix.

This guy has visited many people lately and needs the owner to keep him at home.

As you can see the river has continued to rise in comparison to my pictures from yesterday and we will continue to get rain throughout the evening. The roads are flooded across the road west of Humboldt on Georgia. It will soon be closed so find another route, please. We don't want anyone washed off of the road.

Please be careful at low lying areas. Most are under water in Allen County and DO NOT move barricades in town or the county. They are there for your and the community's safety!

Parents, please ask your high school children to slow down and be aware of the stop signs around the school. They need to remember that there are middle school and even elementary school children walking home. We are also getting complaints of the kids not stopping at 12th and Cherokee stop sign. If we observe this they will get a citation and many have already received a mass warning about this. Thank you for your help.

Many people have reported getting this call and this officer, included, received it. Hang up and do not give them any information or respond to them.

****Good news...just as I was leaving the pound, the owners came by and claimed her." ***** I know this loveable soul belongs to someone and the owner has to be missing their baby.

***dog picked up by owner*** Picked up this pretty little guy on S. 2nd.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office. To the co-workers, friends and loved ones of Deputy Robert Kunze III.

*****UPDATE***** We have someone coming to adopt him today! Thanks for all the response. This little guy was dumped at a location in Humboldt and brought to the PD. It is a little boy and needs a furever home. Please contact 620-473-2341 if interested.

Looking for anyone that has a nursing mother cat that would be willing to take a young kitten in that can nurse with the mother's litter. Kitten found at park by individual mowing but could not find the mom.

It's about that time again! School will be starting soon and we want to make our young people and everyone involved in having another safe school year. The speed limit on Cherokee has been reduced to 20 MPH so we can have a safe zone on all four sides of the Humboldt High and Middle Schools. Also stop signs have been placed for north/south traffic on 10th Street at Cherokee and for east/west traffic on Cherokee at 12th Street. We are hoping these changes will improve the safety of everyone and reduce accidents at the intersections affected. The Humboldt Police Department is dedicated to keep our students safe and will have a daily presence before and after school.

Anybody missing a cat? Found in the 500 block of New York. Has a collar!

We were excited to have a visit by a great group from The Growing Place! Lt. Aikins was able to talk to them about seatbelt safety.

Anybody missing a young black lab? Sweet as can be acts kinda scared.

Male blonde mix breed and female mix breed picked up in the Leavenworth and 9th Street area. Female is very friendly and appears to have had puppies recently. If these dogs belong to you or you know who they belong to contact the police dept at 473-2341.

****Bella has been adopted and was excited to go to her furever home. Thank you for spreading the word.*******This little lady was brought to us after being found alone. No tags or collar. Call us if she's yours. 620-473-2341

******This little guy has been adopted and will be going to his loving home, soon.********This little guy was found on the river bridge and turned over to us. Contact us at 620-473-2341. Thanks for your help.

We need a little help identifying these two so that we can make contact with them. They were in a silver Dodge Ram pickup truck. If you happen to recognize them please call us at 620-473-2341. Thanks

Very loving female calico found at 10th and Amos. If she is yours please contact 473-2341. She just wants to be loved on.