Moran Police Department

  • Agency: Moran Police Department
  • Address: 339 Cedar St, Moran, 66755 KS
  • Chief: Shane Smith (Chief of Police)
Phone: 620-237-4724
Fax: 620 237-4291

Moran Police Department is located at 339 Cedar St, Moran, 66755 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Shane Smith. The Moran Police Department phone number is 620-237-4724.

Moran Police Department News

Don't forget to buy your dog tags this week! Penalties will be assessed Monday Morning at 8:00AM! Give us a call and we can let you know if your animal(s) rabies vac has or hasn't expired!

Late Charges go on Utility Bills at 10:00am Sharp tomorrow morning!

Moran Residents-Due to an unforeseen circumstance tomorrows Dog Tag Clinic is being pushed back to 9:00 to 11:00. Thanks for understanding!

We have had a few calls about area Easter Egg Hunts here is what we have found out today! Yates Center- *March 31st @ 10:00am it will be held at the City Park Iola- *Kiwanis hunt will be March 31st on the Courthouse square @ noon. In case of bad weather the location will be the ACC barn. *Iola Parks and Recreation hunt will be on March 31st @ 9:00 the recreation building in the Riverside Park. Register for prize giveaways at 8:45am. Please bring your own bag or basket. LaHarpe- *Light of LaHarpe Church will have their hunt on April 1st at the church 901 S. Main LaHarpe @ 10:00am *LaHarpe Pride will have their hunt at the LaHarpe park on April 1st @ 2:00pm. Humboldt- *Humboldt Lions will have their hunt on March 31st @ 10:00am on Humboldt Square.

Attention Moran City Residents:The trash company is running a bit behind today but your trash will be picked up today, if you still have trash on Wednesday Morning please give us a call at 620-237-4271. Thank you

Don't forget March 24, 2018 from 8:30am to 10:30am is the Moran Dog Tag/Vac Clinic! We will be accepting dogs STARTING at 8:30am and ENDING at 10:30am, please no more than 5 dogs inside at a time, please keep dogs on tarps/rugs. Wait your turn, and make sure to have checks or cash.

March Newsletter 2018

There will be NO BURN PERMITS Issued until further notice due to high winds this week.

We are experiencing a POWER OUTAGE at this time. If your not back on in the next 1/2 hour then call us to let us know!

Help us Help you keep and clean and tidy Fitness Center :)

Here is how to use the AUTOMATIC lock at the 54 Fitness Center. There are a few who are still struggling with leaving the center. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT do the following, none of these antics will help you leave the center any faster. *KICK the glass *HIT or JERK on the door handles *Repeatedly PUSH/HIT the green Button *TWIST THE DOOR LOCK(this will NOT help you) Everytime you trigger the over head sensor or push the green button you re-engage the lock, please step back and count to 20 then try again. Following the directions below will help you leave the Fitness Center. These are also posted on the door as your leaving the Center for your convience.

City of Moran Annual Dog Tag Vac Clinic 2018 Dog Tags are on sale now incase you just need a tag. Call 620-237-4291 and we can let you know if we have a current rabies vac on file for your pet.

ATTENTION ALL 54 Fitness current and future members please be on the look out for some new informative signs being posted at the exercise facility today!

54 Fitness Center Monthly Payment is Due February 1, 2018! All non-current accounts will be shut off February 2, 2018!


Here are a few insights on keeping our furry friends warm in the winter! But most of all: KNOW YOUR BREED! Read up on the bread of your dog to know what they can and can't with stand in the cold and heat.

With all these low tepms we want to remind our residents to be mindful of using extra heat sources inside and out! If you have any questions please call or swing by City Hall! Stay warm and safe!

Moran City Hall is OPEN today. USD 256, Emprise Bank of Moran, and the Moran Post Office are all CLOSED.

Just some reminders!

Don't forget you can purchase your 2018 City Dog Tags now!! $2.00 for spayed/neutered $4.00 for unaltered $10.00 Kennel License (house with 3+ dogs) 🐕

Moran City Council Meeting tonight at 7:00pm at Moran City Hall. If you have any concerns or needs please feel free to attend.


Attention All 54 Fitness Members......

December 2017 Newsletter