Columbus Police Department

  • Agency: Columbus Police Department
  • Address: 300 E Maple St, Columbus , 66725 KS
  • Chief: Chief Charles E Sharp #151 (Chief of Police)

Columbus Police Department is located at 300 E Maple St, Columbus , 66725 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Chief Charles E Sharp #151. The Columbus Police Department phone number is 620-429-1332.

Columbus Police Department News

A joint effort between the Columbus Police Department and deputies from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office resulted in the arrest of an individual who had been involved in an incident of aggravated assault, threatening the victim with a knife,. The suspect had fled the scene, and had hidden in the attic of a house, but was found by officers within the hour and taken into custody.

This afternoon, the Columbus Police Department conducted a search warrant of a Columbus residence, resulting in the arrest of 2 suspects. Suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia were seized from the residence. Please continue to assist us with information regarding illegal drug activity in our city. It is our desire and goal to have a city free of harmful drug activity, so our families can enjoy a peaceful, drug-free community.

On Friday evening, 08-18-2017, around 6PM, Columbus Police Officers were dispatched to 514 S High School Street in Columbus, in response to an open door. After clearing the house and finding no occupants, officers found suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia, and removed the items from the house. It was later discovered the residents were already in custody following a search warrant conducted by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office earlier that same day. Charges pending following further investigation.

This morning, another arrest has been made for an individual using a counterfeit $100 bill. As always, continue to be vigilant when accepting cash, and maintain constant awareness of the possibility of encountering fake currency.

On 08-16-2017, the Columbus Police Department arrested an individual for using a counterfeit $100 bill at a local Columbus business. As the investigation continues, more arrests will be made. Today our officers made visits to numerous Columbus businesses, advising business owners of the counterfeit bills being circulated in our town. Our intent is to raise awareness throughout the entire community, thus, protecting the financial interests of our citizens. As a precaution, please thoroughly check your bills. If you have a doubt or question on the authenticity of any bill, be sure to take it to your local bank for peace of mind. Please report all suspicious currency to the Columbus Police Department, as well as anyone attempting to use it.

YOUR POLICE DEPT AT WORK On 07/26/2017 Lonnie J. Best was arrested on a City Of Columbus Warrant. Best was given a Bond amount $345 cash only.

YOUR POLICE DEPT AT WORK On 07/23/17 Columbus Police Dept. responded to 320 South Florida for a Domestic Disturbance. After Officers arrived, Aaron T. Mclean was arrested for Criminal Trespassing.

As the Cherokee County Fair gets started, lets remember to have fun and be safe out there. As a reminder, there are No Firearms allowed on the Fair Grounds or in the Cattle Barn area. Parking in and around the Fair Grounds is always tight. So please take the extra time to make sure you have enough room and you are giving the other vehicles around you enough room to move. If you have any questions or just want to stop and visit with YOUR POLICE DEPT, we will be set up just out side the Fair Office. Please stop by and say HI! Please share this message so we can reach as many people as possible so we can make your visit to the Cherokee County Fair as enjoyable as possible.

Please don't let this happen to you or your family. Thankfully this turned out ok, but could have ended a lot worse. With the temps climbing to the upper 90's and low 100's, please keep your kids and pets in mind when you leave your vehicle!

YOUR POLICE DEPT. AT WORK On 07/14/17 the Columbus Police Dept responded to an individual hitting the ATM at the Great Plains FCU. Carolyn J Declue was arrested for Criminal Damage to Property, Interference with LEO, and Battery on LEO. On 07/18/17 the Columbus Police Dept conducted a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle. As a result of the traffic stop, Brian J Young of Olympia,Washington was arrested on a warant out of Colorado.

YOUR POLICE DEPT AT WORK On 07/09/2017 Columbus Police Dept. arrested Lonnie J. Best for Disorderly Conduct.

YOUR POLICE DEPT AT WORK On 06/24/2017 After be called to the Central Apartments for a disturbance, Columbus Police Officers arrested Joshua K Trontnic for Domestic Battery. On 06/26/2017 After receiving an anonymous tip of possible Marijuana growing at 423 N. Magnolia, The Columbus Police Dept. confirmed this and conducted a search of the residence. As a result of the search, Daniel E Hartman was arrested for Possession of a Hallucinogenic drug, Use/Possess with/intent to use Drug Paraphernalia into the Human body, & Possession of Depressant.

Some of you may have seen us and some of you may have gotten something from us. The Columbus Police Dept. was handing out Doughnuts instead of citations this morning If you were wearing your seat belt. We would like to thank Daylight Doughnut for helping us! We would also like to thank the people of Columbus for allowing the Police Dept. to serve them!

We would like to thank Spring River Mental Health & Wellness for the opportunity to work with them and of course the Bagels were awesome!

YOUR POLICE DEPT. AT WORK Today at approximately 4:30pm, Melissa D. Jewett was arrest on a Felony Warrant for two counts of Criminal Threat. Jewett was found in her appartment at 910 S. Florida here in Columbus. Jewett is being held on a $100,000 cash or surety bond.

YOUR POLICE DEPT AT WORK Earlier today the Columbus Police Dept made two arrest. Remington J Forester of Columbus Christopher W Hardison of Columbus Both were arrested for there possible involvement in the Break-in and theft from the Teen Center here in Columbus. Additional leads are being followed and more arrests are expected to be made. We would like to thank the people of Columbus for having faith in the Columbus Police Dept. We are here to serve the public and will go the extra mile to help our citizens!

YOUR POLICE DEPT AT WORK With less than two days of investigation, the items stolen from the Teen Center have been recovered. The Columbus Police Dept. is still investigating this crime and have several suspects, with a possibility of more.

In the late hours of 04/10/2017 or the early morning hours of 04/11/2017, The Teen Center of Columbus, located at 200 W. Pine st. was broke into. Multiple items were taken. The Columbus Police Dept. would like your help in finding the person or persons responsible for this crime. If you have any information regarding this incident please contact the Columbus Police Dept. Help us keep your community safe. This was a selfish crime done only to gain items, done by someone who has no respect for themselves or others, done to a place that is only there to help our community.

The Columbus Police Dept. would like to extend our deepest condolences to Sheriff David Groves on the loss of his mother. Our thought and prayers will be with you and your family!

We would like to thank the staff at Mercy Maude Norton. They are incredible to work with. The Columbus Police Dept. will aways be there to help in any way we can. Thank you for cookies and the kind words.

Your Police Dept at work; On 02/13/17 after receiving a tip to his where abouts, the Columbus Police Dept arrested Steven D. Beaty for Agg. Violation of Offender Registration Act, and Tracy L. Lopp for Obstruction.