Comanche County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Comanche County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 408 N Central Ave, Coldwater, 67029 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 620-582-2511
Fax: 620-582-2261

Comanche County Sheriff's Office is located at 408 N Central Ave, Coldwater, 67029 KS. The Comanche County Sheriff's Office phone number is 620-582-2511.

Comanche County Sheriff's Office News

We will be escorting this WWII vet home through Coldwater within the next 30 mins.

Comanche County will be testing the Tornado sirens at 10 this morning!!

COMANCHE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Beginning February 26 thru March 9, Comanche County Sheriff’s Office will join other Law Enforcement agencies in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma to stop what has been an epidemic for the past several years. In 2015, 13 teens lost their lives due to car crashes in Kansas; 40% of those teens were NOT PROPERLY RESTRAINED. In an effort to change this trend, law enforcement across the tristate area will be extra-vigilant when patrolling around schools. For more than thirty years, officers have educated and warned passengers and drivers regarding the importance of using restraints while in their vehicle. There should be no surprises when it comes to this enforcement effort. Officers will issue citations to any individual who refuses to obey the traffic laws, whether it is for speeding, texting or failing to buckle up. Even one teen death is unacceptable. Please slow down, put the phone away or turn it off, and always buckle up. Please share this post.

Merry Christmas!! Just got the BOLO from the North Pole!!

To everyone traveling to Hoxie for the football game please use caution they are reporting sleet there now. Remember to slow down, wear your seatbelt and turn your headlights on if your wipers are in use. If wanting to check road conditions call 511. Good luck Timberwolves!!!!

Today the Sheriff's Office escorted the High School football team to the game. Just a couple pictures we were able to take. Got a great win tonight and good luck next week!!

Throughout this week we have been in the school zones as much as possible for the seatbelt enforcement. Today making the end of the school week we spent a total of 4.5 hours in the school zones and wrote 9 citations. The community did a great job in making sure they were wearing their seatbelts. Even though the enforcement period we were involved in is over doesn't mean we won't still be watching for seatbelts. So everyone please remember to buckle up!!

On November 2 2017, The Comanche County Emergency Communications Center in conjunction with the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council are pleased to announce the availability of Text-to-911 during an emergency. Text-to-911 service will be available for those individuals who cannot safely make a voice call to 911 in an emergency. This will be a valuable service to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Testing for Text-to-911 has been completed in Comanche County and is available with plans from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, & Verizon Wireless. Text-to-911 may not be available outside of Comanche County. If a text is made to 911 where that service is not available, a message will be sent back to the phone advising the customer to make a voice call. Some situations when Text-to-911 is appropriate: · Deaf, hard of hearing callers, or individuals with a speech disability · A caller who is unable to speak due to a medical or other condition · Emergency situations that would put the caller in danger if making a voice call · Examples include abduction, domestic violence or active shooter situation When texting to 911, follow these guidelines · Provide your exact address or location · Explain the type of emergency or help that is being requested · Be prepared to answer any questions that the 911 telecommunicator texts back. · Use plain language; do not use abbreviations, symbols, emoticons, or photos. · Messages should be brief and concise

Today Undersheriff Brumbaugh, Deputy Loesch, and K9 Teal were asked to stop by Little Tykes Day Care. We talked with the kids and awnsered questions and they all got to pet K9 Teal. In appreciation for what we do as law enforcement they made us a big batch of cookies which were very delicious. Thank you Little Tykes Day Care for supporting your local law enforcement!!

Starting October 30th thru November 3rd the Comanche County Sheriff's Office will be participating in a seat belt enforcement. The focus of this will be around the elementary and middle school but since we have those kids arriving at the High School we will be doing enforcement in both locations through out the week. During this enforcement no warnings will be issued, a citation will be issued for every set belt violation we see. PLEASE remember to wear your seat belt.