Burlington Police Department

  • Agency: Burlington Police Department
  • Address: 616 South 3rd, Burlington , 66839 KS
  • Chief: Douglas L Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 620-364-8757
Fax: 620-364-5635

Burlington Police Department is located at 616 South 3rd, Burlington , 66839 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Douglas L Jones. The Burlington Police Department phone number is 620-364-8757.

Burlington Police Department News

These keys were turned into BPD today. Contact 620-364-8757 to identify the other keys on the ring to claim. Found over on the West side of town.

Police activity for Oct. 29-Nov. 4 Sunday, Nov. 4 10:35 p.m., traffic stop. 8:40 p.m., traffic arrest. 7:30 p.m., traffic stop. 6:55 p.m., assist citizen. 10:53 a.m., assist other. 9:15 a.m., assist EMS. 1:42 a.m., traffic stop. Saturday, Nov. 3 10:17 p.m., domestic physical. 8:41 p.m., road hazard. 6:50 p.m., suspicious vehicle. 3:50 p.m., assist citizen. 12:52 p.m., assist citizen. 12:18 p.m., dog problem. 10:24 a.m., dog problem. Friday, Nov. 2 11:48 p.m., traffic stop. 11:01 p.m., hit and run accident 10:11 p.m., traffic stop. 9:23 p.m., traffic stop. 9:20 p.m., traffic stop. 9:05 p.m., traffic stop. 8:15 p.m., traffic stop. 7:42 p.m., traffic stop. 7:29 p.m., traffic stop. 7:29 p.m. traffic stop. 6:51 p.m., traffic stop. 6:49 p.m., traffic stop. 5:59 p.m., reckless driver. 5:57 p.m., assist citizen. 4:38 p.m., VIN check. 3:12 p.m., verbal domestic dispute. 2:32 p.m., traffic stop. 1:30 p.m. criminal threat. 12:58 p.m., trespassing. 11:40 a.m., traffic stop. 10:52 a.m., funeral escorts. 7:15 a.m., traffic stop. Thursday, Nov. 1 7:38 p.m., traffic stop. 7:20 p.m., traffic stop. 7:12 p.m., traffic stop. 7:04 p.m., traffic stop. 6:54 p.m., traffic stop. 3:40 p.m., criminal damage. 1:22 p.m., traffic stop. 9:54 a.m., criminal damage. 8:32 a.m., follow up. 7:51 a.m., burglary. 12:37 a.m., criminal damage. 12:30 a.m., assist citizen. Wednesday, Oct. 31 11:48 p.m., assist citizen. 10:41 p.m., assist citizen. 8:39 p.m., suspicious person. 8:31 p.m., traffic hazard. 6:04 p.m., traffic stop. 5:34 p.m., traffic stop. 4:27 p.m., arrest. 4 p.m., civil dispute. 3:08 p.m., traffic stop. 11:24 a.m., assist another agency. 8:05 a.m., traffic stop. Tuesday, Oct. 30 5:23 p.m., civil dispute. 2:04 p.m., trespassing. 1:58 p.m., criminal damage. 10:37 a.m., assist motorist. Monday, Oct. 29 11:18 p.m., traffic stop. 3:53 p.m., assist EMS. 1:47 p.m., assist citizen.

UPDATE CANCEL BOLO on Dalton James Farrar. Subject is in Custody. Subject was located in the waiting room at the hospital. arrested without incident.

UPDATE Cancel BOLO. Dalton James Farrar. Cancel. Subject is in Custody.

Now that the clocks are turned back, don’t forget to change batteries in your smoke detectors. Especially since the next big holidays usually involve A LOT of cooking....or at least very honest attempts.

Time change weekend. Halloween is over and that means the next event is the clocks FALL BACK 1 hour, on Sunday morning.

DID YOU KNOW? Some people may do it to conserve fuel. Some may do it hoping to cause less wear and tear on their vehicle. And some may just do it because that's what they were taught when learning to drive. Whatever the reason, COASTING is actually illegal. According to the Standard Traffic Ordinance, Section 109, no driver of any vehicle when traveling on a downgrade shall drive with the gears of such vehicle in neutral. Think about it.... Coasting downhill can cause your speed to increase, leaving your vehicle's braking system as the only thing available to slow you down. Now consider a small child chasing a ball into the street in front of you. Wouldn't you want every mechanical system in your car (aka the engine, for engine braking) available to help slow you down?

Police Activity for Oct. 24-28 Sunday, Oct. 28 8:44 p.m., domestic verbal dispute. 8:21 p.m., assist citizen. 6:52 p.m., traffic citation for speeding. 5:01 p.m., assist motorist. 4:07 p.m., welfare check. 3:35 p.m., assist citizen. 12:43 p.m., theft. 3:52 a.m., assist EMS. Saturday, Oct. 27 10:53 p.m., traffic stop. 10:11 p.m., traffic stop. 9:38 p.m., traffic stop. 7:07 p.m., traffic stop. 6:45 p.m., traffic stop. 12:48 p.m., assist EMS. 11:48 a.m., livestock problem. 11:13 a.m., civil dispute. 2:02 a.m., assist citizen. Friday, Oct. 26 11:16 p.m., citizen assist. 8:45 p.m., assist EMS. 8:33 p.m., theft. 7:48 p.m., 911 hang up. 7:36 p.m., traffic stop. 4:59 p.m., search warrant. 4:33 p.m., assist citizen. 3:47 p.m., assist EMS. 3:36 p.m., dog problem. 11:34 a.m., non-injury accident. 9:58 a.m., welfare check. 9:54 a.m., abandoned vehicle. Thursday, Oct. 25 10:37 p.m., 911 open line. 10:07 p.m., traffic stop. 5:45 p.m., dog problem. 3:30 p.m., traffic stop. 12:55 p.m., dog problem. 10:16 a.m., dog problem. 5:32 a.m., assist EMS. Wednesday, Oct. 24 11:07 p.m., traffic stop. 9:26 p.m., traffic stop. 6:25 p.m., assist citizen. 4:57 p.m., assist citizen. 3:57 p.m., assist citizen. 3:52 p.m., reckless driver. 3:19 p.m., civil standby. 11:49 a.m., assist citizen. 2:18 a.m., traffic stop. 2:01 a.m., suspicious person.

For those interested.

BES Halloween parade on Wed. Oct 31, 2018 beginning about 2:15 pm. Grade school to the stop light then return to BES. followed by a sponsored Trunk or Treat downtown from the stop light west to 6th st, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Police activity for Oct. 15-23 Tuesday, Oct. 23 10:55 p.m., assist citizen. 10:16 p.m., assist citizen. 7:08 p.m., traffic stop. 6:07 p.m., assist citizen. 3:22 p.m., theft. 2:30 p.m., 911 open line. 1:18 p.m., assist citizen. 10:40 a.m., theft. 8:01 a.m., sex crime. Monday, Oct. 22 9:41 p.m., suspicious person. 8:14 p.m., traffic stop. 4:32 p.m., phone harassment. 1:53 p.m., medical assist. 9:58 a.m., assist school. Sunday, Oct. 21 11:40 p.m., nuisance. 5:23 p.m., suspicious person. 4:43 p.m., criminal damage. 1:53 p.m., criminal damage. 12:55 p.m., assist motorist. 12:30 p.m., dog problem. 7:54 a.m., assist citizen. 7:11 a.m., traffic stop. Saturday, Oct. 20 9:09 p.m., assist citizen. 8:34 p.m., water utility problem. 4:05 p.m., reckless driver. 2:09 p.m., traffic stop. 1:28 p.m., dog problem. 1:17 p.m., medical assist. 12:44 p.m., funeral escort. 1:29 a.m., suspicious person. 12:36 a.m., traffic stop. 12:20 a.m., suspicious person. Friday, Oct. 19 11 p.m., traffic stop. 10:31 p.m., traffic stop. 10:16 p.m., assist citizen. 8:03 p.m., traffic stop. 7:47 p.m., suspicious activity. 7:27 p.m., traffic stop. 5:34 p.m., assist citizen. 3:48 p.m., squirrel problem. 9:14 a.m., funeral escort. 7:21 a.m., domestic (physical) 2:20 a.m., suspicious person. Thursday, Oct. 18 23:53 p.m., traffic stop. 7:41 p.m., reckless driver. 1:19 p.m., traffic stop. 11:11 a.m., funeral escort. 3:28 a.m., assist another agency. Wednesday, Oct. 17 8:44 p.m., civil standby. 8:21 p.m., assist citizen. 7:57 p.m., arrest for domestic battery. 4:51 p.m., attempt to serve no trespass order. 12:27 p.m., VIN check. Tuesday, Oct. 16 8:40 p.m., civil standby. 7:02 p.m., assist citizen. 6:35 p.m., dog problem. 3:30 p.m., 911 welfare check. 3:18 p.m., traffic stop. 12:19 a.m., assist citizen. 12:03 a.m., verbal domestic dispute. Monday, Oct. 15 10:49 p.m., traffic stop. 10:36 p.m., traffic stop. 7:32 p.m., traffic stop. 5:11 p.m., traffic stop. 11:34 a.m., assist citizen.

It’s not us, it’s you. Wait.....can we still be friends? 😉

Drive in flu clinic. Burlington at the Station 3 fire house, on the evening of Monday, Oct 22, 2018 from 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM.

Police activity for Oct. 8-14 Sunday, Oct. 14 7:13 p.m., traffic stop. 5:58 p.m., 911 open line. 2:44 a.m., suspicious activity. 1:04 a.m., suspicious activity. 12:19 a.m., traffic stop. Saturday, Oct. 13 11:51 p.m., suspicious activity. 6:02 p.m., traffic stop. 6:46 a.m., assist motorist. 3:57 a.m., warrant information. Friday, Oct. 12 6:20 p.m., traffic stop. 12:58 p.m., property recovery. 11:28 a.m., juvenile problem. 10:15 a.m., 911 open line. 8:17 a.m., assist EMS. 5:34 a.m., traffic stop. 4:28 a.m., 911 open line. Thursday, Oct. 11 10:30 p.m., suspicious person. 6:49 p.m., transport prisoner on warrant. 5:01 p.m., warrant arrest. 2:52 p.m., domestic incident. 1:11 a.m., assist EMS. Wednesday, Oct. 10 9:18 p.m., traffic stop. 9:10 p.m., traffic stop. 8:54 p.m., suspicious activity. 7:50 p.m., traffic stop. 7:07 p.m., theft. 6:11 p.m., welfare check. 5:56 p.m., dog problem. 3:11 p.m., traffic stop. 1:38 p.m., arrest for driving while suspended. 10:31 a.m., juvenile problem. 3:12 a.m., suspicious activity. Tuesday, Oct. 9 11:11 p.m., suspicious vehicle. 9:33 p.m., traffic stop. 9:14 p.m., traffic stop. 3:40 p.m., dog problem. Monday, Oct. 8 3:25 p.m., follow up for DCF. 1:41 p.m., suspicious activity. 1:01 p.m., funeral escort. 11:01 a.m., contact individual for another agency. 10:25 a.m., theft.

Except for Loki...she’ll sell you out for one piece of kibble before it even hits the ground.

Homecoming parade and pep rally about 3:30 pm, tomorrow, Friday Oct 12, 2018. Parade from 6th and Neosho, east on Neosho to 3rd and Neosho, with pep rally in front of City Hall. Those sections of Neosho street will be blocked off for a short period of time. West of the stop light only until the parade floats pass. 3rd to 4th on Neosho until the pep rally is completed.

Police activity for Oct. 1-7 Sunday, Oct. 7 7:46 p.m., traffic stop. 4:43 p.m., assist citizen. Saturday, Oct. 6 11:36 p.m., assist citizen. 9:37 p.m., 911 hang up. 6:59 p.m., traffic stop. 3 p.m., traffic stop. 12:51 p.m., reckless driver. 10:28 a.m., recover property. 10:22 a.m., arrest, released to another agency. 9:20 a.m., traffic stop, citation for speed. 12:36 a.m., suspicious person. Friday, Oct. 5 9:24 p.m., traffic stop. 3:14 p.m., follow up. 2:36 p.m., transport. 1:56 p.m., theft. 1:29 p.m., harassment by phone. 11:16 a.m., alarm at residence. 11:09 a.m., arrest warrant. 10:56 a.m., recovery property. 6:18 a.m., assist citizen. 3:55 a.m., traffic stop. Thursday, Oct. 4 10:21 p.m., assist citizen. 8:15 p.m., traffic stop. 7:54 p.m., traffic stop. 6:32 p.m., traffic stop. 4:06 p.m. assist citizen 1:22 p.m., transport prisoner. 11:48 a.m., criminal damage. Wednesday, Oct. 3 9:05 p.m., assist citizen. 6:36 p.m., theft. 4:06 p.m., VIN check. 3:15 pm., warrant information. 3:13 p.m., warrant information. 12:09 a.m., juvenile problem. Tuesday, Oct. 2 5:23 p.m., assist citizen. 1:53 p.m., arrest for probation violation. Monday, Oct. 1 8:49 p.m., traffic stop. 8:43 p.m., assist EMS. 3:48 p.m., livestock out. 3:42 p.m., follow up. 11:21 a.m., transport prisoner.

DID YOU KNOW? Every law enforcement agency in Kansas is required by law to have certain policies in place that guide the conduct of its officers and the agency as a whole on certain topics. One such required policy is that of Racial and Biased-Based Policing (KSA 22-4610), or more commonly known as "profiling". Burlington PD has adapted and adopted the model for this policy that was prepared by the Kansas Attorney General's Office (KSAG), as have many other agencies across Kansas, which makes its application and wording similar, if not identical, throughout our great state. Our officers also participate in the required annual training and submit the required reports, which are published on the KSAG website. We encourage any person who feels they have been the subject of enforcement action based on "unreasonable use of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or religion" to exercise their rights, and may file a complaint with either the enforcing agency or the Kansas Attorney General's Office, both of which may legally investigate those complaints. And no, getting a ticket or earning a trip to jail for a law that YOU broke does not mean the officer was "profiling" you, even if it happens on a regular basis. If you earn or ask for our attention, you will get it. That's our job. More information is available on the KSAG website, https://www.ag.ks.gov/public-safety/racial-and-bias-based-policing.

Posting for a friend...

Police activity for Sept. 24-30 Sunday, Sept. 30 5:43 p.m., reckless driver. 1:29 p.m., assist EMS. 1:14 p.m., suspicious package. 11:41 a.m., fire at residence. 10:17 a.m., dog problem. 9:44 a.m., skunk problem. 12:45 a.m., suspicious person. 12:01 a.m., traffic stop. Saturday, Sept. 29 10:30 p.m., dog problem. 9:23 p.m., abandoned vehicle. 9:12 p.m., traffic stop. 8:55 p.m., traffic stop. 4:47 p.m., dog problem. 11:54 a.m., theft. 12:34 a.m., assist citizen. Friday, Sept. 28 11:45 p.m., juvenile problem. 5:10 p.m., theft. 4:01 p.m., assist EMS. 3:13 p.m., traffic stop. 8:39 a.m., traffic stop. 3:02 a.m., abandoned vehicle. 12:05 a.m., traffic stop. Thursday, Sept. 27 3:48 a.m., abandoned vehicle. Wednesday, Sept. 26 8:27 p.m., suspicious activity. 8:23 p.m., non-injury accident. 7:21 p.m., problem in jail. 6:58 p.m., arrest for theft. 6:38 p.m., traffic stop. 2:34 p.m., civil dispute. 2:19 p.m., assist motorist. 2:04 p.m., funeral escort. 1:04 p.m., assist EMS 11:20 a.m., search warrant. 8:08 a.m., traffic stop. 3:44 a.m., nuisance. Tuesday, Sept. 25 11:40 p.m., burglary. 9:56 p.m., traffic stop. 8:06 p.m., traffic stop. 5:29 p.m., reckless driver. 5:09 p.m., juvenile problem. 10:36 a.m., juvenile problem. 8:53 a.m., theft. 8:04 a.m., reckless driver. 6:34 a.m., assist other agency. 6:03 a.m., assist citizen. Monday, Sept. 24 10:42 p.m., assist other agency with suspicious activity. 8:06 p.m., assist citizen. 2:45 p.m., process service. 2:37 p.m., process service. 1:40 p.m., assist EMS. 10:20 a.m., dog problem. 10:17 a.m., welfare check. 7:44 a.m., 911 open line. 6:59 a.m., traffic stop.

If you smoke, (and we understand that it is a personal choice), please do everyone a favor and DO NOT dump your overflowing ash tray (that you just finished using) in a plastic trash can full of dry toilet paper in the middle of your house. 🤔....🙄 There is no such thing as an “accidental fire” if it’s started by poorly discarded cigarette butts and ashes. Consider this your weekend reminder in fire safety.

Eleven years and counting... Helping out the Coffey County Health Dept with one of the many drive-thru flu shot clinics of the year. Any ideas what Chief Jones is thinking right here?

Folks, if you want to leave your vehicle unlocked, that really is your choice and your business. But if your going to leave it unlocked, please don't leave something especially valuable in plain sight or even just in the console. Please, lock up or take inside those items of interest. especially firearms.