Wellsville Police Department

  • Agency: Wellsville Police Department
  • Address: 730 S. Main Street, Wellsville, 66092 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: (785) 883-2691
Fax: (785) 883-2907

Wellsville Police Department is located at 730 S. Main Street, Wellsville, 66092 KS. The Wellsville Police Department phone number is (785) 883-2691.

Wellsville Police Department News

UPDATE: The suspect is in custody. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155287575146436&id=82794411435

The Wellsville Police Department has once again partnered up with the Kansas City Royals “Cops are Topps” Baseball Card Program. This program was a great success with positive interaction between our officers and our youth within the community. So when you see us out and about don't hesitate to waive us now to ask for your baseball cards. We currently have cards for seasons 2017 and 2018.


There is nothing better then to be driving the neighborhoods and seeing so many happy children outside playing. It's nice to get a smile and wave from them.

Congratulations to the Wellsville Eagles, class of 2018 on your graduation from high school.

The water tower getting its new look. Should we tell him not to look down 🤢🤮



Thank you, to the Franklin County Emergency Communication Center, for their hard work and dedication!

Over the last several days we have recived messages on Facebook that we can't retreive. It appears that FB has gone to a new inbox system and these messages were lost. I am sorry we do not have the staff at this time to constantly monitor Facebook. If you have a call for service please call 785-883-2691. If you would like to send us an e-mail all the officers e-mail addresses are on the City of 'Wellsville page at: http://www.cityofwellsvilleks.org/police-department/our-officers/

A nearby resident received a letter from the "International Lottery". It appears that they are in Spain. As usual they want you to send money so you can claim your 35 million dollars. Dont fall for it. They will not send you 35 million dollars. They want you to call them and give them your information. This is for the purpose of taking money out of your account. Do not call them and if someone like this calls do not give them any information. This is a scam.


We will be going live shortly after child safety awareness program currently happening at Wellsville Elementary School stay tuned

Ofc. Foltz reading the Cat in the Hat to students at WES!

Several calls came in to our neighbors at Osage County we are sharing this good information as the scams continue. This morning we took several calls of a male calling persons saying "there is a problem with the Social Security Number." The caller further threatens if they do not call back he will freeze all their assets. I know it sounds scary - that is the purpose of many frauds today. To scare you to give them your identity, banking, and funds. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! The government and Police agencies, will never call and threaten you over the phone! NEVER! IF someone calls telling you a family member is in some kind of trouble, and needs your immediate financial assistance! Hang up and check with your relative first! There are numerous scams (below are just a few) IRS Scare Scams Bank error Scams Fraud Alert Scams Electronic Device has been hacked or needs repair. Grandparent scams. Blackmail scams. Lottery scams. Foreclosure. Arrest Warrant on a overdue bill. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? 1. Do not talk to them!!!! 2. Do not give them ANY INFORMATION! 3. Do not play games or get smart with them. If you do, they may put your phone number at the top of their harassment list! 4. HANG UP! 5. If scam is email or text message DO NOT OPEN IT or click on links!!!! DELETE IT!!!! 6. Do not call back!!! 7. If your able block their phone numbers. 8. DO NOT PANIC!!!! These scammers are overall sophisticated. Most are not in the U.S.A. so they can keep out of U.S. Law Enforcement. Their phone numbers may be forged OR are using some kind of untraceable phones system. Remember some will use a area code and phone prefix that appears local. These are spoofed numbers. SHARE THIS MESSAGE.

Child Safety Awareness Program WHEN: TIME: WHERE: WHO: The Wellsville Police Department will be hosting a "Child Safety Awareness Program" for USD 289 grade school students. The class is intended for both students and parents as a tool to help teach our children what to do in scary situations. The focus will be on vigilance, what to do, continued education/reiteration of safety. Students will then be given "one-on-one" guidance on techniques that can be used to deter a dangerous person. Parent(s) Name: Home Address: City, State, Zip: Home Phone: Email Address: Child's Name: Child's Age: Child's Name: Child's Age: Child's Name: Child's Age: Thursday, March 8, 2018 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Wellsville Elementary School USD 289 Elementary Students & Parents Children must be accompanied by an adult. Parent's will be required to sign a waiver at the event in order for children to participate in the one-on-one training. Please complete and return this pre-registration form to the WES office by March 7th. Contact Officer James Coughlin @ 785-418-8046 with questions.