Holton Police Department

  • Agency: Holton Police Department
  • Address: 301 W 4th St, Holton, 66436 KS
  • Chief: David Lanning (Chief of Police)
Phone: 785-364-2174

Holton Police Department is located at 301 W 4th St, Holton, 66436 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is David Lanning. The Holton Police Department phone number is 785-364-2174.

Holton Police Department News

FIRE REPORT for Jackson Co, Ks 09/24/2018: Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, cloudy through mid morning, then gradual clearing, with a high near 80. Light south wind increasing to 5 to 10 mph in the morning. THE RANGELAND FIRE DANGER INDEX WILL BE IN THE LOW CATEGORY THIS AFTERNOON. LOW FIRE DANGER MEANS...CONTROLLED BURNS CAN BE EXECUTED WITH REASONABLE SAFETY. CHECK WITH LOCAL AUTHORITIES TO ENSURE BURNING IS ALLOWED BEFORE STARTING A PLANNED BURN. We are allowing burning today, please call 785-364-3123 before starting a burn. Remember that your permits had to be renewed after Jan 1, 2018. If you don't have one you can get one at any fire dept in Jackson county prior to burning!!!!


They try to SCAM everyone!!! I have even had them call me here at the police dept. The best thing you can do is give them NO information and just hang up. If they continue to call advise them if they do not stop you will notify and Better Business Bureau or you local Law Enforcement. If it was the IRS they WOULDN"T be calling you on the phone. If you think it is a scam then hang up and call the office number to the business they say they are calling for and inquire if this is a scam or not! If it is a official call ask them to send you a letter on a official letterhead!

We are getting close to that time of year again for fireworks. Here is a reminder of the City Ordinance. SALES - Sale of fireworks shall be between the hours of 8am and 11pm beginning June 27th and ending July 5th. DISCHARGE - You can discharge fireworks from 8am until 11pm on June 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. July 4th you can discharge firework between 8am until midnight. There are fire limits within the city limits that you are prohibited to discharge fireworks in and map is posted also the use of Metal Sparklers and Chinese Lanterns are prohibited in Jackson County but if you have any question please call 785-364-2174. Also PLEASE be respectful to your neighbors and pets. THANK YOU!!!!!

Sheriff's office needs help Identifying the following subjects... https://www.jasoks.org/press-release-18-0621/

Holton Police Dept needs help Identifying the following subjects.... https://www.jasoks.org/press-release-18-0621-2/

As we get closer to mid summer and we are starting to receiving more calls of people leaving their kids and pets in the car and think when you are out on walks also. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS.....STOP AND THINK!!!!!!!!

REQUEST OF CITIZENS .........PLEASE LOCK YOUR PROPERTY UP AT NIGHT!!!!! We are experiencing more thefts of property from cars. The police can't be everywhere at one time so PLEASE help by being responsible for your own property and LOCK IT UP!!!!! If you hear or see anything suspicions at night report it. 785-364-2174

PLEASE don't leave you pets in the vehicle!!!!

With spring coming also comes the risk of high winds. If you have burnt even in the past several weeks PLEASE be responsible and go back and check your previous burns. When you have winds 20 MPH and higher it doesn't take much......just a small ember from a previous burn can rekindle and take off when unsupervised and cause extensive damage.

CITIZEN ADVISORY........We have been receiving a lot of reports over the last few weeks of stuff being stolen out of vehicles. PLEASE be sure to lock your vehicles, take any valuables and your keys out of your vehicles and be sure to lock any out building if you are able too. If you see anything that looks suspicious please report it. 785-364-2174

Some of these bills may be circulating locally. Please be advised that this stuff is not real and is completely worthless. Do not accept it.

I was looking at the forecast and seen it is suppose to turn off cold starting Friday with a chance of snow on Sunday with a low of 18 so this is your annual reminder. PLEASE if you have pets outside make sure they have a warm place to get into!!! If you are cold when you are outside then they will be cold. Remember they are God's creatures just like we are!!!

If you have a question about child restraints or need your booster seats check to assure they are install properly feel free to contact our child seat tech Sgt Swenson at the Holton Police Dept.

**********SCAM***************We have received several calls from people saying they have gotten a call from someone saying they are with the City of Holton and that they are behind on their electric bill and if they don't call a number given and arrange to pay in cash then their electric will be shut off in 45 min. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! Just hang up on them. If you are at any risk of having your electric shut off you will be either called or have a letter of disconnect sent to you. There are so many scams going on and if you question the phone call you are receiving just tell them to mail you a letter in reference to the problem and then you will address it if need be. If you have any questions you can contact City Hall at 785-364-2127 or the Police Dept 785-364-2174

Salesman in Holton - We have had several calls about a Dish Network salesman going door to door around Holton. They have been checked out and do have a peddlers permit to do this. If you have any further questions please feel free to call the Police Dept or City Hall. Thank you

Officer Osborn and Sgt Swenson directing traffic yesterday afternoon at Banner & 75 on a hot humid day with the heat index over 100 with all there protective gear on and sweat running off them but still kept a smile on there faces. Thank you again for all the people that stopped and offered a cool drink for these guys and Thank you to Mike Clancy for taking these pictures which are awesome as always!!!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!! Thank you to all the people that stop and gave us water and Gatorade while we were directing traffic at Banner and 75 yesterday afternoon for 3 hrs. It was appreciated more then you know. THANK YOU!!!

We always have people ask how we determine if it is a good day to burn or not. We check the Rangeland Fire Danger Forecast every morning and then again at least twice during the day @ http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=TOP&product=RFD&issuedby=TOP Then you can put in your zip code in the upper left hand corner of this page for your local forecast. The acceptable index and sustain wind speeds are listed below as they also are on your burn permits. No....if the winds are low in the mornings and picking up in the afternoon to a no burn status we will NOT allow burns that can not be extinguished quickly and easily. Occasionally it is necessary for the Fire Chiefs to make the decision on burning or NOT burning depending on various situations. Please be respectful of our decision to keep you, your neighbors, the public and our firemen safe. Remember you needed to renew your permits in 2016 so if you didn't please stop by any fire dept in Jackson Co and pick one up. If you have any questions please feel free to call 785-364-3123.