Gardner Police Department

  • Agency: Gardner Police Department
  • Address: 440 E. Main Street, Gardner, 66030 KS
  • Chief: Kenneth Francis (Director)

Gardner Police Department is located at 440 E. Main Street, Gardner, 66030 KS. The Director of the department is Kenneth Francis. The Gardner Police Department phone number is 913-856-7312.

Gardner Police Department News

Since there is a chance of rain this week here is this weeks updated picture. The areas with yellow on them are the next areas to be poured. @GardnerKSPolice

Fall sports are in full swing at Celebration Park. The Gardner Police Department will be enforcing the No Parking along the main road through the park. Currently there are two different no parking signs in place. We have included pictures of those signs. We have also included an aerial picture showing the main road that is marked as no parking. That road is highlighted in yellow on the picture. No Parking will be enforced along that road. You may stop and drop people off or pick people up along this road but you will have to park in one of the parking lots in the park. This area also includes the grass area next to the road. Officers will be issuing tickets to vehicles that are parked in the No Parking area. No Parking tickets are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. @GardnerKSPolice

Update from the construction site. The first pour on the slab for the new Gardner Justice Center started today. @GardnerKSPolice

Progress is being made at the construction site. Prep work is well underway and pouring of the slab should start in a few days. We have also included a second image from a little different part of the site. You can now see the outline of driveways and parking lots taking shape. The curb cut for the entrance off Moonlight has also been done. Everything is still on schedule at this time. @GardnerKSPolice

Work on the Gardner Justice Center is back in full swing this week after a little rain delay. Footings are getting close to being done. The next big step will be poring the slab, that is scheduled for next week. @GardnerKSPolice

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Please remember the five-step process that can save a life. #BeThe1To @GardnerKSPolice

On Wednesday September 5th, 2018 the Gardner Police Department hosted a large Police K9 training at the Gardner Aquatic Center and the Johnson County Fairgrounds. We would like to thank the following sponsors who made it possible for this training to occur. Gardner Parks and Recreation Johnson County Fair Marvins Tow Service, Inc. Blazers Restaurant Without the support of these sponsors this training would not have been possible. There were 17 dogs and handlers from the following agencies in attendance. Gardner Police Department Lenexa Police Department Olathe Police Department Roeland Park Police Department Osawatomie Police Department Spring Hill Kansas Police Department Leawood Police Dept Doniphan County Sheriff's Dept. Shawnee Police Department Kansas City Kansas Police Department - KCKPD Bonner Springs Police Department Johnson County, KS Sheriff's Office This training included water training, and several other scenario based training situations. Gardner Parks and Recreation allowed us to use the pool after it was closed for the season and before they drained it for the year. Here are a few pictures of the training. @GardnerKSPolice

A BELATED THANK YOU!!! Our thanks go out to the citizens of Gardner and the surrounding communities for the outpouring of support we received during Back-To-School week with our School Supply Drive at Walmart. Gardner PD and Johnson County Sheriffs Office personnel worked out in front of the Gardner Walmart between 10 am and 2 pm on the Friday before the start of classes. During that time we collected nearly 10 shopping carts full of school supplies for the students at Edgerton Elementary School. This past Monday we delivered those supplies to the school at lunch time. We hope to expand our efforts next year at this time and provide some supplies for all of the elementary schools in our school district. Our thanks to Walmart for being such a great supporter of the community.

A very distinctive pair of prescription sun glasses in a case were found on the road in the area Big O Tire the day after the fire. If you believe these glasses belong to you please come to the Gardner Police Department and describe the glasses and the case and we will return them to you. We will not post any further description of the glasses, they are distinctive enough and prescription so the owner will know they are missing them. @GardnerKSPolice To clarify for the benefit of the owner of these glasses. They were found the next day on the side of the street near the business. We actually thought they belonged to someone with the fire department but none of them claimed them. They have absolutely nothing to do with the fire investigation. Whoever purchased them spent some money as they are prescription glasses. The owner will know what they look like and what brand they are. If no one comes to claim them we will dispose of them, not an issue. We only wanted to give the owner a chance to come pick them up instead of paying for a new set.

Progress continues on footings and initial plumbing for the Gardner Justice Center. This week we included a second picture that shows work on 167th by Evergreen. This is where some utilities had to be run under 167th. The rain lately has not caused any delays. @GardnerKSPolice

Are you looking for a rewarding part time job and have some time in the morning and afternoon? Like working with young people? The Crossing Guard Company ACMS is looking for you. Crossing guards for Gardner and other areas are needed right now. If you are interested, please call the number below and get started working as a crossing guard.

Assistance Requested: During the late evening hours of Tuesday August 21st several auto burglaries were committed in the Parma Way subdivision. We have recovered admittedly stolen property from several of these vehicles, but have been unable to identify the victims of these crimes. If you are missing property or found your vehicle appeared to have been gone through when you returned to it on Wednesday morning August 22nd, please contact the police department at 913-856-7312 so that an officer can respond to your residence to take a report. Thank you @GardnerKSPolice

Work on footings and water lines has begun at the Gardner Justice Center. Most of the work is centered around the building itself now so this weeks 360 Panoramic is centered over the building and a little lower than the others. @GardnerKSPolice

Friday Officer Cameron McLain graduated from the JCCC Police Academy after 17 weeks of training. The Gardner Police Department is proud to have Officer McLain as a member of our family. Please join us in congratulating Officer McLain. @GardnerKSPolice

Thank You to the donor of the 5 free pizzas tonight from Pizza Hut for our Evening and Midnight shift Officers! #CopsLikePizzaToo #ItsNotALLAboutTheDonuts We love serving this community and the so many that serve us in return.

Not much new to see this week on the construction site for the new Justice Center. They are working on bringing some water lines into the site and should be starting work on the footings soon. We will keep posting updated photos as we get them. @GardnerKSPolice

The construction of the new Gardner Justice Center is well underway. We will try to post a new 360 Panoramic photo of the build site once a week or so. Currently there is mostly ground work being done. You will see the outline of the building in the photo. We are told that is done to assist with placement of the footings. Footings and utilities will be the next major advancement and should start in the next week or so. Proper permissions were and are received anytime we use a drone. The Gardner Police Department does not currently have a drone. These photos are supplied to us by a citizen who obtains proper authorization before flying. We will continue to supply updated photos as they are provided to us. This photo was taken 08/01/2018. @GardnerKSPolice

Please help the Spring Hill Police Department if you can as they try to identify a suspect.

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!!! To the anonymous donor(s) of the cases of water that keep appearing on the back steps of our police station - THANK YOU! Especially in this dangerous heat and humidity, the officers are going through water like its........water!! We all really do appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Happy 4th of July from the men and women of the Gardner Police Department! Let freedom ring and please celebrate responsibly. #HappyBirthdayAmerica #Freedom #1776

The Gardner Police Department would like to advise the public who are planning on attending the event at Celebration park tomorrow of a few things. Parking is limited to a few parking lots and usually fills up between 8:30 pm and 8:45 pm at the latest, sometimes even a little earlier. Once the designated parking lots are full we will be closing Kill Creek between 167th and 159th street. 159th St will also be closed from Waverly to Four Corners at that time. If you live in one of the residential areas that are accessed from Kill Creek and you are having friends over we suggest they arrive early. Once we close Kill Creek only residents of those housing areas will be allowed to pass. There will be no parking allowed on Kill Creek from 167th to 159th and on 159th from Kill Creek to Four Corners. This is due to these roads being exit routes when the event is finished. We also have to keep them clear for emergency vehicles if needed. We are usually able to get everyone out of the event within 30 minutes of the fireworks finishing. If you have someone you need to pick up after the event you will have to wait until the traffic leaving has cleared. There will be shuttle's running back and fourth between the High School parking lot and Celebration Park. If you arrive after the parking lots are full you will need to go to the High School and catch a shuttle. Shuttle buses will have priority at controlled intersections to keep them flowing regularly. At the conclusion of the event all traffic from Celebration Park will exit onto 159th and be directed to Four Corners Road. You may then go north or south on Four Corners Road (South takes you back toward Gardner). All traffic from the north parking lot of Pioneer Ridge Middle School will be directed north on Kill Creek and then east on 159th. Stay on 159th to Gardner Road then south back to Gardner. All traffic from the south parking lot and grass field of Pioneer Ridge Middle School will be directed south on Kill Creek then east on 167th. Occasionally all traffic from Celebration Park and the north lot of Pioneer Ridge Middle School is cleared before the south and grass lot. If that happens we may send some traffic from the south lot and grass lot north on Kill Creek to 159th. Please be prepared for delays during this time. Traffic flow is usually back to normal within 30 minutes of the firework display ending. Enjoy the event. @GardnerKSPolice