Westwood Police Department

  • Agency: Westwood Police Department
  • Address: 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS
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Phone: (913) 362-3737

Westwood Police Department is located at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS. The Westwood Police Department phone number is (913) 362-3737.

Westwood Police Department News

It was a great turnout at the neighborhood picnic today. Thank you all for coming out. We had officers from Kansas City Kansas PD, Fairway PD and Roland Park PD join us. The kids enjoyed the Bounce House, Balloon artist, and the Johnson County NAACP served old fashioned snow cones of multiple flavors. We all enjoyed hot dogs, burgers, chips, cookies and fellowship. So glad to see all of you.

Public Safety Neighborhood Picnic Come on out and grab a burger or hotdog with us tomorrow. Saturday September 22nd, 2018 - From: 11:30am to 2:00pm The parking lot of Retail Grocers Association - 2809 W 47th St, Westwood, KS (Just east of Wal-Mart on 47th Street) The Westwood Police Department alongside the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department will be flipping burgers and hotdogs. The Johnson County and KCK NAACP will have a table there. We plan on having a bounce house for the littlest ones and we’ll provide some music Nothing fancy; burgers, hotdogs, water, some good music and conversation We all want to get to know our neighbors better. Hope to see you!

Westwood View had their carnival Friday and WWPD got invited. Several of our officers had a chance to attend. Our newest officer, Ofc. Taylor, had the chance to meet and greet some of the WWV students and parents for the first time. We always enjoy interacting with our students, parents and staff at WWV!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Senator Jerry Moran were in Kansas today talking to law enforcement leaders about various crime fighting initiatives. It was nice to hear that some initiatives in the Metro are known about at the highest level of government.

WWV – 3rd Grade Annual Visit to City Hall One of our favorite days of the year is when our 3rd graders from WWV come and visit City Hall. The Mayor, Councilman Hannaman, City Admin staff, Public Works staff, CFD 2 and members of WWPD were all there to greet and interact with the students. They learn about how their local government works and what services they provide. One of the highlights is they get to participate in a mock Council meeting. It’s always a blast visiting with them, hearing what’s on their mind and getting their perspective on any number of topics. We had great weather and a great day all around! Oh and they got to meet our police dog…Bentley the wonder pup.

Just be aware With an abundance of caution, we wanted to make all of our community aware of the following. On Monday late afternoon two children playing outside observed a red 4 door pickup truck, maybe a GMC or Dodge, drive slowly by them near 47th Terr. around 4 to 5pm. The truck pulled into a driveway, the driver looked at them and then drove off. The driver was a white male, balding with a beard. There was no conversation or attempted contact by the driver. The next day one of the children reported to his teacher that he saw a red truck drive by at recess. It is unknown whether it was related to the first incident. A teacher was present and did not perceive a threat from that truck. We have engaged Principal Keith and Shawnee Mission School District Police to coordinate our efforts. We are increasing our presence around the school to promote student safety. While no elements of a crime have been established, it’s a good reminder of basic stranger danger skills. Please discuss with your children the following: don’t talk to strangers ● don’t accept rides from strangers ● don’t approach a stranger’s car if they want to talk to you ● say “NO” and run away ● and just like these children did, always tell an adult. Having this important conversation with your children is the best place to start. As always, if you see something suspicious call 911 or 913-782-0720. Keep looking out for one another.

If a tree never falls…it can still be part of making a noise One of our neighbors, Beth, was out for a walk and noticed that a tree she had passed for years in Joe Dennis Park, had a growing crack in what turned out to be a 24” limb. The limb was facing the northeast corner of WWV school. Public Works sprang into action. We coordinated with Principal Keith and she took the precaution to move the students from the classrooms closest to the tree into the library. Barricades were used to cordon off the impacted area. A tree service got there quickly. They used a bucket truck, ropes, and chainsaws to efficiently remove any danger. School pick up was only minimally impacted. Great coordinated effort by all involved. Beth wasn’t done there either. She also reported a hole in 49th Street that appeared to be growing. Turned out to be a sewer pipe under the street was in need of repair. Jo Co Waste Water is working on that. Both of these situations could’ve gotten worse with the impending rain. Nice job Beth. If you see something…say something… worked well in these situations. Keep looking out for one another.

Good Old Fashion Honesty A woman accidentally drops her wallet with cash, credit cards, ID…in a parking lot. The wallet sits in the lot overnight. A gentleman, who works in construction nearby, pulls up for work the next day, sees the wallet and turns it over to us. We re-unite the woman with her wallet completely intact. Ok maybe not earthshattering. Just a nice reminder of how many good people out there, do good things every day. Keep looking out for one another.

Generosity and Compassion For decades, police officers have quietly reached into their own pockets and pulled out a little cash to help someone they came in contact with. The other night, Ofc. Ruth Peter came in contact a woman on hard times. She was just kind of wandering and approached Ofc. Peter for help. She wasn’t a threat to herself or others. She didn’t want to go to a shelter. Didn’t want to ask any friends for help and didn’t want any kind of official government help. She was just kind of worn out. She wanted a little conversation and then just to sit at a restaurant, eat a hot meal and think about what she was going to do next. The woman had a $1.50 with her. Ofc. Peter visited with her, drove her to an open restaurant and gave her $20 for a meal…or two. While we know these acts of compassion and generosity by police officers happen all over the country every day. We never tire of sharing them. It’s that balance that I admire in so many police officers. The ability to be so many things in different situations. To step between 2 people in a dispute, to make a traffic stop with unknown occupants, to investigate and solve a crime or offer a moment of human compassion in the middle of the night when no one is watching….

Save the Date and come on out "Neighborhood Picnic" - Saturday September 22nd, 2018 From: 11:30am to 2:00pm Where: parking lot of Retail Grocers Association - 2809 W 47th St, Westwood, KS (Just east of Wal-Mart on 47th Street) The Westwood Police Department alongside the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department will be flipping burgers and hotdogs. The Johnson County NAACP will have a table there as well. We plan on having a bounce house for the littlest ones and we’ll provide some music Nothing fancy; burgers, hotdogs, water, some good music and conversation. We all want to get to know our neighbors better. We’d like to thank the Retail Grocers Association and Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocery for their donation of space and food to help put this event on.

Area Agency on Aging – Senior Adult Services While at a law enforcement meeting we had a short presentation on all the services that are available to Seniors in Johnson County. If you go to http://jocogov.org/dept/human-services/home you’ll see many of the services offered. You can always call 913-715-8861 for more information. Just one example is the Senior Nutrition Centers located at 8101 Marty St and one at 5701 Merriam Dr. You’ll have to call or go online to get more details, but it could be a great resource for you or someone you know. It’s just one more way to keep looking out for one another.

Unfortunately domestic violence does happen. When it does we have to investigate it thoroughly and take care of all of our legal obligations. However, it is equally important that we find ways to offer support and compassion for the victims. Officer Ruth Peter had contact with two victims of domestic violence recently. One was a case in our jurisdiction, but the other was a victim from Kansas City Kansas who was just walking and sought help from Ofc. Peter. In both cases, the victims were made aware of SAFEHOME a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering support, counseling and even housing for victims of domestic violence. Then SAFEHOME turned around and sent Ofc. Peter a thank you note for her service to the victims...

Cars and Thefts Like other area agencies we had two cars entered last night and 1 stolen on the west side of our city. We’re working with area agencies to solve these cases. We hate it whenever any of our citizens are victimized. It’s not right that people would steal your property… ever! Right now it looks vehicles being left unlocked probably played a role. Please remember, these kind of events take place in under 2 minutes. If we can all double check that we lock those doors it will help all of us keep our neck of the woods safer. Thanks and keep looking out for one another.

We got pretty lucky.... a few days ago we got to meet Benny. He and his Mom stopped in with homemade cookies for us. They wanted to thank the officers for their service....very kind of them. We made a new friend and the cookies were gone in a flash.

Here’s some inspiration for your weekend. On April 30th of 2017 we responded to a report of a heart attack. Upon arrival Ofc. Bishop found Austin doing CPR on his father, Dale. Ofc. Bishop took over CPR. Fire, Med Act, Doctors and Nurses all joined in various stages of the efforts to save Dale. Everyone involved played a critical role in helping Dale recover. Ultimately, the person most responsible for fighting through this ordeal was Dale. Several weeks ago, on his 65th birthday, Dale completed a 65 mile bicycle ride. “C’mon man”, how cool is that. Good reminder of how important it is to know CPR… and flat out inspirational what Dale has achieved.

Fun to see everyone at the first day of school! People using the crosswalks... And we tried to keep a watchful eye.

Our students start school tomorrow, Friday 08/10/18, let's be extra careful when driving. Public Works has repainted the crosswalk at 50th and Belinder. We've had a our big flashing sign out reminding everyone about the school year starting. Here's some signs we all have to pay special attention to! Wishing everyone a great new school year!

A certain WWPD Sergeant may have allegedly had a big birthday and family, friends and the Mayor stopped by to help celebrate and eat a very special cake.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been blessed with treats and notes from some of the smaller members of our community. It is so touching to see these boys and girls come in and thank the officers for their service with signs, letters and great treats. Thanks for thinking of us. We are blessed to work in a community where people take such good care of us.

One of our neighbors from WH needed some help from WWPD the other day. During her contact with Ofc. Burke they talked about the history of Cops and Donuts. She couldn't think of a better way to say thanks then bringing by some donuts…

4th of July Celebrations!!! Not really sure what happened Wednesday morning, but every time Ofc. Bishop showed up in a neighborhood on his motorcycle a group of young people (and young at heart) would band together and chase him… Eventually he commandeered a vehicle, but we told him he had to give it back. To show there were no hard feelings he traded helmets. It was our honor to lead parades yesterday morning in WH and MW…Thank you to Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods for celebrating the birth of our nation in such great ways. Heck, you all do it so well it takes 2 days. Thanks for including us!

Another great fireworks display! So happy to see so many folks out there celebrating America's birthday.

Fireworks and Stuff: With the 4th coming up and our joint NE fireworks display on the 3rd here are some good reminders: It’s illegal for individuals to possess or discharge fireworks in WW, WH and MW. The ordinances in all three cities allow for various fines and confiscation of those fireworks. Please be mindful of the safety and wellbeing of your family, surrounding neighbors and pets… don’t discharge fireworks. We don’t want to be that unwelcome guest at anyone’s celebration… Regarding the NE fireworks display on July 3rd…it’s one of the best in the area and if you haven’t seen it come on out. Just remember parking is at premium so it would be a great opportunity to walk up to the area of St. Agnes. We’ll have road closures on Mission Rd. from 50th to 53rd starting at 8pm. The display starts at 9:30pm or after dark. If you have a moment let’s remember all those who sacrificed to start this country and those who have fought and defended it over the years. Wishing you a happy and safe 4th.

Made a new friend Mom had a small matter she had to take care of at the PD. Never missing an opportunity to make a new friend Officer Bishop had a few minutes to show her son around and "play" on the motorcycle.

Watch Out for KCP&L “Bill Collector” One of our local businesses got a call about being behind on their bill with KCP&L and demanding payment or risk having the electricity turned off immediately. Like most businesses they couldn’t afford to lose power so they started the process of gathering up the payment. One of the things that convinced them it might be legit is when they called the number back, there was a recording that had an automated menu as if they were KCP&L. You had a chose a number for the corresponding service you needed. If your instinct tells you it suspicious, than it probably is. The company in this case gave us a call to get our opinion. As we looked into this we found that this scam was particularly prevalent today; as there have been a number of incidents from around the metro area. The victim was asked to drop money off at a location. That doesn’t ever happen...KCP&L does not do business this way. If you or your business was behind on payments you would have received a letter well before any kind of a call. We’re here to help… give us a call if you want to run something by us. Keep looking out for one another.