Marshall County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Marshall County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 107 South 13th Street, Marysville, 66508 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-562-3141
Fax: 785-562-2743

Marshall County Sheriff's Office is located at 107 South 13th Street, Marysville, 66508 KS. The Marshall County Sheriff's Office phone number is 785-562-3141.

Marshall County Sheriff's Office News

These keys were found at Lions Park in Marysville. They were brought in yesterday. The owner of these items can claim them at the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at 107 S. 13th St. Contact us at (785) 562-3141 with any questions.

“Weststar” energy scam. Reports have been that somebody from Weststar calls and states that they are going to shut your power off within an hour. They ask to put you on hold and they will have someone get with you to “fix” it. Don’t fall for this in another line of scams out there

The current events in Florida have triggered copy cat behavior all over the country. We are no exception in Marshall County. 3 of our schools have found messages with threatening content towards students and or staff. This behavior is unacceptable and all students need to know the consequences. If found guilty in the court of law they can be sentenced to a minimum of 31 months in prison. They need to know and understand this. All for thinking it’s a joke. Please pass this on to all students. Thanks for your help. Sheriff Hargrave

Phone scams and text messages : The phone scams continue to increase in our area on a daily basis . A suggestion to help alleviate this problem is to simply DO NOT answer your phone by voice or text if the number calling or texting you is not in your contacts. If you receiving calls from a landline phone and you do not have caller ID, and you do not recognize the number , do not answer it period. The person calling will leave a message if they want to talk to you. I suggest that if you do not have caller ID on your landline, please get it. It is not that expensive , and will be money well spent with the amount of phone scams that are currently out there. We have patrons losing hundreds and thousands of dollars every year, falling for the scams. And they simply are very annoying to deal with the people on the other end of the line anyway, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it, so simply don’t answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number. If you are using a cell phone primarily I would offer that you can come to the Sheriffs office and we can help you put your important numbers in your phone for you. Gather your numbers [ family , friends , doctors , banks , insurance companies , etc… ] anybody that you would customarily want to receive calls from and bring them in and we can help you put those numbers in your contacts so that they show up when that person calls. Please just be vigilant when dealing with these type of calls and stand your ground. Thank you Sheriff Hargrave

Joint training exercise in Axtell Kansas last night. 7-13-16

Numerous phone calls have been coming in regards to the IRS scam . This scam is nothing new, and just keep in mind that the IRS DOES NOT contact anyone by phone . All their correspondence is done by mail , unless you contact them. One of the phone numbers that is being used by these scammers is 202-697-9369 . So if you have caller ID and see this , don’t even answer it . You shouldn’t be answering any phone calls anyway from numbers you do not recognize. As I have said in the past, deal with people you know and you can trust . stay local as much a possible . Thank you, Sheriff Hargrave

Thanks to Washington County Sheriff Justin Cordry for this suggestion for a safe place for people to do business. I have also had several constituents in the county that saw this being done elsewhere and thought we should try it. Effective August 1,2015 , the Marshall County Sheriffs Office will be glad to provide a safe place for people to meet individuals that they are doing business with that they might not know [ example: internet or telephone sales , etc,, ] . They can meet at the dispatch window at the Sheriffs Office at 107 S. 13th in Marysville, KS. This office is open 24 hrs a day , well lighted , video surveillance, and someone will be available upon request at the window if needed. Thank you, Sheriff Dan Hargrave

Scam Alert!!!!!!!!!!! Please beware that a number that has the Frankfort prefix has been calling asking individuals to donate to the Kansas Sheriff's Association. The number begins with 785-292-9111. DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO THIS NUMBER!

IRS scams are prevalent this time of year. In the last 3 weeks alone the Sheriffs Office has had numerous calls in regards to peoples pertinent information being used for scammers , that then attempt to file fraudulent tax returns . Please be vigilant with your personal information that is given out , especially by phone. We also have had citizens call about phone calls from the IRS about their tax returns. The IRS does not do business like that over the phone, they send you correspondence via mail. We continue to ask citizens to do business with people that you know and you can trust. Do not obligate your money over the phone . Be safe !!!

A couple of scam reports came in this last week . One was in regards to a man calling an elderly lady and advising that it was her grandson and needed bond money to get out of jail. She didn't fall for it thankfully. And then a report from Walmart that an elderly couple were getting ready to send a considerable amount of money by wire to a scam. Thanks to Walmart for being aware of the situation. We ask that you all be vigilant when receiving these type of phone calls and simply hang up and report it Law Enforcement...Thanks Sheriff Hargrave