Seneca Police Department

  • Agency: Seneca Police Department
  • Address: 212 N 6th St, Seneca, 66538 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-336-2141
Fax: 785-336-2788

Seneca Police Department is located at 212 N 6th St, Seneca, 66538 KS. The Seneca Police Department phone number is 785-336-2141.

Seneca Police Department News

The Seneca Police Department will be at the Nemaha Central Schools today, training with the staff on their work day. Please be aware that we will be doing drills and you may hear simulated gun fire. This is a controlled environment. Thank you.

UPDATE: Vehicle that was reported stolen has been located and it has been determined that the report was unfounded. Vehicle was not stolen and it was a misunderstanding. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We have received a report of a stolen vehicle this evening. There are many officers are deputies out in the area this evening working on this case. Please make sure your vehicles are locked and call 336-2141 if you see anyone suspicious in your area. We will update you as soon as we have any more information. Thank you - Chief Weaver

Come join us at the Seneca City Park today from 11-3 for Community day. There are games,food, face painting, magician and much more fun stuff going on.

This dog was running around the nemaha central elementary school. If you are or know the owner please contact the Seneca PD at 336-2141. Thank you

Seneca Police Department was honored to have received a state-of the art, vehicle-mounted speed radar unit on September 12. The radar unit was presented by Jennifer Haugh with AAA Kansas and Robert Hamilton with KDOT. AAA Kansas' donation of the equipment was made possible through a grant from the AAA Kansas Safety Fund. Thank you AAA Kansas for your continued support!

SRO Helm isn't ready for summer to be over yet either, kids. Have a great first day of school at Nemaha Central and make sure you say hello in the halls today!

Lane Beck has officially graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center's 251st graduating class along with 53 other newly hired Kansas officers. Chief Weaver, and a few other Seneca officers were there to congratulate Lane after the ceremony. Make sure you stop and say hello when you see Officer Beck on duty starting next week!

As many in the community have heard, Seneca Police Department has hired an SRO to have a presence in the schools in Seneca. Last week Todd Helm attended this class at KLETC and is ready to start the new school year!

It's a beautiful day for the 32nd Annual Seneca Car Show! Stop on by and see us and all the beautiful cars, trucks and tractors. While you're here, grab some lunch paired with a root beer float or a snow cone!

This dog was found in the area of Ray's Applemarket if you are the owner or know the owner please contact the Seneca PD at 336 2141

Today Seneca PD had the privelage to escort these fine individuals into town. They are runnig across the country for a good cause so we did what we could to help out.below is a little description on about what they are doing and a link if you want to check them out. Team Baltimore is a team of 19 runners who are traveling via foot from San Francisco to Baltimore while working with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. 4K for Cancer is a 49 day 4,000 mile journey to raise awareness for young adults with cancer. Today they traveled from Fairbury, NE to Seneca, KS to mark their 26th day of their journey.

*****MEDIA RELEASE***** Today at around 9:00 A.M. Seneca P.D. was called to a disturbance on Main St. When they arrived they found 4 masked individuals trying to enter businesses. When confronted all 4 tried to flee the scene. The suspects put up a fight while being detained. All four were detained by Seneca P.D. and help from some great citizens. All four suspects were charged with disorderly conduct and were ordered out of the city limits and released on and O.R. bond with a condition to never return to Seneca. I would like to thank The Courier Tribune for the picture.

Prayers for the Families of the Deputies and the Wyandotte Co. Sheriff's office.

We were made aware of some individuals receiving calls from the IRS. Remember not to give out any personal information to anyone. Below is a link from the IRS website to help. Please speak to your elderly family members and friends so noone gets taken advantage of by these scams.

Officer Warren DuPont signed off on his final shift yesterday after 19 years with the Seneca Police Department and will be greatly missed. Please join us today from 3-5pm at City Hall to celebrate his retirement!

After giving 19+ years of service to the Seneca Police Dept. today will be Warren DuPont's last shift. Warren will be retiring after today. There will be formal party tomorrow at the Council room at City hall tomorrow from 3-5. But if you see him around today feel free to go up and thank him.

There was a little girl's bike found at the city park if you know if someone is miss their bike please contact the Seneca Police Dept. so we can get it returned.

Beginning April 20th thru April 22nd, Seneca Police Dept. will join other Law Enforcement agencies in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma to stop what has been an increasing epidemic for the past several years. In an effort to change this trend, law enforcement across the six-state area will be extra-vigilant when patrolling around city, state and federal highways. Our injury and deaths continue to increase from both alcohol and drugged impaired drivers. Regardless whether a drug is legal or illegal it’s a serious crime to drive while impaired by any drug. We can no longer share our roadways with these drugged impaired drivers. Impaired driving is not a victimless crime. All available Drug Recognition Expert and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driver Enforcement officers will be out in force in an effort to remove this danger. Officers will issue citations to any individual who refuses to obey the traffic laws, whether it is for driving while impaired, for speeding, texting, or failing to buckle up. If a suspected violator refuses to submit to a blood test, a search warrant can be obtained for that individual’s blood. Why 4/20 as a date to draw attention to drugged driving epidemic, simple it’s the day where people on 4/20 at 4:20 PM light up their drugs as a celebration. JAMA (Journal of American Medicine Association) has found a 12 % increase in the relative risk of a fatal crash compared to identical time intervals on control days.

Dog found.just north of town if you are or know the owner contact the Seneca Police Dept at 336 2141

Yesterday I received a call about a scam. The scammers were telling them that their grandson was in jail and they needed money for bail. Please be aware these happen daily and speak with your parents and grandparents about these scams. We have pamphlets for them to read in the lobby hear at the Nemaha Sheriff's office also where our offices are located.

I received this in the mail today.I would like to thank the students of Nemaha Central Elementary & Middle School for their kind words and Thank You's. It means al ot to all the Officers and Deputies to hear your words of apprectiation.