Minneapolis Police Department

  • Agency: Minneapolis Police Department
  • Address: 209 N Sheridan St, Minneapolis, 67467 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-392-3062

Minneapolis Police Department is located at 209 N Sheridan St, Minneapolis, 67467 KS. The Minneapolis Police Department phone number is 785-392-3062.

Minneapolis Police Department News

Yesterday evening a purse/bag, was found in the city park. If you lost one or knows someone who did please call the Police Department at 785-392-3062.

Just a reminder that Minneapolis City Code 7-312 states that there are not to be any fireworks discharged before July 3rd at 6:00 PM. http://www.minneapolisks.citycode.net/index.html#!articleFirePrevention

On the night of May 6th a bicycle was found on Mill St near the bridge. If you have lost a bicycle please contact the Minneapolis Police Department at 785-392-3062 ask for one of the officers and describe your bike to see if it is the one we have.

At approximately 7:30 this evening a cell phone was found on the road near Dollar General. If you have lost a cell phone in that area please call the Minneapolis Police Department. 785-392-3062

A youth bicycle was found in the park on the North side, around 2:00 AM this morning. If you or someone you know is missing a youth bicycle, please contact the Minneapolis Police Department at 785-392-3062.

There was a Mongoose bike found in the 200 block of Mill. If it belongs to you come by the PD.

There is a black cocker spaniel missing from Delia Street. Please call if you see it

Better picture of the dog that was located tonight. Home has been found for the dog thanks for all the help.

If anyone knows the owner contact the police department

Dog missing from SRL. It's new to SRL and scared. Name is Bubbles. Please keep an eye out. Thank you

There is a Blue Heeler loose in the area of Rothsay and 9th st that we can't catch. We'd like to know who the owner is so we can make sure he gets home. Thank you.

There's a tiny white dog that is lost and scared last seen near the high school. He was recently adopted and so he doesn't know where his home is. If you see him please call so we can get him back home

This dog ran off last night from the fireworks. Please be on the lookout and let us know if you see it so we can get it home. Thank you.

Never know what you get called to. Thank you to the guy driving by who helped push this out of the road till it could be picked up. I didn't get his name.

Please keep an eye out for this sign. It was stolen recently

5/27/16 this dog was found in the 900 block of north Rock st. Please claim

5/24/16 found at farmway. Please claim

5/23/16. This was found in the dollar general parking lot today.

5/17/16 This dog was picked up in the City of Tescott near the Bank of Tescott. If this is your dog please contact the Tescott city offices to arrange for release.

5/17/16: *****Found property***** Minneapolis hooded sweatshirt was found on 1st street (k106) at Sheridan in front of Caseys.

****Please help find this dog**** 5/12/16: Minneapolis resident's Basset Hound named Rufus has been missing since this morning. May answer to Flash as that was his previous name. Last seen in about the 800 block of N. Sheridan dragging behind the cable he was tied to. The dog is new to the community and likely doesn't know where home is. The police department and the owners have been searching for about 4 hours without any luck. It's suspected his cable could be caught on something. Please check your back yards and if located notify the county dispatch at 785-392-2157 so they can radio an officer. Thank you.

5/10/16 dog found in 500 block of north Sheridan

Reminder to get your 2016 pet tags. Tickets go out automatically around April 20 and will be the cost of the tag and $96 court costs. We'd like to avoid this if possible.