Saint Marys Police Department

  • Agency: Saint Marys Police Department
  • Address: 200 S 7th St, Saint Marys, 66536 KS
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Phone: (785) 437-2311
Fax: 785-437-2354

Saint Marys Police Department is located at 200 S 7th St, Saint Marys, 66536 KS. The Saint Marys Police Department phone number is (785) 437-2311.

Saint Marys Police Department News

The Torch Run will be coming thru between 815 and 830. It will be ran between Froggys and 9th Street. It will then be taken over to Wamego where it will continue it's journey westbound thru the county.

So much talent!!! Dancing, jokes, piano, singing!!! You name it! Its the St. Marys Grade School Talent Show!

Information from City Hall which was provided to clear up some concerns and questions.

120th Graduating Class of St. Marys High School.

Help to Identify This Person. Involved in a car theft in St. Marys on 05/17/2018 White Male. Appx late 20's in age. Short brown hair and a thin beard. Black Chicago Bulls Jersey which buttons in the front. Bulls is written in red cursive lettering on the front Bulls mascot located on the left side of the jersey #66 is emblazoned on the back He was dropped off by a dark in color 4-door sedan Possibly a mid 90s Ford Contour or Taurus.

Field Day for St. Mary's Grade School. Teachers vs 6th Grade

A few weeks a go we had stumbled across a senior project that was being done at the St. Mary's High School. This project was a series of videos produced by Dave H. and Peter T. It was a satirical series called "Bad Bears". We thought it was an entertaining series and reached out to the 2 remaining stars. During these conversations a script was drafted and a series finale was accomplished. We would like to think Dave, Peter, and the rest of the school staff for letting us participate in their project. Chief Winkleman

Also.....found in Riverside Park on 05/07/2018, was a copper/brass colored ring. If you've lost a ring, and can describe it to an officer....then we will be able to return it to you.

Found in the 600 blk of Mission St. was a black poodle mix puppy. If this is your dog please contact the Police Department and we will get you the information of the person who found him.

Today would be a day that you would not want to ignore your weather radio. The sky is very active tonight. Please pay attention to the weather!! Please stay safe!!!

****Weather Update**** Just put out over the police radio for weather: Potential for baseball or softball size hail for the southeast portion of Pottawatomie County. The main threat is between the hours of 1-4p. There is a possibility of rotation with this weather. However the chances for tornados is low during this threat. Just letting people be aware.

I will neither confirm or deny that any of these three are currently employed with the St. Marys Police Department. Pretty funny project from the St. Marys High School! A little more inspiration on a Sunday. Every one of these racers are absolute rockstars!! Have a great Sunday!

On April 25th at 1:00pm, the St. Marys Police Department will be hosting a class at the George Perry Memorial Armory. There will be several departments in the area to attend this class. The subject matter is in regards to Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. This is a refresher class. Meaning that each officer attending must have a prior "SFST" credential to attend. One of the things that makes this testing unique; is the subjects being tested. The test subjects will be volunteers whom have donated their time...and the class. As per instructed by KHP; I will need to have approximately 1 subject per 3-4 students. If you fit the following criteria; and are available for testing; please send the department an instant message or contact Chief Winkleman at Please be aware that many of the test subjects will be under some level of intoxication. (These beverages will be provided on location. Rides home will be provided) The class will begin at 1:00pm (Appx 6 hrs). This is when the volunteers are also to report. Criteria: General Good Health Preferred under 65years of age No Rx medication that will be enhanced or effected by the consumption of alcohol. Preferred to not be 50lbs overweight (Negotiable) Thank You.

NOTICE - New trash toters are being distributed through Friday. If you don't receive it by the end of Friday.....please call City Hall Monday! Thanks, City Hall Staff

Attention: One topic that was mentioned at the City Chamber Meeting was the issue of phone scams/fraud. We have had multiple reports from various scams. We have had some that show up on caller ID as coming from the City of St. Marys. Referencing making payments over the phone for bills. We have had reports now of caller ID's showing Kansas Gas Service. Referencing making payments over the phone etc. It is our recommendation that you never take these for granted. That you ask for a case# or account # from the caller. Then getting a number from your bill; or looking up their phone number online on their official site. To ensure you are talking to the business and not some scam artist. If you are certain that you are being called by a fraudulent faction; please refer to the following pages for information on what can be done. They both have good information. Also let the Police Department know as well. This way we can get information out to the public in reference to potential issues. And as everyone should.....if you feel something is off and doesnt seem right.....your probably right. You should not be giving your personal or credit information over the phone. Most legitimate companies will not conduct business this way.

St. Marys Residents-Located in one of the stolen vehicles was an ammo canister which had a few key rings and miscellaneous keys. If your vehicle was burglarized, and you had keys taken (reported or not), please email me a description of the missing keys. That way I can see of I have them. This will also allow for me to setup a meeting time if there is a match.

At approximately 1:30pm, a radio call was made by KHP (Trooper Moses and Trooper Herbel) in reference to a contact they were making in rural Shawnee County. The call was for assistance with 4 individuals. St. Mary's Police Department responded to the scene. Other responding departments included Rossville PD, Maple Hill PD and Silver Lake PD. Upon arrival, a vehicle which was stolen on January 9th from a residence in St. Mary's, was found. 2 of the 4 individuals attempted to mask their identities. However.....this was quickly debunked. 3 of the 4 were identified by the St. Mary's Police Department, as they were already known suspects for 2 car thefts which occurred on January 9th. One suspect had been listed as one of the "Most Wanted in Northeast Kansas". This subject being Justin Lee Atwood. All 4 suspects were detained and transported to the Topeka Police Department for questioning. After several hours of "discussions"; multiple arrests were made. Charges included: Posession of stolen property. Criminal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Interference/obstruction. As well as several outstanding warrants. We also believe that 2 of the suspects may have also been involved in previous stolen car cases in St. Marys. That case is still currently under investigation. Big thank you to KHP! Big thank you to TPD! It was a long day.....but boy was it worth it! P.S. I hope the grammar police doesn't take me to jail. Long day...I'm tired. 😁

Funeral Service for Fire Fighter John Randle of the Wamego Fire Department. Amazing to see how many fire departments from all across the state have shown up. RIP John Randle.