Wamego Police Department

  • Agency: Wamego Police Department
  • Address: 408 Elm St, Wamego, 66547 KS
  • Chief: Michael Baker (Chief of Police)
Phone: 785-456-9553
Fax: 785-456-6680

Wamego Police Department is located at 408 Elm St, Wamego, 66547 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Baker. The Wamego Police Department phone number is 785-456-9553.

Wamego Police Department News

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We can't wait to see everyone at Trick or Treat on Lincoln this evening from 5p.m. to 7p.m.. We just love getting to see all the great costumes so make sure you stop and say hi! We want all families to have a great Halloween. Safety plays a vital roll in having a great day! Below are some tips and tricks to make sure all ghouls, goblins, superheros, princesses, etc. have a safe and fun filled evening! We will see you all tonight!

PSA: Several people have reported receiving a phone call from 785-456-9553 claiming they are the IRS and officers will arrest them if they do not pay a certain dollar amount. The above number is assigned to the Wamego Police Department and has been spoofed. Wamego PD will NEVER call you claiming to be the IRS or ask for money. Furthermore, the IRS will not call you and threaten arrest if you do not pay them over the phone. THIS IS A SCAM. Unfortunately our number has fallen victim to the spoofing. If you receive a call from the number 785-456-9553, please confirm it is Wamego Police Department. Again, WPD will NEVER ask you to pay money over the phone. Thank You, Chief Michael D. Baker Sr.

PSA: We have recently received reports of multiple car burglaries and a vehicle theft, which was recovered.. As we are investigating each case, we urge everyone to be diligent in securing your vehicles. Remove all valuables, ie. purses, wallets, phones, weapons, etc. Lock your doors to help prevent this from happening. If you have any information regarding these burglaries, please contact Wamego Police Department at 785-456-9553. Thank you, Chief Michael D. Baker

Chiefs from across the state had the distinct honor of having Mark Nutsch as their final speaker at the 2018 KACP Conference. In October 2001, Mark led a heroic 12 man team of Green Berets of U.S. Special forces on a covert mission to Afghanistan. His team rode in to war on horses, where they strategically and successfully over threw the Taliban. This is considered the most successful unconventional warfare campaign in modern history Mark is a Kansas native, growing up in the Washington County area. Growing up on a cattle ranch, Mark was familiar with riding horses. He even rode at the college level at KSU. This played a huge factor in their march to victory The movie 12 Strong and the New York Times Best Selling novel are based on his teams mission. Actor Chris Hemsworth plays Marks role in the movie. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet this fine man who put his life on the line to defend our freedom. Thank you for your service Good Sir. Pictured below from Left to Right: Chief Michael D. Baker -Wamego Police Department Captain Mark Nutsch Chief Todd Ackerman- Marysville Police Department

Sending our deepest condolences and prayers to our brothers and sisters in blue and the families involved

Today I was honored to stand beside Lieutenant Jeremy Harwood of the Kansas Highway Patrol, while his brother Cpl Jason Harwood was once again recognized for his ultimate sacrifice and the reveal of the new J.H. Harwood 1 case that will carry the United States Honor flag. Jason may be gone, but he will surely never be forgotten. Rest in Peace brother.

J.H. Harwood 1.

Members from multiple agencies in Pottawatomie County joining at our fine capital to honor an amazing officer taken too soon.

We are aware the power is out in the Mansfield area. City crews are currently working on the issue. We do not have a timeline as to when power will be restored as of yet. Please know the crews are doing everything they can.

Look who is ready for his first day of school. Officer Coleman is the new School Resource Officer for the Wamego Schools and he is SUPER EXCITED for the first day. Make sure you say hello and tell the kids to give him a high five when they see him! Here's to a GREAT 2018-2019 school year!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: At approximately 11:50 p.m. on 08/03/2018 an armed robbery occurred at the Short Stop on Hwy 24 in Wamego. Two male suspects were seen fleeing on foot southbound from that location. If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Wamego Police Department immediately at 785-456-9553. Thank You, Chief Michael D. Baker Sr

SCAM ALERT. We have had multiple calls today from citizens stating they are receiving a phone call claiming a family member has been kidnapped. The caller demands a prepaid gift card in various amounts and asks for the card number. They state they will call back at a certain time for said card number. There are also numerous other phone scams where prepaid credit cards are requested. THESE ARE SCAMS If you or anyone you know has received these calls, please contact local law enforcement immediately. You should never give this type of information to an unknown person or persons. If someone calls, saying you owe money, hang up and call the debtor directly to confirm. If they claim your family member has been abducted, contact your family member and law enforcement. Thank You, Chief Michael D. Baker Sr.

Listen to the pipes on this Capital Police officer!

Pottawatomie County has been placed in a tornado watch until 2200 hours.

Tornado warning in effect for Northwestern Pottawatomie county. Area effected at this time is Randolph.

Severe Thunderstorm warning for Pottawatomie County until 4:15