Riley County Police Department

  • Agency: Riley County Police Department
  • Address: 1001 South Seth Child Road, Manhattan, 66502 KS
  • Chief: Bradley J Schoen (Director)

Riley County Police Department is located at 1001 South Seth Child Road, Manhattan, 66502 KS. The Director of the department is Bradley J Schoen. The Riley County Police Department phone number is 785 537-2112.

Riley County Police Department News

Riley County Police Department - News - Police Activity #PoliceActivity

We will be near the school zones by Browning and Kimball looking for people not abiding by the law for Marlatt and Susan B Anthony schools. We notify the public of the specific areas we will be at in hopes of deterring the behavior from occurring before it happens and continuing education about driving safety. Learn more about how our department is working to reduce crashes here -->

Riley County Police Department - News - Police Activity #PoliceActivity

“Dispatch was amazing. Gave me a bunch of quality information. Thanks for all the help!” - David

Car ➡️ Seat ➡️ Checks ✔️ Let us help you keep your child safe on the roads! Every Tuesday, you can get your car seat installed or checked for FREE! 🙌🏻

Riley County Police Department - News - Police Activity #PoliceActivity

In Riley County, there have been about 20 vehicle versus deer accidents in the month of October. We’re only 5 days into November and we’ve already had reports of nearly 10 this month. It's the time of year these types of accidents are common. Here’s what you need to do if you you hit a deer: ➡️Make sure everyone is OK ➡️Pull off to the side of the road ➡️Call RCPD or emergency services for your location ➡️Stay on scene in your vehicle until you make contact with us The responding officer will make proper arrangements for the deer or carcass. Stay safe on the roadways! 🚘 🦌

For this little guys birthday he wanted to have cupcakes with an officer. Sergeant Tiede was happy to oblige. Happy 4th buddy!

Riley County Police Department - News - Police Activity #PoliceActivity

MANHATTAN, KAN. – On Saturday, November 3, 2018 at approximately 2:00 a.m., officers on patrol in the Aggieville Business District heard what they believed to be a gunshot near the alleyway in the 1100 block of Moro. When officers responded to the scene, they found Adam Donaldson, 34, of Junction City with a gunshot wound to his leg. Donaldson was transported to Via Christi for treatment of his injuries. He has since been released. Charlie Coronado-Villaescuza, 23, of Manhattan was arrested in connection. Coronado-Villaescuza was arrested on offenses of aggravated battery and interference with a law enforcement officer. Coronado-Villaescuza remains confined in the Riley County Jail on a $20,000.00 bond.

Road Closure Reminder for TODAY: South 3rd Street will be closed from Fort Riley Boulevard to Colorado Street for the Young Trustees Chili Cook-off. This will be blocked off from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Road Closure for Saturday November 3rd: South 3rd Street will be closed from Fort Riley Boulevard to Colorado Street for the Young Trustees Chili Cook-off. This will be blocked off from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Doh! Thank you to Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Art students for the decorative pumpkins yesterday. Mmmm donuts.

Halloween 2018 with RCPD at Westloop.

We are asking for your help in identifying the two males below. We would like to speak to them after an aggravated robbery in the 1100 block of Laramie St. in Manhattan on October 20, 2018 around 2:05 a.m. If you have any information on the identity of the individuals below, please contact the Riley County Police Department at (785) 537-2112 or Crime Stoppers at (785) 539-7777. Using the Crime Stoppers Serivce allows you to remain anonymous and could qualify you for a cash reward of up to $1,000.00.

Riley County Police Department - News - Police Activity #PoliceActivity

We are aware of a permitted assembly planned for tomorrow, November 1st from 7:10 a.m. - 7:40 a.m. at the corner of Sunset and Poyntz near Manhattan High School. The first permit submitted to the City of Manhattan was approved for Westboro Baptist Church for no more than 10 people. The second permit submitted to the City of Manhattan was approved for no more than 100 private citizens. This is separate from the first group. We would like to remind citizens of their right to peacefully assemble. Here are some tips to stay compliant with the law while exercising your First Amendment right: * Do not block sidewalks * Do not assemble on private property * Do not engage in disorderly conduct * Do not block traffic, stay out of the roadway Additional officers will be on scene due to the large amount of people expected at that intersection during the busy school drop-off time. Pay extra attention on the roadways to help ensure the safety of the students trying to get to class.

“Both my kids cross that road and hardly anyone stops.” This video was taken by the Elementary School in Ogden. Traffic signs are there to keep our kids safe. Drivers need to obey ALL stop signs and pedestrian signs especially when driving through school zones. We need your help to keep our roads, and our children safe.

Patrol Captain Rich Fink dressed as a proud first-time Grandpa for Halloween. His granddaughter dressed up as an officer like her grandpa, but with a lot more hair 👮‍♂️

If you scroll through these pictures, you might see a familiar face. RCPD’s Corporal Jake Wilson took first place rife on the EIC course for the US Army Forces Marksmanship Competition. His teammate took first place overall rifle for the competition. They also finished 3rd overall team. Congratulations Corporal!

We’ve received reports that the roads near Kimball and Candlewood are haunted with bad drivers 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ This is no trick, we will be in that area over the lunch hour looking for speeders 👮 🚓

Riley County Police Department - News - Police Activity #PoliceActivity

Calling all ghosts and goblins 👻 🧟‍♂️ With Halloween tomorrow we want to remind everyone to stay safe, SLOW DOWN 🤚 and have fun. Remember these tips and you’ll have a great night! 1️⃣ Stealing candy from children is still stealing (looking at you parents) 🍭 🍬 *️⃣ ^unless you’re doing some “quality control” checking the candy 😉 😉 2️⃣ Don’t wear a mask when asking someone for money 💰 especially at banks, convenience stores and cash exchanges. 3️⃣ If someone dresses as the game twister, you still have to ask permission before putting right hand on red. 4️⃣We appreciate when fake guns look extra fake on Halloween. 5️⃣Pumpkins are property and should not be used for pumpkin’ chunkin’ unless they are your own. We call that criminal damage to property 🎃 6️⃣ If you dress as a cop cop 👮‍♀️ 1. We’re flattered. 2. You cannot arrest people (unless they are willing) 3. Make sure you know where the keys are to your handcuffs are. That can get awkward real fast. 7️⃣ If you dress as an inmate, please don’t run from a cop. 8️⃣ Nudity is not a Halloween costume. Unless you want your 2nd Halloween costume to be an orange jumpsuit with RCPD Corrections on the back. 9️⃣ You cannot urinate in the alley in Aggieville just because you are dressed like a dog 🐶 🔟You cannot beat up clowns just because they are creepy. Cough, cough @Lawrence PD 🤡 1️⃣1️⃣ Make sure there is adult supervision. If you are the adult — stranger danger still applies. Never go into a strangers house alone or accept treats from someone you don’t know.

SCAM ALERT: A citizen notified us of a recent scam where the scammer tries to collect personal information by claiming to be an official with the Social Security Administration or Homeland Security. Be aware this is impacting people in Riley County and don't fall for it!