Plainville Police Department

  • Agency: Plainville Police Department
  • Address: 222 W Mill St, Plainville, 67663 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-434-2222
Fax: 785-434-2781

Plainville Police Department is located at 222 W Mill St, Plainville, 67663 KS. The Plainville Police Department phone number is 785-434-2222.

Plainville Police Department News

Prayers for Sedgwick County Sheriffs department.

Just a friendly little reminder. 🙂 On a serious note, we hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!

Our Department has received several reports of someone leaving business card size hand written messages on area business doors, mailboxes and other places with public access. While these messages appear to be somewhat confrontational and slightly bizarre in our opinion, as of yet, there has been no actual crime that has occurred. We have pictures of some of the messages as well as one of the individuals that tried to discretely leave a note at our City Park. It's unsure if there is/were more than one individual leaving the notes but at the time of this post, there have been no attempts to make personal contact by anyone distributing these and it appears they wish to do this and remain anonymous. It is our belief at this time that there is no threat to the public and all the cards at this time refer to the same website. If you find one in the Plainville Area, please note the day and time you found it and let us know. If you should see someone acting suspicious, please do not confront them. Get a description and contact our Department as soon as you feel safe to do so. Here is one of the individuals that left notes along with a photo of her vehicle. Again, we dont believe this person is a threat in any way but if seen in the area, we would like the opportunity to ask their intentions in this matter. Thank you and enjoy your evening!

Come cool off with us this evening at the Plainville Swimming Pool and get yourself a sweet tasty treat! We'll be handing out Popsicles to help keep you cooled off. Hope to see you there!!

While this picture was taken after the majority of the flood water had receded off the highway, inlight of this morning's heavy rain, we would like to offer some tips when driving through flooded highways in a vehicle that sit low to the ground. Tip #1: Don't. Just. Dont. Tip #2: Refer to Tip #1. Tip #3: Should you choose to disregard Tip 1 & 2, prior to entering the areas of flooded roadway, please take a proactive approach and fasten a tow strap to the front of your vehicle to assist us in getting your stalled vehicle off the roadway. Tip #4: For those of you that have the big pickups and like to see how much water you can splash out the wheelwells of your vehicle, see tip #3, you are not exempt from stalling out. We hope you find these tips somewhat useful. Buckle up, drive safe and have a terrific day!

Please remember to clean up your fireworks debris from the roads. Not only is it courteous for your neighbors but will also keep you from getting a steep fine.

Please wear your seatbelts

Or, he did it.

So here is a new one. I personally just received the text shown here. The link directed me to a Facebook login screen. Problem is, I'm already logged into my Facebook. I wanted to share this because I suspect this to be a new scam and what appears to be the latest way to hand over your Facebook account to a hacker. Please feel free to share this post with others.

We have had a rash of vehicle's being rummaged through last night. A reminder to please take all valuables and medication out of your vehicle and to lock your vehicles and homes. As always, please call us if you see anything that doesn't look right. Thank You

The Rooks County Commissioners voted to place Rooks County in a County Wide Burn Ban this morning. The Ban will be revisited on a weekly basis until conditions improve.

There have been Coyote sightings near some neighborhoods, Typically they are nocturnal, but it is not uncommon to see them in the early mornings. They may prey on a small, unattended pet, but are generally scared of people. Merely seeing one is not reason to call us as they are native wildlife and live amongst us. However, they may be a little WILE. E, there are certain behaviors that are cause for alarm. Specifically: • Coyote carrying box marked “ACME" • Coyote dropping anvil from hot air balloon • Coyote posting signs such as “Detour” or “Free Bird Seed" • Coyote in possession of giant magnet • Coyote in possession of catapult • Coyote detonating explosives/TNT • Coyote launching self with giant crossbow

For those of you wondering what the road conditions are like in the area, this photo was taken at approximately 6:00 am this morning. The photo was taken south of Plainville on US-183 and is the view through the windshield of one of our patrol vehicles. Even though the snow has let up for now, the high wind is causing some whiteout conditions. If you don't have to be on the roads today, we urge you to please, stay home where it's safe.

Please remember that If you live on snow emergency route, to move your vehicle off the street. We are expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow. We would hate to have to tow your vehicle so our plows can get through.

Per KDHE, the boil water advisory for the City of Plainville has been rescinded. Thank you for your patience

Come help us celebrate the Retirement of City Attorney Jerry Smetana on Wednesday, January 17 at the Plainville City Office from 3:00-5:00 pm. Cake and refreshments will be served so stop by and help us recognize Jerry's 46 years of dedicated service too the City of Plainville!

Thank you to everyone who called and was looking out for their neighbor. The person taking mail has been caught. But with the holiday season and packages being delivered every day, please keep aware and report anything that may seem out of the ordinary. Merry Christmas Plainville.