Clearwater Police Department

  • Agency: Clearwater Police Department
  • Address: 129 E. Ross, Clearwater , 67026 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 620-584-2349
Fax: 620-584-3118

Clearwater Police Department is located at 129 E. Ross, Clearwater , 67026 KS. The Clearwater Police Department phone number is 620-584-2349.

Clearwater Police Department News

Sunday, 9/2, 3:45 pm. If you are leaving your house this evening please use extra caution. Most of the roads in Clearwater have a layer of water. In some areas that water is 3-5 inches deep - Ross west of Tracy, Wood and Janet along the concrete drainage path, and others areas of town. Ditches are full all over town and in some areas spilling onto the pavement, so please use caution. We are supposed to get rain for the next 3 or 4 days, so be cautious when driving in the area. Please slow down and never cross roads if you cannot see the pavement. Leave the house 10 minutes early to allow addition time to get where you are going with the wet road conditions. Be careful!

The You Drink. You Drive. You Lose. enforcement campaign coincides with the 2018 Labor Day holiday weekend, which is one of the deadliest times of the year for drunk-driving fatalities. State and local law enforcement agencies across the nation are stepping-up enforcement to put an end to drunk driving, showing zero tolerance in an effort to save lives. 45% of the drunk drivers killed in 2016 were between the ages of 21 and 34 years old. Slow down, be safe, and never get behind the wheel if you've had an alcoholic beverage to drink.

Fireworks Enforcement - This year fireworks will be on sale at the CIC parking lot beginning on Friday, June 29. However, fireworks cannot be legally set off until Sunday, July 1 as per city ordinance. Fireworks can be legally set off during the following hours; Sunday, July 1 10 AM until 10 PM Monday, July 2 10 AM until 10 PM Tuesday, July 3 10 AM until Midnight Wednesday July 4 10 AM until Midnight

PD had a small black cock-a-poo type dog turned into them last night. Dog has a yellow collar, but no tag. Please contact Clearwater Police Department if you are the owner or if you know who the owner could be so the dog can be returned.

This morning, Tuesday, 01/30/2018 at approx. 5:30 AM, this truck was used to burglarize our storage units. It appears to be a late model GM product, light colored, maybe white or silver. It has chrome wheels and mirrors, and appears to have dual rear wheels. If you recognize this vehicle or have any information please contact the Clearwater Police Department at 620-584-2349. Thank you.

This dog was found on Jan. 3rd in the 100 block of S. Grain. If this is your dog or you know who it belongs to, please contact us at the Clearwater Police Department - 620-584-2349. Thank you.

On behalf of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police it has been brought to our attention that citizens of the state of Kansas have been receiving phone calls from an unknown telemarketing company claiming to be representing the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. The KACP currently DOES NOT have anyone working on our behalf to solicit funding through telemarketing. Please DO NOT give out personal information or money to anyone claiming to be with the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. If you have donated funds or have received a call – we encourage you to reach out to your local law enforcement. Jennifer Duffy, Executive Director Kansas Assoc. of Chiefs of Police PO Box 780603 Wichita, KS 67278

Thanksgiving has become one of the deadliest times of the year on America’s roads because “Thanksgiving Eve,” the Wednesday before the holiday, has become one of the year’s biggest drinking days. Whether it’s young people home from college or adults who know they have the next day off from work, Thanksgiving Eve has contributed to a rise in drunk driving deaths around the holiday. So please, if you know you are going to be out drinking, arrange to have a non-drinking driver take you home, be it a designated driving friend or relative, or a cab or co-worker. Please stay safe this Holiday Season, and throughout all the seasons, and don't put yourself or others at risk by driving after you have had any alcohol to drink.

Please be alert to someone going door to door requesting to check your SKT connection or trying to sell satellite TV. They are not with SKT. If you encounter this individual or have had contact with them, please contact the Clearwater Police Department at 620-584-2349. Thank you.

Clearwater Police Department will be Seat Belt Enforcement October 30th through November 3rd at Clearwater Middle School.

Clearwater Police Department will be doing Seat Belt Enforcement from October 30th - November 3rd

Seat Belt Enforcement at the Clearwater Middle School October 30th - November 3rd

Found kitten in the 100 block of N. First Ave. weekend of Fall Festival. Please contact Clearwater PD at 620-584-2317 to claim.

Presented by the Clearwater Police Department, in cooperation with USD 264, And in association with the Global Portal For Freedom: A presentation on HUMAN TRAFFICKING Children and parents of any age, you need this training! Topics discussed include: • Trafficking of School Children • Child sex trafficking • Child Grooming and abduction • Sexting Learn warning signs, behaviors and characteristics, and most importantly, prevention tips. Clearwater children have been victims of this horrific crime! WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30th 7:00 PM CLEARWATER HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY IS INVITED FOR THIS IMPORTANT EVENT

Sedgwick County will be starting a mill and overlay project on Tuesday, July 18 at the intersection of Tracy and Ross. There will be flagmen in the area to help move traffic around the construction. Expect traffic delays and if you must travel through this area, please leave a little earlier than usual as it may take a few minutes to get through the intersection. This project will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. As always, be careful in construction zones and give workers plenty of room. Thanks!

Found morning of Friday, July 7th, an 18-20" Trouble-Maker bicycle. Please contact the Police Department at 620-584-2317 to claim.

FROM THE KANSAS HIGHWAY PATROL; EXTRA CAUTION NEEDED ON KANSAS ROADS DURING HARVEST Harvest season is underway, and the Kansas Highway Patrol would like to remind motorists to use more caution and patience when traveling around farm trucks, tractors, combines, and other implements. “As harvest is underway, each traveler in Kansas needs to be more aware of increased farm implement and truck traffic. In Kansas we have many trucks exiting and entering the roadways at any given time. Traveling around these vehicles requires extra caution,” said Lieutenant Adam Winters, KHP Public Information Officer. Most farm equipment is not designed to travel at highway speeds, and may only travel 15-25 mph. Farm equipment is often wider than other vehicles, and is sometimes wider than the lane of traffic, so extra room should be allowed when traveling near an implement on the road. Extra caution should be practiced on all roads, but especially on the busy rural roads with unmarked intersections. Preliminary numbers indicate that statewide in 2016, there were 110 crashes involving farm equipment. In those 110 crashes, one person was killed, and 29 people were injured. Already this year, preliminary statistics indicate there have been 22 crashes, with seven people injured. It is important to share the road safely, for the sake of the farmers, and for the motoring public. It is important to share the road safely, for the sake of the farmers, and for the motoring public. Tips to keep in mind when sharing Kansas roads with farmers: •Don’t assume the farmer knows you’re there. Most operators of farm equipment regularly check for vehicles behind them, however, most of their time must be spent looking ahead to stay on the road and watch for oncoming traffic. Implements are very loud, hindering the farmer’s ability to hear your vehicle. •Pass with extreme caution. Don’t pass unless you can see clearly ahead of both your vehicle and the farm equipment you are passing. If there are curves or hills blocking your view of oncoming traffic, wait until you can clearly visualize the area you’re passing in. You should not pass in a designated “No Passing Zone,” even if you are stuck behind a farm vehicle. Do not pass if you are within 100 feet of any intersection, railroad grade crossing, bridge, elevated structure, or tunnel. •When a farm vehicle pulls to the right side of the road, it does not mean it is turning right or allowing you to pass. Due to the size of some farm equipment, the farmer must execute wide left turns, so allow it plenty of room and time to turn, and be alert to see if there might be a driveway or field they may be turning into. •Be patient. Don’t assume that a farmer can move aside to let you pass. Shoulders may be soft, wet, or steep, which can cause the farm vehicle to tip, or the shoulder may not support the weight of a heavy farm vehicle. The farmer understands you are being delayed and will move over at the first safe location available. •Think of the slow moving vehicle emblem as a warning to adjust your speed. When you see the slow moving vehicle emblem, you should immediately slow down. While the emblems are visible from a long distance away, it is often difficult to judge the speed at which you are closing in on a vehicle, especially at night. •Pay attention. When you are not focused solely on the road, you increase your chances of a collision, especially if you should come upon a slow moving farm vehicle.

From the Wichita Eagle and the Associated Press Traffic deaths in Kansas averaging more than 1 per day WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas officials say the troubling increase in traffic fatalities across the state is accelerating. AAA spokeswoman Jennifer Haugh told the Wichita Eagle that Kansas is currently averaging more than one traffic fatality a day. Statistics from AAA shows that there have been nearly 175 traffic deaths across this year through the end of May. That's a 13 percent increase over the same time frame a year ago, and a 44 percent increase from 2015. Haugh said cheaper gas prices usually result in people driving more miles but doesn't necessarily mean they drive safer. "The toughest thing is to just focus on driving," she said. "Everyone is trying to do multiple things when they drive, and we're not wired to multitask." She said not wearing seatbelts and having short attention spans can contribute to the fatality increase. "There are studies that show even talking on the phone or talking to someone else in the car is just as distracting" as texting, Haugh said. AAA reported that there were more than 430 traffic deaths in Kansas for all of 2016. Just a few simple changes in driving habits can greatly reduce your chances of becoming involved, or seriously injured, in a traffic crash; 1) Slow Down. Rather than drive 5 mph faster to get somewhere, leave 5 minutes earlier and take your time. 2) No Distracted Driving – Turn off your cell phone, no texting! 3) Always wear your seat belt. Study after study has shown that your chances of surviving any type of accident are greatly enhanced just by buckling up.