Kechi Police Department

  • Agency: Kechi Police Department
  • Address: 105 Sioux St, Kechi, 67067 KS
  • Chief: Jason Doll (Chief of Police)
Phone: 316-744-6611
Fax: 316.201.6962

Kechi Police Department is located at 105 Sioux St, Kechi, 67067 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Jason Doll. The Kechi Police Department phone number is 316-744-6611.

Kechi Police Department News

Parking for todays Kite Festival has expanded beyond the designated parking. Please, park in the neighborhood north of the event...this includes Tjaden, Baird, Anderson, Arrowhead and Tomahawk. Have a great time and enjoy the fantastic event.

From Westar: Based on updated information, the new estimate for power to be on is 5:00pm on May 31.

It looks like we will be in for an icy afternoon and evening...Here are a few tips for your commute. Have a great afternoon and stay warm!!

Reminder, smoke testing starts today. You may see smoke coming from the sewer vents on buildings and from the ground. If you see smoke inside your home or business please contact City Hall at 316-744-9287.

Lanes are now open....Have great weekend!

ALERT: Oliver is currently closed between 61st Street North and K-254, due to a gas leak. Please avoid the area and we will let you know when it is open.

A Halloween weather update from our friends at the National Weather Service. Please, remember to dress in layers and stay safe! ~Happy Halloween, Kechi!

Sgt. Woodrow and Sgt. Vogt (Valley Center PD) conducted a positive enforcement lane today, promoting Railroad safety through Kansas Operation Lifesaver! Safety Tips: * Look both ways! * If you see a train coming, wait! * Trains cannot stop quickly.

You already know what time it's the #9pmroutine. Let us know what neighborhood you are keeping secure!! 1. Remove your valuables 2. Lock your vehicle 3. Shut your garage doors

HEY...HEY...IT'S THE #9pmroutine 1. Remove your valuables 2. Lock your vehicle 3. Close your garage door

Lock it or Lose it! #9pmroutine 1. Remove your valuables. 2. Lock your vehicles. 3. Close your garage door!

Wheww...its been a busy couple of days here in Kechi, but we are back and passing out reminders like free suckers at the bank! You guessed it.... #9pmroutine #communitypolicing 1. Remove your valuables 2. Lock your vehicles 3. Close those garage doors Have a great weekend!!

*****UPDATE (08/04/2017 @ 1646 HOURS) ***** The 2002 White Ford F-250 has been recovered by the Botetourt County Sheriff Office in the State of Virginia. Currently, the Virginia State Police, Botetourt County Sheriff Office and surrounding agencies are searching for the suspect. When we receive any additional information or if we learn of an arrest, we will post an update on our social media outlets. The Kechi Police Department would like to thank everyone for their assistance in sharing our post, remaining vigilant and watching out for each other. #communitypolicing

****UPDATE (08.03.2017 @ 1910 hours) **** Through information received from other law enforcement agencies, we DO NOT believe that William Roberts is still in the Kechi area. We appreciate everyone’s vigilance and information provided throughout the day. We will post an additional update when Roberts is apprehended. ----------Original Post (08.03.2017 @ 0833 hours)------------ Please be on the look out for a stolen white 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty, with Kansas tag 940 CWB. This vehicle was stolen from the 1600 block of east Tigua. This incident is possibly connected to the search of William Roberts, who ran from a car stop last night near 61st and Woodlawn. Robert is considered to be armed and dangerous, do not approach him or the stolen vehicle if spotted. Please continue to be vigilant and contact 911 is you see the suspect or the stolen vehicle. ***The photo below is a stock photo of the vehicle and not the actual stolen vehicle!

Please secure your vehicles and residence. This man should be considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, do not approach 911!

Before you head to bed....did you remove your valuables, lock your car doors, and put down your garage door?? #9pmroutine

Lock It or Lose It!!! That's right folks....its 9:00 p.m.! Head out and make sure your cars are locked, your valuables have been removed, and those garage doors are down. #9pmroutine

It's 9:00 pm....Don't be an easy target!! #9pmroutine 1. Remove your valuables 2. Lock your cars 3. Close your garage door

Don't be a your garage door open...are your car doors locked?? It's 9:00! #9pmroutine

It looks like tomorrow will be another hot one...avoid strenuous outdoor activities in the afternoon if possible, otherwise take frequent breaks and stay hydrated. DO NOT leave children or pets in unoccupied cars!