Conway Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Conway Springs Police Department
  • Address: 310 W. Spring Ave, Conway Springs , 67031 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 620-456-2277
Fax: 620-456-3294

Conway Springs Police Department is located at 310 W. Spring Ave, Conway Springs , 67031 KS. The Conway Springs Police Department phone number is 620-456-2277.

Conway Springs Police Department News

CSPD charged a local male for the third time with the Sumner County Prosecutor's Officer for violating a "NO Contact Order" for the third time.

Does anyone recognize this UTV? They were in the Conway Springs Cemetery Sunday, December 18th cutting donuts,

CSPD is now able to do VIN inspections on out of state or untagged vehicles

On the morning of Weds. November 2nd, 2016 at approximately 00:30 hours, a local male was arrested by CSPD for blackmailing his way into a local females home and then attemting to force himself on her.

Some of you may have heard that our fair city experienced a double burglary Friday morning of the Fall Fast. With the help of three good witnesses and some good video security footage, CSPD had the suspect in custody 14 hours later.

Shortly after the first of the year, our fair city was plagued with a number of felony cimes. After gaining enough evidence, CSPD served up two individuals with multiple falonies. Sumner County and our fair city are once again experiencing the same MO, felony behavior. These felons like burglarizing vehicles between midnight and 2 AM, so lock all of your vehicles and call CPSD if you hear a car alarm going off. We now have night officers, so lets work together this time so we can catch these felons ASAP.

One of our local young men is a walking miracle tonight. After being buried to the middle of his chest for several hours in one of the grain elevators; he was life-flighted to the hospital and things seemed to go very well. A special thanks to all the Fire, EMS, and Rescue Teams who worked tirelessly.

Monday March 14th, a national freight company posted on their tracking report that they had delivered a large parcel to a patron with the signature of "Phil" receiving the parcel. The patron contacted the CSPD of the parcel missing and being unaware of anyone with the name of "Phil" who could have signed for the parcel. I posted the parcel on our national theft site. Through my encouragement, the patron contacted the freight carrier. In an interview with the delivery driver it was learned that the driver falsified his report; he did not deliver the parcel, he turned the parcel over to another freight company to deliver. The patron sought out the newly reported freight company and was able to recovered his parcel from the driver in Wichita, KS. who signed for the parcel - his name was: "Phil."

After the return of evidence identified by the KBI Crime Lab, a local man was charged in County, March 2nd for possession of crystal methamphetamine and paraphernalia.

Wed, March 2nd, 2016, a white male from Clearwater, was charged in County for 5 felony crimes done in Conway Springs, and his girlfriend and driver was charged with 3 felony crimes. FYI these felons were busted for methamphetamine the prior week by the Clearwater Police Dept. Big thanks to the Clearwater Police Chief and Detective who helped obtain and serve the Search Warrant in Clearwater which recovered stolen evidence for felony convictions. If anyone know of construction sites being burglarized for construction tools, Conway Springs Police Dept. has information of an individual who has been pawning construction tools in Wichita - December 2015 (Rigid frame nailer), January 2016 (Bostich stapler), and February 2016 (Bosch job radio). The crime network appears to have stretched from Clearwater to Norwich through Conway Springs to Milan.

Just recovered a stolen pickup last night for the second time. This was most likely a drug related crime by out of county suspects (I will know more after the investigation). Communities like ours are drawing these people because of locals leaving keys in vehicles, and not locking houses or garages. "Help stop crime, secure your valuables." Criminals strike where there is the least amount of resistance. So, the whole point of securing your possessions is the amount of time that it takes to cause the crime, and then flee without being caught.

Please get your dog's tagged and registered with the city. Negligence of a $5.00 tag and registration can turn into a fine of hundreds of dollars if your dog is caught running at large.

Please try to help us deter as many thefts as possible by locking your vehicles, and houses. Remember not to leave anything valuable such as wallets, purses, checkbooks or electronic devices inside your vehicle in plain sight. Lock your valuables inside your trunk or keep them with you on your person or inside your place of residence. Also, if you see anything suspicious please call 911.

Please remember to slow down and use extra caution when exiting an ally-way. The ally's are not the same speed limit as the regular roadways. Please look both ways before pulling out and be safe, that extra second could mean someone's life. Have a safe holiday.

Special Use Vehicle tags are in. It's time to renew all specialty vehicles to be on the streets legally in 2016. Give us a call if you see anyone operating an illegal specialty vehicle in 2016. Call: 620-456-2277 (let it ring more than 6 times to reach our moble)

Last week: on Weds. Dec 16th, 2015, one non-resident, adult male was arrested after the Conway Springs Municipal Court on a warrant. On Thursday Dec. 17th, one local-resident, adult male was arrested for Sedgwick County Warrants.

Friday's picket went off without a hitch. Though shocked at what you might have seen; thank you all of behaving, or spending your time on better things somewhere else. And, a great big thank you to Sheriff Chambers and the County Officers for spearheading and maintaining all interaction with our picketors so our city officers could simply maintain an outer perimeter.

Be safe: if you need a police officer, the quickest and most efficient way is to call 911. Dispatch will notify our on-duty or on-call officer to respond to the situation. Have fun and happy holidays!

Charges were sent to the Sumner County Attorney's Office today (10/15/2015) on a male juvenile for criminal damage to the Conway Springs Cemetery

Charges were sent to County last week for: two juvenile males who sexually assaulted a juvenile female classmate. Also, an adult male was arrested and charged for felony auto theft, and fleeing and eluding Law Enforcement.

Sending out a BIG thanks to all you parents and teens who are helping us with the enforcement of curfew. In the past three weeks we have only had one very small vandalism incident. Thanks again, keep up the good work, let's let our community pride shine.

Charges will be sent to County this week on a juvenile who attacked an adult this summer. This is the same juvenile who was charged by CSPD in county for a day time burglary spree this summer.

Tuesday Night, Sept. 22nd the City Council and the police department decided to leave the curfew as it is written. The Conway Springs Police Dept. will be enforcing the curfew on anyone 15 and younger - 11:00 PM Sun.- Thurs. and Midnight on Fri. and Sat. nights. And anyone caught driving in violation of their restricted license will be cited.

This should make us sick, sad, and angry. Our tax dollars are paying to repair this.

Since school has begun, city vandalism is up 400%. The city park has most often been the target. The most recent target over the past two weekends has been the City Cemetery east of town. The south cemetery has been used as a mud bog - cutting ruts up and down the entire east side. This past weekend the disrespect reached an all time high with 14 headstones in the north cemetery being attacked. 13 were knocked off of their bases or completely pushed over; 4 of the 13 headstones were broken. We would like for those who are willing to get in their vehicles and help us patrol (anytime evenings and nights). Those behind this vandalism need to be shown that we are no linger willing to tolerate this type of behavior. Please call 911 when you observe any suspicious activity and if at all possible get a tag number. We are working on getting a reward for those who help in the conviction of individuals involved in the vandalism to our cemeteries. Thanks for your help - Chief K.