Fredonia Police Department

  • Agency: Fredonia Police Department
  • Address: 128 Adams, Fredonia, 66736 KS
  • Chief: Doug McKenna (Chief of Police)
Phone: (620) 378-2369
Fax: (620) 378-2406

Fredonia Police Department is located at 128 Adams, Fredonia, 66736 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Doug McKenna. The Fredonia Police Department phone number is (620) 378-2369.

Fredonia Police Department News

We had a necklace turned in over the weekend found near ABC Park. If you think it might be yours, please call and describe to claim.

Temporary No Parking Notice

📚📖 Kids be like 😩😕😴 Moms be like 😀👏🙌 Sad or Happy...School starts tomorrow!! Back to school time always brings an increase of pedestrian and bicycle traffic around school areas and throughout neighborhoods. We would like to remind everyone of the designated 🚸School Zone🚸 areas and ask that you drive with care, not only in those areas, but all throughout the city. Have a great school year!

Due to unexpected issues, more of the town will be out of power than anticipated. Repairs may also take a little longer than expected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This list has been updated. All of us at FPD...we are thanking them BIG TIME!! You should too!

Work together out there, people!

Please check out the very generous list that have already donated to the 2018 event. If you are in these businesses, see the individuals or members of any club/organization, please give them a huge thanks for their contribution. This event isn't possible without their help.

It's that time of year again! We are gearing up for the 7th annual National Night Out. Mark your calendars for August 7th from 6-8 pm at the Fredonia Swimming Pool. This event is solely funded on donations from Fredonia businesses, clubs/organizations, and individuals. If you would like to donate or set up a table to participate, please contact us!

Firework sales and discharging begins Friday, June 29, 2018. Please make sure you read the Fireworks Code to make sure you are following all the rules during this time. 🎇🎆 Please have a FUN and SAFE 4th of July!! 🎆🎇

Answer: Most likely YES! Telephone scams are a continuing issue everywhere. Please know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. If someone calls you and wants you to send them money....from your bank account....from Western any sort of gift card......DO NOT DO IT!! Anyone can be a victim, but the majority of the time senior citizens are the ones targeted. If you know anyone out there that might not be aware of these scammers, please take the time to educate them and pass the word.

For Immediate Release

🚨🚨WARNING🚨🚨 💵 There are counterfeit bills on the lose again! 💵 One should always be on the lookout for such bills, especially businesses that deal with cash on a daily basis. Watch this quick video on a few steps you can take to make sure the bills you receive are not fake. We will include in the comments some scans of a real $100 bill compared to a fake one that was recently received with some obvious details showing that it is not real.

Yes, we have shared this before. And, yes, we are fully aware that Fredonia has no intersection like the one pictured. But, we do have a 4 lane road that extends across pretty much of the city. These still apply to any turns made from those intersections.