Wilson County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Wilson County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 925 Pierce St, Fredonia, 66736 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 620-378-3622
Fax: 620-378-4510

Wilson County Sheriff's Office is located at 925 Pierce St, Fredonia, 66736 KS. The Wilson County Sheriff's Office phone number is 620-378-3622.

Wilson County Sheriff's Office News

10/23/18 Jail Log

10/22/18 jail log

10-18-18 jail log

10-12-18 jail log

jail log 10-3-18

I would like to thank Wilson County and Fredonia Iron Club for flying our nations flag and for displaying the thin blue line flag, honoring law enforcement and first responders along 400 highway, South of Fredonia, Kansas. My heart swelled to see that display of support. But along with that pride my heart is heavy regarding the loss of two more Officers (This time in the state of Mississippi) who were shot and killed trying to save the lives of others when responding to a call. Our job has and will never be easy due to the selfishness and total disregard of life by others! I will continue to stand proud along with our Law Enforcement Family no matter the circumstances and dangers that we face. We all swear to stand strong and enforce the law's of our nation. Thank you Wilson County for your support. Pray for us as we go about our duties to protect America and Wilson County. God Bless America. Sheriff P.M.Figgins Wilson County, Ks.

Jail Log 9-25-28

Those of you who are interested in Corrections Officer position will still need to come the Sheriff's and fill out a county application. The S.O. is located at 925 Pierce, Fredoia, KS. Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

I Know that I don't utilize social media as some, but I feel that it is imperative to inform our Citizens of Wilson County of another Deputy being shot while performing his duties. This time in Sedgwick County, the Deputy responded to a suspicious person call, when a backup officer responded he found both the Deputy and suspect dead. Our law enforcement community is in mourning as are all law enforcement officers. This is becoming the norm throughout our nation. This year alone two Deputies were killed in Johnson County, two Deputies shot and wounded in Jewell County, and the list continues. This does not include Officers struck by vehicles, or attacked while performing an arrest. My heart aches each time our Deputies and Police Officers respond to a call. Please remember that they have chosen this profession to protect all of you. Next time you see a Law Enforcement Officer tell them you appreciate their service. I know they would appreciate it. Lord knows we don't get a lot of positive comments GOD Bless America and our Officers. Sheriff P.M.Figgins Wilson County,Ks.

9-14-18 jail log

9-5-18 Jail Log

jail log 8-31-18

8-23-18 jail log

School starts today!!! Summer didn't last long?? Watch out for our kids and safe travels.

8-13-18 jail log

8-3-18 jail log

7/31/18 jail log.

7/26/18 Jail Log

7-25-18 Jail Log

7-20-18 Jail Log

07/17/18 Jail log

Jail Log for June 15, 2018 Lt. Ratzlaff

Jail Log for June 11, 2018 Lt. Ratzlaff