Boyd County Detention Center

  • Agency: Boyd County Detention Center
  • Address: 209 28th St, Catlettsburg, 41129 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: 606-739-4224

Boyd County Detention Center is located at 209 28th St, Catlettsburg, 41129 KY. The Boyd County Detention Center phone number is 606-739-4224.

Boyd County Detention Center News

Catlettsburg Water Outage As most of you know, water is out to parts of Ashland and Catlettsburg. We have implemented our emergency management plan for this circumstance so that all inmates will have uninterrupted access to basic needs. We have pallets of bottled water, disposable food service trays, fresh water delivered by England Hill Fire Dept, and chemical toilets for inmate use until water is restored. Thanks to Emergency Management and England Hill Fire Dept. for their assistance.

We're hiring! We currently have 2 openings for full- time employees. This is for an entry-level floor deputy position. Must be at least 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. All new hires are subject to a background investigation and drug testing. Starting pay is $10.75 per hour. • Full benefits package available including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance- same program as state employees. • 12 hour schedule- on duty 182 days per year, off duty 183 days per year- excluding mandatory training days • On-site training with fully certified instructional staff • Vacation and personal time off after 1st year of service To apply, pick up an application at our front office Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm.

We appreciate the thank you note from Summer Motion staff. We're happy to help them every year, as well as what we do for the Boyd County Fair and Poage Landing Days.

Congratulations to BCDC Sgt. Travis Hanshaw, current World Boxing Federation Light Heavyweight Intercontinental Champion, on defending his title against challenger Roy King last Saturday.

Press Release Catlettsburg, KY- Today we were notified by the Boyd County Coroner that inmate Laura Riley's death on June 16th was due to an overdose of methamphetamine. Laura Riley was booked on the afternoon of June 14th on a failure to appear warrant for a misdemeanor trespassing charge out of Greenup County. Due to the nature of her charges, we were not legally permitted to conduct a strip search on this inmate. During booking, a series of questions are asked, many of which are centered around an inmate's drug use history in an effort to help us save inmates from overdose- related death. Inmate Riley denied any recent drug use or having a history of drug use or overdoses during booking questions, which we later learned was not true. Although the Catlettsburg Police Department is still investigating, we are in the process of finishing up our internal investigation of the incident. At this point, we have found no evidence that Laura Riley received methamphetamine from another person. No other inmates in the cell with her exhibited any behaviors associated with intoxication or drug use after they were all removed from the cell. The cell was searched by deputy jailers and our drug detection K9 in the presence of a deputy coroner and Catlettsburg police with no drugs found. Although we have looked at body scanners over the past couple of years, the high cost ($180,000 - $250,000) has kept us from purchasing one with our limited budget. Given that our budget was cut yet again this fiscal year, it is very unlikely that we will be able to purchase one until the new fiscal court (3 of 4 members so far) takes over for next year. -30-

As of today, commissary services at our facility are provided by Kellwell Commissary, based out of Frankfort, KY. Online deposits may be made through or by phone at 1-800-836-3364. For inmates who had funds on their Keefe/Swanson/Trinity account, that money was transferred to the Kellwell system. We are still waiting for the lobby kiosk to be installed (should be within a week) but funds may be left online or by phone until installation is complete. Care packs are available at

Our inmate work crews have been working hard the last few days. They've cut 13th St. hill in Ashland, cleaned up several community cemeteries and put flags on Veterans' graves before Memorial Day, and took care of a few projects around the jail.

It's once again time to start our inmate garden for the year. We have about 1 acre ready to plant and will be planting more areas over the next month until all 6 acres are planted again. Last year in addition to filling the jail's freezers with fresh produce, we were able to donate thousands of ears of sweet corn to River Cities Harvest and other organizations.

Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH) is hiring nursing staff at our facility. They are looking for LPN or RN for a full time evening shift position (4p-12:30a- 40hrs/wk) and part time (16hrs/wk) day and evening shift positions. For more information or to apply, please contact ACH site supervisor Kristyn Gillum at (606)739-4224, option 1, ext. 291.

Sgt. Brad Roberts and K9 Cole are doing a great job keeping drugs out of our jail.

To correct the Daily Independent's article today regarding state inmates, we received approval from the Department of Corrections on March 8th for unrestricted state inmate housing. During the restriction, we still housed between 40 and 70 state inmates. As of today, we are housing 61 state inmates with a total population of 241.

Glove supplier switch will save $6000 per year! Thanks to Sgt. Travis Hanshaw for negotiating our glove supply contract with General Sales. Not only are we now using a local supplier, we are saving $500 per month average by switching from the black nitrile gloves to the blue nitrile gloves stocked by General Sales with the same thickness and durability.

After spending the winter working inside to strip, polish and wax all of the jail's floors, our work crew is back outside on trash pickup. We picked up almost 200 bags of trash along roads in Rush, Ironville, and Cannonsburg so far this week. We've been flooded with requests to pick up roads lately and are trying to catch up, but there is sadly a huge amount of trash each year on our roadsides. You know it's a losing battle when you drive by an area picked up the day before and several pieces of litter have already been tossed out again.

Notice- please do not send items for inmates through Amazon or other online vendors. These items will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.

RELIGIOUS SERVICE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We are in need of volunteers for inmate religious services. There is a need for volunteers from all religious backgrounds. For more information contact Lt. Gus Guzman at (606) 739-4224 option 1, ext. 307 or Lt. Michael Chandler at (606) 739-4224 option 1, ext. 308. A background check, active warrant check, and Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) training is required for all facility volunteers and will be done at no cost to you.

Boyd County Detention Center Press Release- 1/22/18 Full Facility Search Catlettsburg- In an effort to restore public confidence and put a stop to unfounded rumors about the Boyd County Detention Center, Jailer Joe Burchett in conjunction with his command staff, the Clark County Detention Center, and the Kentucky Department of Corrections worked to assemble a team of Deputy Jailers and teams from across the state to perform a full facility search. This search was performed on Friday January 19. The reason for such a large scale search was due to rumors of drugs and cell phones being all over the jail. Due to staffing shortages, it's impossible for us to hit large areas of the facility at one time. By the time we hit one or two cells, inmates in other areas have gotten word and begin hiding or destroying any contraband they may have. This massive search effort with over 60 deputies allowed us to hit entire floors of the building at one time, catching inmates off guard and giving us a better chance at complete contraband removal. In total, 32 cells and 228 inmates were searched over a 6 hour period, plus the jail kitchen and laundry areas. The good news is that no drugs or cell phones were found during the search. Four drug dogs from 3 different agencies assisted in the search for narcotics. Contraband found consisted mostly of extra items that are permitted in the jail and excess property. Attempts at homemade tattoo equipment and a few lighters were also found. We would like to thank the Campbell County Detention Center, Clark County Detention Center, Mason County Detention Center, Montgomery County Regional Jail, Scott County Detention Center, Simpson County Detention Center, and the Woodford County Detention Center for sending staff to assist with the search. Drug detection K9 teams were provided by the Boyd County Sheriff's Department, Campbell County Detention Center, and the Flatwoods Police Department. -30-

Our request was delivered to Judge Executive Towler at 3:00pm today by e-mail and hand delivered copy. To clarify a clerical error, approximately half of the funds for new deputies would go to the salaries line item and half would go to line items for employee benefits.

Jail Staffing Shortage Update- 11 full time staff short On Friday, January 5th, we received our staffing analysis from the Kentucky Department of Corrections. This was requested by Jailer Burchett in November due to concerns about what we perceived as severe short staffing. Our concerns were validated by DOC's analysis, showing that under "perfect conditions" we need 53 full time deputy jailers. We are currently limited to 42 full time staff by the Judge Executive's office and by budget constraints, where we have used over 52% of the deputy salary allotment in half of the fiscal year. A copy of this report was given to the Judge Executive's office on January 5th. We are making a formal request today to Judge Executive Towler for the estimated $600,000 annually ($300,000 through the end of this fiscal year) it will take to staff our facility to full capacity (pay + benefits), as well as an additional $110,000 to increase pay by $2.00 per hour for all current jail employees and new hires through the end of this fiscal year. This will bring our starting pay to a more competitive $12.50 per hour and help to combat our 60% turnover rate. In May of 2017, our proposed budget for the current fiscal year included an additional $98,250 beyond what was approved by fiscal court to hire 2 additional employees and provide for an increase in base pay above the county-wide increase, but that was not approved by fiscal court. A copy of the summary spreadsheet is included, but the full report is available to any media outlet upon request.

Press Release Boyd County Detention Center 12/29/17 Escaped Inmates On Thursday, 12/28/17, 4 inmates were discovered to have escaped from the Boyd County Detention Center. Inmate Bare was apprehended the same day, while inmates Thomas Bentley, Joseph Salyers, and Austin Childers are still on the run. On the day of the escape, a head count was conducted at 1:30am and all inmates were accounted for, which was verified by review of security camera footage from the cell. The inmates escaped from custody at approximately 3:30am. At approximately 6:30am, breakfast trays were passed. During tray pass, employees are to have each inmate pick up their tray at the door and another head count is conducted during the process. The employee who passed trays did not follow established procedures and did not question why 4 inmates did not come to get their breakfast trays and made no efforts check on the inmates who did not come to the door as required. He also failed to follow up with his supervisor and note that anything was out of the ordinary in that cell. That employee was fired yesterday. When the next shift arrived at 8:00am, a head count was conducted within 30 minutes of shift change and the discrepancy was noted. A cell check and perimeter check showed that inmates had broken the lock on a pipe chase and went into the ceiling where they removed a heating and air unit, giving them access to the roof. In 2013, a similar attempt was made to escape from the same cell. The pipe chase lock was repaired and the ceiling above the cells was inspected for damage. During that inspection, metal bars were documented as being in the opening leading to the heating and air unit. Whether the inmates removed the metal bars or whether they were removed by HVAC contractors during unit replacement or repairs is still under investigation. Note to the media- Jailer Joe Burchett is the only person authorized to speak to the media on jail matters. No other person employed at the detention center is authorized to speak with the media.

PRESS RELEASE Boyd County Detention Center Joe Burchett, Boyd County Jailer 12/1/2017 Catlettsburg, KY- On December 1st at approximately 12:30pm, our facility had a chemical incident due to a maintenance employee accidentally mixing 2 incompatible drain cleaners inside of a clogged drain. All inmates in the area were immediately removed and the jail's smoke evacuation system was manually activated. The Catlettsburg Fire Department responded to the incident followed by Emergency Management. One deputy jailer and one inmate received medical treatment due to them possibly inhaling chemical fumes. To ensure the area was clear of any hazardous material, the Ashland Fire Department brought in equipment to decontaminate the booking area and remove chemicals from the drain. Our facility has been given the all clear and we are back open for intakes and releases. We would like to thank the Catlettsburg Fire Department, Boyd County Emergency Management, and the Ashland Fire Department for their assistance during this incident. -30-

Article from the Toledo Blade about inmate efforts to smuggle drugs and the nationwide drug epidimic.

Our “Dreaming of a White Christmas” float in the Ashland Christmas Parade.