Carter County Detention Center

  • Agency: Carter County Detention Center
  • Address: 13 Crossbar Rd, Grayson, 41143 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: 606-475-1606

Carter County Detention Center is located at 13 Crossbar Rd, Grayson, 41143 KY. The Carter County Detention Center phone number is 606-475-1606.

Carter County Detention Center News

7 New GED recipients at CCDC for August!! Great job to Those working with these individuals! And a HUGE thanks to everyone who has shown interest in tutoring. Our classes have been smaller lately so there hasn't been a need for tutoring. When it does Ill definitely be contacting you.

3 new GED recipients for CCDC. A very positive note for the community. Many people that have earned their GED while incarcerated over the last year and a half have not returned to jail. The positive impact of this program has been amazing!!

Let's everyone add to our New Years resolutions list, "I will not go to jail this year". And my favorite, "Just say no to drugs". Thank you.

This young man was in our Carter County Detention Center and has since been working on changing his life around. He has entered a gospel music contest for Christian Rap. This link is to his song and allows you to vote for him in the contest. Give it a listen. It's good to see people making a positive change in their life.

Well it's official! The Four Corners Jailhouse Prayer will be an annual event!! Continue to pray never ceasing, and see you all again next year!!

The Four Corners Prayer was a great success! Great to see so many Carter Countians in prayer together

Work crew painting and staining at the Tourism Cabin in Grayson City Park.

The "Casper Ghost" pumpkins are coming along well at our jailhouse pumpkin patch.

Maybe Wallace may try to hire a county attorney "consultant" now, or start a regional county attorney office.

Grayson Senior Citizens are trying to get old cell phones to have refurbished and given to their members. These phones cost them nothing after redone to make 911 phone calls. It's a safety program they are providing. If you have one you'd like to donate, drop it at the Seniors Citizens building or at the jail and we will get it to them. Thanks so much!!

The mountain of proof against this keeps growing....and still silence from the mole hills.......

Be sure to stay tuned for more information concerning Carter County Citizens for a Better Way's Jail Information Rally. Grayson City Park - this Monday at 7 PM. Come by to get your questions answered.

Grayson just broke this latest info and it will be front page Ashland Daily tomorrow.

Today's Ashland Daily---SHARE story

Well now I guess we will see if it's just political or not. It's a fact this joint venture will lose money for both counties without a federal contract. Will your magistrates and judge exec break the county to soothe their egos?

This is a very informative article. Pass it on, tell a friend. Our county is in serious trouble! Let your magistrates know you do not want to fund another jail when this one is finally doing well. Also people knows they can call me when its your friends or family in jail and want to know they are safe. This board will not be so easily reached since itwill b located in Boyd County

Cabbage and we go!

It has begun. Jailhouse Garden 2012

County Conversation replay tonight at 7pm. Listen on radio 102.3 or watch on Channel 14. Lots of good jail related info.

Don't Try it People