Frankfort Police Department

  • Agency: Frankfort Police Department
  • Address: 315 West Second Street, Frankfort, 40602 KY
  • Chief: Mark Wilhoite (Chief of Police)

Frankfort Police Department is located at 315 West Second Street, Frankfort, 40602 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Wilhoite. The Frankfort Police Department phone number is 502-875-8500.

Frankfort Police Department News

We are proud to make the 2018 Newcomer's Guide. Lieutenant Dusty Bowman is shown helping distribute food to those in need. This type of community-oriented policing is what we're all about at the Frankfort Police Department. This magazine is distributed by the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce to the local hotels and other businesses so newcomers and visitors to our community can get information on local businesses and events.

We are seeking your help in identifying the person in these pictures. There was a burglary at the 99 Club, 545 East Main street on November 4th around 4 AM. Please contact Officer Josh Brown at 502-875-8523 or if you're able to ID the person in the photos or have any other information.

This is the Frankfort Police Citizens Police Academy graduation on October 29, 2018. Some of the members of this class are vision impaired. Thank you to the class for your gifts to the officers that worked with the class. The gift bags contained a book, signature guide, and the braille alphabet along with the National Federation of the Blind keychain. It was an honor to work together and build on our #community first.

Today marks the end of Domestic Violence Awareness month and starts a new one for us here at the Frankfort Police Department. If you happen to see our Officers in the month of November with a beard don’t panic, nobody ran out of razors. The month of November kicks off our cancer awareness campaign….Officers from our Department have the option to donate to a non-profit cancer organization in exchange for being allowed to grow a beard. At the end of the month, several awards will be given away to Officers in different categories as we hand over a check to the organization we pick.

Halloween event 2018... #communityfirst

FPD trunk or treat is in full you can see recruitment is tough and we’ve had to lower our age restrictions.....thanks for the help young rookie!!! 👍

We will be at Juniper Hill Park 6-8pm tonight.. giving out Halloween treats. We will see you soon!

Parents, when you get home tonight with your little ones, go through every piece of candy. Inspect each piece and look for signs of tampering. Anything that’s looks off or is opened throw out. Thank you, let’s keep them safe tonight.

Anybody want some candy?? FPD all loaded up and ready for tonight. If you pull in the park and all the Police Cruisers lights are off you’ll know we have ran out. Special thanks to those who spent countless hours getting this ready including Jessica Wooldridge, Faye Wooldridge, Sharon Ganote, Shane Webber, Lynn Aubrey, Joel Dunmire, Artie Stratton, and Scott Morgan. See everyone tonight...... #communityfirst

Last Thursday the Frankfort Police Department was honored to be involved in the first “Truth or Consequences: The Choice is Yours” program. The program was sponsored by the Franklin County Cooperative Extension Office in collaboration with the city, county, and parochial school systems. With over 100 volunteers, 60 parents, and numerous law enforcement officers participating, 8th graders across the county were able to role-play scenarios dealing with various substance abuse-related behaviors.

The Frankfort Police Department will be conducting its second annual Trunk or Treat at Juniper Hill Park tomorrow night from 6-8pm. Officers and community volunteers will be passing out candy. As you pull into Juniper Hill Park, drive all the way to the top of the park and circle back around to exit, you will be directed into a lane of cones so Officers can greet your kids and pass out the candy. Thanks again to all the volunteers who have helped with this community project. We have over 1000 treat bags to give out.. a special thank you to Traditional Bank for their platinum sponsorship.

The Frankfort/Franklin County Office of Emergency Management in conjunction with the Frankfort Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office release the following information: Frankfort/Franklin County Trick-or-Treat moved to Tuesday, October 30 between the hours of 6 PM and 8 PM. Due to the National Weather Service prediction of inclement weather for Wednesday we have decided to move door to door neighborhood TRICK-OR-TREATING to Tuesday, October 30 set for the same hours. This applies to door to door TRICK-OR-TREATING only. Any private trick-or-treat venues or events will be left up to the organizers of the events as to whether they change their trick-or-treat activities. Thanks.

Due to heavy rainfall Wednesday afternoon through Thursday, we are considering moving Halloween to this Tuesday, the 30th, from 6-8pm. We will have an official announcement by 10am tomorrow morning. If it remains on the 31st we are worried no children we be able to get out in the nasty weather.....stay tuned. We apologize for the possibility of a different date but sometimes Mother Nature has different plans for all of us. Thank you for your patience.

Tomorrow night downtown streets will be closed for approximately two hours as the Black Cat 5k gets underway....streets will close at 6:50 PM and will open as soon as we can get them cleared. Thank you for your patience.

The Frankfort Police Department needs help identifying the subject in these photos. The man is a person of interest in a recent robbery at Tractor Supply. If you have any information please contact Det. Baker at 502-875-8525.

The Frankfort Police Department had three new Police Officers graduate the academy today. Congratulations to Officers, Craig Gonzalez, Andrew Royce, and John Kendell. Please help us in wishing them a safe and successful career serving the citizens of Frankfort.

Missing dog from Magnolia area named Princess. Please call us at 502-875-8582 if you see her.

We are seeking help from the public in identifying a person of interest. If you are able to ID the person in these photos please contact Detective Shane Weber at 502-875-8523 or by email at Thank you!

We currently have a wellness program we offer at our agency that is an incentive for our Police Officers to stay in physical shape and get rewarded for their levels of fitness. This wellness program cuts down on healthcare costs and helps our Officers carry out their daily functions and duties. One aspect that has always been overlooked by so many in our profession is the mental health of the Officers. It’s great to be able to run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes, but what about the horrific scene they may have just worked earlier in the shift? Those feelings and emotions just don’t go away. This administration recognizes the importance of taking care of its Officers both mentally and physically. We are currently working on a program we hope other agencies will follow that will incorporate this mental health wellness into their own agencies and fitness programs. Below is a link to a very informative article….if you have the time, please read it as it will give you some insight into what Police Officers see and deal with and where we have failed addressing certain issues with our people for years now, not just here at the Frankfort Police Department, but nationwide in law enforcement. Chief Ellis

Halloween information......

The Frankfort Police, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), are taking back unwanted prescription drugs Saturday, October 27th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This event will take place at the Franklin County Health Department located at 851 East-West Connector Road. This initiative addresses a vital public safety and health issue. Please help us by bringing your unused prescription pills to the Franklin County Health Department. This service is free and anonymous. Contact: Captain Chris Quire with any questions. 502.382.7138