Hickman County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Hickman County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 110 W Clay St, Clinton, 42031 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: 270-653-2241
Fax: (270) 653-4248

Hickman County Sheriff's Office is located at 110 W Clay St, Clinton, 42031 KY. The Hickman County Sheriff's Office phone number is 270-653-2241.

Hickman County Sheriff's Office News

Earlier this week, the Hickman County Sheriff's Office and the Hickman County Humane Society responded to a residence in the Lyles area. The Hickman County Humane Society received a report of possible animal neglect. While at the residence the owner agreed to voluntarily surrender some of the animals at the residence to make it more manageable. Those animals were transferred to the custody of the Humane Society.

Each year in Hickman County, first responders team up to provide gifts to local kids at Christmas. But, WE NEED DONATIONS FROM YOU and LOCAL BUSINESSES to make this happen. If you would like to donate, please drop your donation off at the Sheriff’s Office Monday-Friday 8;00 am to 4;00 pm. or mailed to First Responders for Children's Christmas 108 College Ave, Centerville, TN 37033, by November 30th. For more information or to make other arrangements to donate, please contact Lorrie O'Guin at 931-729-6143 Ext. 2001. Dontations can also be dropped off at the EMS station or the Centerville Police Department.

The Hickman County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating two shootings from last night/early morning. More information will be released when it becomes available.

Due to software upgrading throughout the county government our phones at both the sheriffs office and the jail will be down for the next several hours. If you need to speak to a deputy please contact Dispatch at 931-729-5146

The members of the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office would like to congratulate JR Haddock and Dusty Talley on their successful completion of the police academy. Both deputies will complete the FTO program and be assigned to Road Patrol....

The members of the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Cash Express and the others who were involved in recognizing the Law Enforcement communities on this 17th anniversary of 9-11.

SRO’s Cody Sullivan and Isahiah Roberson met with the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office East Hickman Intermediate adopt-a-class. This is Mrs. Rachel Smith’s 3rd grade class. The SRO’s passed out little treats with the class....#hcbest4kids

This morning all sworn Hickman County Sheriff’s Deputies and members of the City of Centerville Police Department took the Oath of Deputy Sheriff. City of Centerville Police took the oath as a result of the great working relationship between the two departments. Often members of the City of Centerville Police respond to mutual aid and emergency situations in the county.

This morning Sheriff Randal Ward and Office Managers Lorrie O’Guin and Rhiannon Beasley visited Ms. Michelle Atkinson’s 4th grade class at Centerville Intermediate. Ms. Atkinson’s class is the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office Centerville adopt-a-class.#hcbest4kids


Deputies Brady Cartwright and Ken Daron received some refreshing lemonade at a yard sale benefiting Bucksnort Fire Rescue being held at Classic Auto in town...come out look around, all proceeds will go to support Bucksnort fire rescue

The Hickman County Sheriff's Office is currently accepting applications for Patrol Deputy/School Resource Officer. Applications will be accepted until August 31, 2018 at 4:00 pm and may be picked up at the Hickman County Sheriff's Office main lobby located at 108 College Ave. Centerville, Tn 37033 Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be required to take a written exam, as well as a physical agility test. Those who successfully complete the pretesting will be asked to appear before an oral interview board prior to the agency's final selection. Minimum Requirements: At least 21 years of age at completion of the Academy High School Diploma or equivalent No felony convictions No misdemeanor convictions of Domestic Violence or DUI Must possess and maintain a valid Tennessee Drivers License You must be in good physical condition and meet medical standards as established by the Hickman County Sheriff's Office and the Tennessee P.O.S.T. Starting pay $32,000.00 or based upon experience.

Congratulations to Sheriff Randal Ward for another 4 years.

This dangerous subject is now in custody. He was captured in the same area he fled from North of I-40, in the area of 840.

Students will be heading back to school tomorrow in Hickman County. The Hickman County Sheriff's Office would like to remind all motorists the importance of slowing down and keeping a watchful eye for students. Please follow the following safety tips: *Slow down in all school zones. *Follow other vehicles at a safe distance. *Don’t be a distracted driver. Stay off your cell phone. *Expect brief delays around school areas. *Keep a watchful eye for students that are walking to and from school. *When approaching a school bus, always be prepared to stop. REMINDER: NEW STATE LAW Effective January 1, 2018 - NO Handheld phones use while driving in an active school zone. Class C misdemeanor with up to a $50 fine. Best of wishes for a safe 2018-2019 school year. #hcbest4kids #gobulldogs #goeagles

The members of the Hickman County Sheriff's Office would like to thank First Farmers Bank for the pastries and the appreciation card they delivered to the office this morning.

This is a follow up to our last post regarding phone calls for someone identifying themselves a Deputy Lee Woods telling you to pay or go to jail. The number they are calling from is (931)716-3036. If you call this number back it goes to a directory. This is a scam. They are obtaining information from sites similar to Mobile Patrol. If you have any questions about this call dispatch or come to the Sheriff's Office. If you have a warrant we will help you get it taken care of, and if you don't then we will let you go home. Please do not give anyone money over the phone, we do not conduct business in this manner....

Well ladies and gentlemen the scam artists are back at it again. We have had multiple calls about someone identifying their-selves as Deputy Woods and they or a family member missed jury duty. The caller goes onto say they will be arrested if they do not pay a fine immediately. It is a scam. Rest assured this is not how we operate. We do not ask for money, we simply show up and take you to jail (but not for missing jury duty). Just ask the many people we have had warrants on and showed up at their house. Also there is no jury duty going on right now, a letter was sent out indicating you must sign up by the end of the month (which means it hasn’t been missed), and we haven't had a Deputy Woods since 2013. Most of the time if a person is asking for money immediately by amazon card, gift card, or money order it is going to be a scam. Unless you call them to purchase something do not give people money over the phone. Be smart if you think it is a scam before you give them any banking information, money order information, or gift card information ask them to call you back. Call us immediately so we can help. In today's situation all the callers called us before they turned over any money. The calls unfortunately are not coming from our area and not from inside the country. Also answering the phone, "Fraud Department" to unknown calls can help also....