Hopkins County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Hopkins County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 56 N Main St, Madisonville, 42431 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: 270-821-8294
Fax: 270-825-5029

Hopkins County Sheriff's Office is located at 56 N Main St, Madisonville, 42431 KY. The Hopkins County Sheriff's Office phone number is 270-821-8294.

Hopkins County Sheriff's Office News

This road closure is just outside of Hopkins County to the west of Dawson Springs.

COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL ________________________________________ Beshear: Text Message Scammers Posing as Law Enforcement Officials FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 2, 2018) – In a new scam alert issued by Attorney General Andy Beshear, Kentuckians are being warned of scammers posing as law enforcement officials demanding payment and threatening arrest via text messages. Kentuckians in Greenup, Jefferson and Montgomery counties have recently reported losing more than $110,000 after they thought they were sending payment to an official law enforcement agency. Beshear said Kentuckians are now reporting a number of text messages from con artists identifying themselves as prosecutors or police officers who claim a lawsuit and arrest warrant have been issued and unless Kentuckians call within 30 minutes to make a payment, they will go to jail for six months. Beshear said the best way to avoid the scam is to know that no law enforcement office would ever send a text message to demand payment or threaten arrest. “We are constantly working with our many partners to track down and hold accountable anyone who wrongly uses the name of a law enforcement agency to threaten or hurt Kentucky families,” Beshear said. Beshear said his office launched a direct text messaging and email service, Scam Alerts in 2016. Scam Alerts allows the office to send messages to Kentuckians when new and trending scams are reported in Kentucky. To sign up to receive Scam Alerts, text the words KYOAG Scam to GOV311 (468311), or enroll online at ag.ky.gov/scams. Beshear issued a Scam Alert in October 2017, to warn Kentuckians of a lottery scam that used the name of the Office of the Attorney General to try and scare Kentuckians into sending money over wire transfer. Beshear has also warned Kentuckians of other law enforcement imposter scams, including the jury duty scam and sheriff’s deputy scams. To report a scam to the Office of the Attorney General, dial 888-432-9257 or file a consumer complaint online.

Hopkins County water over road report From KYTC District 2: KY 2280 has High Water signs posted at the 0 to 1mm- dropping KY 1033 is CLOSED at the 1-2mm- signs posted* KY 370 is CLOSED at the 0 to 1mm- signs posted* KY 293 has High Water signs posted at the 1 to3mm- dropping KY 1034 has High Water signs posted at the 0 to 1mm- dropping KY 862 is CLOSED from 3 to 5mm- signs posted KY 892 has High Water signs posted at the 5 to 6mm KY 85 has High Water signs posted along the Pond River levee at the 6 to 8mm between KY 862 and the Hopkins-McLean Line

Last night the Hopkins County Conservation District recognized Sheriff Matt Sanderson for his volunteer work in Hopkins County. Sheriff Sanderson is always quick to recognize the accomplishments of his deputies, so now help us congratulate Sheriff Sanderson on his! Major Will Coursey Chief Deputy

Highway 85 near the Hopkins/McLean Co. line is covered with debris from the recent high water. The state road department is on scene but it will take some time to get it all cleared. If you have to travel this way please use caution.

KY Highway Water Over Road Report for Hopkins County: KY 2280 is CLOSED at the 0 to 1mm- signs posted* KY 1033 is CLOSED at the 1-2mm- signs posted* KY 370 is CLOSED at the 0 to 1mm- signs posted* KY 293 has High Water signs posted at the 1 to3mm- signs posted* KY 1034 has High Water signs posted at the 0 to 1mm- signs posted* KY 862 has High Water from 3 to 5mm- signs posted*

We are asking for your help in identifying the subject in the video. The subject stole a firearm from the vehicle while it was parked at Jeff's Towing on Stagecoach Road. We believe the theft happened between 1 and 3 am on February 28th. If you have any information about this theft please contact Sgt. Lydon Logan at 270-821-5661 https://ring.com/share/6527508974551551448

Great work by the Madisonville-Hopkins County Vice/Narcotics unit, deputies, officers, KSP and our K-9 Nala. Nortonville and Mortons Gap.

We have been contacted about a Facebook post about a threat at West Hopkins School. Deputy John Komar, one of our School Rescource Officers, has investigated the complaint, identified the student involved and taken the appropiate action to ensure the safety of our students before school was dismissed this afternoon. If you receive information about a threat to one of our schools please contact us immediately. Together we can work to protect the children, teachers and staff of all Hopkins County schools.

Hopkins County- 2-24-18 AM KY 502 is CLOSED between the 1 and 5mm—Signs posted KY 1033 has High Water signs posted at the 1 to 2mm KY 3059 has High Water signs posted at the 2 to 4mm All others are fully OPEN at this time

We have had quite a bit of rain and more is on the way. Low lying areas are still flooded and water may cover some of our roads. These pictures were taken in the Nortonville and White Plains area within the last hour. HWY 502 and low areas on the north end of the county are facing similar conditions. Most of the roads are ok now, but that could change quickly as the rain continues. If you come across water over the road, it’s better to find an alternate route than to drive through. Stay safe.

Kentucky CCDW Reciprocity with other states: http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/ccdw/reciprocity.html

Potentially flooded roadways. Please use caution. "Turn around, Don't Drown"! Hopkins County: KY 502 has High Water signs posted between the 1 and 3mm KY 502 has High Water signs posted between the 4 and 5mm KY 892 has High Water Signs posted between the 5 and 6mm KY 2281 has High Water signs posted between the 0 and 1mm KY 813 has High Water signs posted between the 10 and 11mm US 62 has High Water signs posted at the 16 to 17mm between Nortonville & White Plains

We are asking for your help! This truck was involved in the theft of multiple street signs in White Plains. If you know who this is please contact Deputy Heath Owens at 270-821-5661.

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JOB POSTING: This position is for a part-time Court Security Officer (already CCSO certified or POPS certified). Please share this job opportunity.

02/07/2018: Please use caution while driving. We are currently working several traffic collisions due to icy conditions. Some bridges and overpasses are ice covered or have patches of ice.

In 2017, the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office responded to 23,421 calls/activity. Of those calls the following were in the incorporated cities/towns of Hopkins County (excluding Madisonville and Dawson Springs since they have their own 24 hr law enforcement): Earlington 959-calls/population-1413 Nortonville 782-calls/population-1204 Hanson 680-calls/population-742 White Plains 409-calls/population-884 Mortons Gap 325-calls/population-863 St. Charles 101-calls/population-277 Nebo 74-calls/population-236 These call numbers do not include traffic stops or paper service in those cities. Population numbers were taken from the 2010 census.

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Tip: Its time for all of us to file our federal and state income taxes and some of us lose our property tax receipts between paying them and time to file 😞. We all do it. Don't fret, you can locate and print your receipt online at www.hopkinscountysheriff.com and then click on taxes and then click on the red "Pay Your Taxes Online" button. You can search for and locate your paid receipt there. Many happy returns!- Sheriff Sanderson