Jackson County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Jackson County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 175 1st St, McKee, 40447 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: 606-287-7121

Jackson County Sheriff's Office is located at 175 1st St, McKee, 40447 KY. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office phone number is 606-287-7121.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office News

I recently saw a message where a father had spent a significant amount of time working with his young son on a special project. It was not money spent, special effects, or anything else that made that young boy happy. It was the time his father gave to share with his son. I was a little ashamed of myself when I read that story, because I don't spend enough quality time with my wife or my grandchildren. I hope to improve in the future. How about you? Someone recently stated, "Even Jesus had naysayers." That could not be more true. No matter how hard we try at the JCSO, there seems to be some who don't think it is enough. We try to respond to every single call for service, no matter how large or small. A bicycle stolen from a young boy or girl is an important issue to that child. The health and safety of an elderly parent is a big deal that does deserve our time and effort. A small isolated road still deserves to be patrolled periodically. So, we try to answer those calls, no matter what time of day or night. Jackson County is a big county in area. We have only four deputies and myself to answer around ninety calls for service every week, in addition to serving all the civil and criminal papers, answering questions from the public, typing cases and accident reports and testifying in court. Many times only one officer is available to respond to serious issues, only because no one else is available. We have a great group of KSP troopers and Constables who help as much as possible, but still there are not enough people to be at all places immediately when called. Therefore, all we can do is try, and we do try every day to make our county safer and better for all our citizens. We don't try to make excuses and we try to be reasonable with everyone. Thank those of you who understand. Beware of people who would steal your vehicle! Recently I learned there are a group of thieves stealing vehicles in our region. I heard as many as two-hundred vehicles have been reported stolen in the surrounding counties. The vehicles sought out are usually not new, but the older vehicles without the tracking devices installed. Please be aware of this problem and remember to lock your vehicle when you are out and keep an eye out for people who may be looking to steal a car. Last week the JCSO responded to ninety-one calls for service. We opened six criminal cases, made eight criminal arrests and investigated seven traffic accidents. Court security is now adequately staffed and handles the majority of civil and court documents that has to be served. We have good personnel who really try to do their job properly. I am very proud of my staff and I appreciate every prayer of support. Thank you.

Last week’s update: It takes guts to make a change. It is amazing what can happen when people pull together and try. A few short months ago we made the decision to obtain a drug dog for our Sheriff's Office. We obtained a Walmart and ASAP grant, and we received significant donations from PRTC, Jackson Propane, several churches and numerous donations from private citizens. Every penny has been closely accounted for and is in a separate account. Last week I contacted Southern Coast K-9 to purchase our drug dog. Very soon Chief Deputy Daniel Isaacs will travel to Florida where he will receive two weeks of intense training with his new K-9 and will be certified in drug detection with the animal. We will continue to seek financial support to provide food, shelter and vet bills for the animal, so if you wish to support those efforts, it is still greatly appreciated. Thank you for stepping up to help the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Today we begin a new tax season. We are open from 8-4 Monday through Friday and 8:30 to 11:30 on Saturday to receive your tax payments. We will give you a receipt, which you should keep for your income tax purposes. Thank you in advance. We have had a couple of criminal cases recently that were solved as the result of citizen information. Many people are afraid to say anything for fear that someone may retaliate, but without their help we are much less likely to solve the case. As stated earlier, it takes guts to make a change. Step up and help us out. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to eighty-two calls for service. We investigated eight traffic accidents, opened five criminal cases and arrested five individuals. Our court security continues to keep the court rooms safe, serve civil and criminal papers and transport mental patients to hospitals. We appreciate your support and your prayers.

Believe it or not, it is tax time again. You should receive your property tax bills for 2018 by the end of this week. You may begin paying your taxes on Monday, October 1, 2018. If you wish to pay at the office, please bring your tax bill with you. If you pay by check you may write the check to JCSO or Jackson County Sheriff's Office. You should tab your check with the property number for 2018 taxes. This will give you a good reference number for your income taxes, when you file those. If you pay with cash you will receive a receipt of payment, which you obviously should hold onto. If you wish to mail your tax payment, the address is PO Box 426, McKee, KY 40447. If you wish to have a receipt mailed to you, include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment. No one wants to pay taxes, but those tax dollars help fund schools, roadways, police and fire departments and many other important things in our county. Pay early and take advantage of the two percent discount! Illegal drugs lead to the vast majority of illegal crime in our area. Recently we have been swamped with burglary and theft complaints. A side by side off road vehicle was stolen after a business was burglarized in Welchburg Estates near the Egypt community. Constable Steve Gill is the case officer on this case, which led to the arrest of one individual and the recovery of the stolen vehicle and some of the stolen property. We are still looking for information leading to the recovery of the remainder of the stolen property and any other people involved in this burglary. Please call if you can help us. We have had several other thefts and burglaries throughout the county. A home was burglarized in the Sand Gap community that resulted in an arrest. We are constantly patrolling high crime areas as best we can, but we need the eyes and ears of the neighbors to help us. Step up if you know something that will help us clear these cases. Every thief will average three thefts or burglaries a week. They are always looking for easy access, so always lock your doors, put locks on pull behind trailers, stock trailers, etc. Also, put an identifying mark on all your property and take pictures. That will help law enforcement identify items they run across if a serial number is not available. Last week the JCSO answered seventy-five calls for service. We investigated four traffic accidents, opened four criminal investigations and arrested five individuals on various traffic charges. We have hired two additional court security officers to replace the individuals who resigned to take on new jobs. Our court security is responsible to wait on the courts, serve a huge amount of civil and criminal documents, transport mentally ill patients to hospitals, etc. They are important part of our Sheriff's Office and we appreciate their work. We ask for your support as we work hard to make Jackson County a great place to live.

As Barney Fife says,... "nip it in the bud". I can never understand why people get some level of joy by spreading false rumors that hurts anyone. I recently heard a rumor that I was no longer the Sheriff and was facing all kinds of legal trouble. I am not aware of any investigations against me or my office and have no knowledge of any wrong doing by either me or my office. If anyone has questions about me or my office, come to me and ask me, but don't spread negative rumors. It does no good and only brings our county down. From time to time we try to remind the public of various things you can do to help law enforcement. Here are ten options to keep yourself safe and secure and protect your property. 1. Put large reflective address numbers on your mailboxes or on an entrance location. This always speeds up our response times when we receive a call for service. 2. Lock your vehicles, lock the doors at your home and lock your outbuildings. Thieves look for easy access and opportunity. 3. Install cameras and use alarm systems.on your business or home. The alarms prevent thefts and burglaries and the cameras prove who the thieves are. 4. If an emergency vehicle turns on their lights to signal you to stop, find a location on your right and pull over as soon as possible. Keep your hands on the wheel where they can be seen until the officer speaks to you. 5. Always wear your safety belt when in a vehicle. Always keep your child in an appropriate child seat and never allow children who have no license to operate an ATV or other vehicle on the roadway. Watch out for motorcycles, ATV and off road vehicles on the roadway. 6. If an officer places you under arrest, even if you do not believe you are guilty, you must submit to the arrest. Never resist arrest or attempt to run because it will always make matters much worse. The courts ultimately determine guilt or innocence. 7. If you take even one alcoholic drink, find a sober driver. Never take illegal drugs or alcohol and attempt to operate a motor vehicle. Anything that impairs your judgement can result in a serious accident in which you could be at fault. It is not worth the risk. 8. Jackson County Sheriff's Office has an administrative number which is 606-287-7121. It is answered during normal business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. That number is used for questions or issues surrounding taxes, billing for SO issues, etc. We handle routine questions or administrative matters for the Sheriff during those hours. Any time you have need for law enforcement officers to respond to an emergency, you should dial 911 or 606-287-9979. This will access Jackson County Dispatch, who will get you the nearest available officer to handle your law enforcement emergency. 9. Pay attention to unusual people or vehicles around your home or business. If you see something that is out of the ordinary, call local law enforcement and we will do our best to check it out. 10. Always obey school bus stop signs. If the stop sign is out, do not attempt to pass until the driver turns off emergency lights and continues on. These are simple issues that are good reminders for anyone who lives in our county. Tax season is upon us again. Soon property taxes will be mailed out to every property owner in the county. Even if you do not receive a tax bill you are responsible for taxes on every property. We encourage everyone to pay early to take advantage of the tax discount. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to eighty-two calls for service. We investigated four traffic accidents, opened five criminal investigations, and arrested ten individuals on various criminal charges. Our court security served many civil and criminal documents and protected the administrative offices of the court in our county. We really work hard to make our county a great place to live. We appreciate your continued support and prayers. Thank you.

Update as seen in the newspapers: Wow! What a weekend we had in Jackson County for the Jackson County Fair! Even the weather couldn't dampen the spirits of hundreds of people who came to McKee to celebrate, sing, dance, eat and eat and eat! It was just great! Our Jackson County Fair Committee is to be commended for all the hard work that went into making our county fair the best ever, with practically no illegal activities discovered. I appreciate the good behavior by all. Is family important to you? I, for one, think it is one of the most important things in life. Fathers have a responsibility to raise up their children and provide for their families. They are created to be the protector and defender of their household. They are the one most accountable to teach their children right and wrong, good and evil and how to do good and avoid evil. Mothers are no less responsible to nurture and care for their children. Sadly, too many mothers are forced to be both mother and father. They have to be the head of the household, the leader and breadwinner for the children and the person who is most responsible for how their children turn out. It is, many times, easy to see the scars of children who are raised in single parent households, even if the single parent has done their best. Grandparents inherit even more difficulties when their children have children but can not or do not take care of them. We were not made to raise kids when we are old, but many grandparents are forced, at no fault of their own, to do just that. Even if the kids struggle, how would they make it without the grandparents. All this being said to simply remind people, we all have responsibilities as adults. We all have purpose for our lives that are far more important than ourselves. Therefore, take those responsibilities seriously and, as the bible says, ..." train up a child in the way they should go and, when they are old they will not depart from it." We are becoming more and more concerned about ATV riders on our roadways. It is illegal to ride an ATV on a State highway in Kentucky, except for one mile from one trail to another trail. In Jackson County an ordinance was passed years ago that allows riding ATV on gravel county roadways. We are very lenient on ATV riding, however, parents should not allow children under the age of sixteen to operate ATV, or any automobile, on the roads. I fear we are going to have a child seriously injured or killed while riding ATV on the highway. Please talk to your children and remember, parents are responsible. In the past two weeks the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to one-hundred and ninety calls for service. We investigated six traffic accidents, opened nine criminal investigations and arrested six individuals on various charges. We appreciated the support from the public and cherish your prayers.

This week’s update: A grieving mother came to the office today. She told me about her son who reportedly committed suicide a few years ago, after he returned from serving his country in Iraq. She struggled to tell his story without shedding tears. Her son did not die in battle, but likely he died because of it. Those of us who have not faced a brutal enemy in battle can not appreciate the sacrifice that our soldiers have made. Then I see some professional athlete who will not stand as the National Anthem is played and the flag is raised. With each freedom we enjoy, we also have a responsibility to respect those who gave us these freedoms. To disrespect our symbol of freedom is to spit in the faces of the people who fought for it. Without the men and women of all races and cultures who fought and bled and died, our country would not exist today. God has blessed America! We have much to be thankful for and a responsibility to stand for the freedoms we enjoy. We often receive notices of illegal drugs that are being smuggled into our country in hidden compartments in vehicles, shipped in covert boxes through the mail and stuffed in places where police officers normally do not search. Routinely on interstates and in communities throughout the country, huge shipments of illegal drugs and money are seized when a drug dog locates those drugs in hidden places. The Jackson County Sheriff's office is a small office with very limited resources. We struggle to find the funding to maintain our equipment and pay our employees. I am committed to purchase a K-9 for our office, however, because I believe it is an additional tool necessary to fight this war on illegal drugs. We received a new donation this week from PRTC. Their President, Mr. Kieth Gabbard, made an additional personal donation. Churches and citizens all over the county are also pitching in with donations. Every donation, no matter if it is large or small, is greatly appreciated! Hopefully we will soon have the funding necessary to make the purchase of the K-9 which will be utilized on our roadways, in searches of residences and in our schools. This is just another step in making our Sheriff's Office the best it can be. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to ninety-six calls for service. We investigated five traffic accidents, opened seven criminal investigations, arrested nine individuals on various criminal charges and we handled volumes of criminal and civil documents. People call our office for information on various issues and our court security continues to protect our courts. We ask for your prayers and your support as we work hard to keep our citizens safe. God Bless.

There is an old song that says, " Now I've been smiling lately. Thinking about the world to come. And I believe it could be, something good has begun!" What do you do with your life? Ask yourself, Am I honoring God with my actions and my words? A group of retired teachers recently stepped up to help bring UNITE Clubs to every school in our county. They help for free and their purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of our children as we all find ways to direct every student toward a good education and away from illegal drug use. Even though they have retired from teaching, they have not retired from serving. How about you? Are you 18-24 and out of school? Daniel Boone Community Action Agency in Jackson and Clay County has a new WIOA Out-of-School program for local residents who are no longer enrolled in school or have dropped out of high school. If you need financial assistance for training, paid internships, on the job training, supportive services, career advice, tuition assistance, etc. contact Daniel Boone Community Action Agency at 606-364-4484. Jobs are available right now, so let the Daniel Boone Community Action Agency help you start a new career. Do you have a job but no transportation to it? Daniel Boone Transit can help you get to and from work for only $6.00 per round trip. This is a great way to overcome obstacles that keep you from succeeding in life. Call today at 606-364-5809 and get started on that new job. If you are willing to work, jobs are available. There is more opportunity for good paying jobs in Jackson County than I can remember in years. Local factors are searching for new employees. Many will provide on the job training. For those with limited education, there are service jobs in towns all around our area. Most employers require a certificate of education and a clean drug screen. Don't allow a bad habit to keep you from providing for your family. Earning a pay check for an honest job brings self-esteem and hope to every person. Those who try can succeed today. Go for it! Last week our office received two brand new Portable Breathe Test kits that were donated to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office by the US Deputy Sheriff Association. They also ordered two new vests for our officers. All this equipment costs significant money, and our office simply can not afford PBT kits on our budget. I appreciate the support of our US Deputy Sheriff Association. These tools will enhance our ability to do our job and protect our officers, at no cost to our county. Thank you. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to eighty calls for service. We opened three criminal investigations, arrested eight individuals on various criminal offenses and investigated four traffic accidents. Our court security provided protection and order in our court rooms, transported prisoners to and from court and mental patients to hospitals. We appreciate your support and every prayer. Thank you.

This week’s update: It is so nice when the community gets behind an idea and makes an idea a reality. Recently I received a call from a good friend who informed me the youth group from Faith Baptist Church is setting up a booth at the upcoming Jackson County Fair. They stated the group was going to share their proceeds to help the Jackson County Sheriff's Office purchase the drug K-9. It is a great way for teenagers to become stakeholders in a good community cause. I appreciate the effort and the person who came up with such a great idea. Please buy some food from this group and help us to help you. Thank you! We continue to get donations for our K-9 project. I am confident by the middle of September we can begin to order the dog and set up a schedule for the training of our deputy. I appreciate the support that, I believe, will put much more pressure on illegal drug dealers. Perhaps this will be the incentive to make some stop their illegal behavior. Again, thank everyone who is contributing. More and more people are seen walking the roads at night. Many good citizens have expressed concern for those who walk by their homes. We are aware of the activity and ask the public to let us know when someone is walking, particularly after dark. It is not illegal to walk on a public highway at night, but it is very dangerous. Most pedestrians are not wearing reflective clothing, so it is very difficult for motorists to see them. We want to encourage pedestrians to always walk facing oncoming traffic, so you can take evasive action if a driver does not see you. You should limit night time walking on the roadway if possible, and know the police will certainly check you out if you are observed walking at night. We don't want to lose a life if we can prevent it, so please be careful. A fatal accident occurred last week that took the life of one of our citizens. I can imagine the pain the family endures in such traumatic times, and I am very sorry for their loss. The child inside the vehicle survived, likely because it was in a child restraint seat. Seat belts do not save every person in an accident, but statistics prove anyone involved in an accident has a greater chance of survival if they have are utilizing their safety belts. Please take time to pray for the family of the one lost in a traffic accident last week and remember to buckle up. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to ninety calls for service. We investigated ten traffic accidents, opened three criminal investigations and arrested four individuals on various criminal charges. The court security personnel continue to keep our courthouse safe, transport prisoners to and from court and mental patients to hospitals. Any job in law enforcement is potentially very dangerous. We appreciate your support and your prayers. God Bless.

This week’s update: The Lord works in mysterious ways! As many of you know, the Jackson County Sheriff's office has been working to secure funding to purchase a K-9 for drug interdiction. Within a few days of our announcement, we received a grant from Walmart for $5000.00, which is a wonderful help to our county. We have since received several small donations from local citizens and this week we received a $500.00 donation from Green Hill Baptist Church! We are now almost half way to our goal to purchase the K-9. When there is a true need, somehow we always find a way. Thank God and thank everyone who is helping us increase the pressure on illegal drug dealers. God Bless! School safety is a top priority for the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. I have been working with the Jackson County School System for much of the summer to establish a partnership with the Jackson County Schools and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. We now have a Deputy Sheriff who is a School Resource Officer for Jackson County High. J.R. Weaver was selected as our SRO for JCSO. He will provide a working partnership that should greatly enhance school safety, reduce the presence of illegal drugs, bullying and other types of violence in the school. We will continue to explore other options to make every school in our county a safe haven for our children. This is a great step in that direction. I appreciate our Superintendent, Mike Smith, and the entire school board for their willingness to research all options to improve safety in all our schools. Operation UNITE just completed another Camp UNITE program at University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY. Several students from Jackson County participated in, what I believe is the greatest summer camp in Kentucky. The entire week is free to the participants. They are taught great leadership skills that empower them to avoid the use of illegal drugs. It also helps those students promote a drug free environment in our local schools. Every participant was overwhelmed by the great lessons learned in a most enjoyable, safe and rewarding camp experience. We appreciate the support of UNITE and the effort they make in Jackson County to bring hope to every child, and help for every family. Thank you. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to ninety-two calls for service. We investigated two traffic accidents, opened ten criminal investigations and arrested six individuals on various criminal charges. Our court security personnel work hard to serve civil and criminal papers, transport prisoners to and from our county jail and to mental facilities and maintain security in the courts. We appreciate your prayers and your support. God Bless.

In law enforcement, every office needs to maintain a chain of command. This allows everyone to know who is in charge at every situation and who has the authority and responsibility to direct the actions of the other police officers in every situation, as well as hold every officer accountable. It is good business and necessary to maintain professionalism within the Sheriff's Office. Recently, Deputy Daniel Isaacs was promoted to Chief Deputy. As such, Daniel is in charge in my absence and is responsible for the storage of all evidence that is seized by any deputy. He is responsible to investigate all injurious use of force of our officers. He is also responsible for the schedule, keeping accumulated compensatory time under control and adjusting the schedule to provide the best coverage possible with the available personnel. Keith Berry was promoted to Lieutenant and is now responsible for review of all criminal investigations in our county. He is also designated as primary investigator of major crimes in our county, unless they are investigated by KSP or other agencies. These promotions recognize the efforts of these two senior officers and insures that someone is in charge in every situation. Most businesses require a background check for any new employee. That is not always practical for those who hire someone to do home improvement, house sit an elderly person or baby sit. Even though you may not be able to do a thorough background check, you should make calls to check out anyone before you allow them to work for you. Previous employers can give you good information that could be very important to you. People who live near the potential employee can give you great insight into their honesty and integrity. Many unsavory characters have a great line and are truly "cons" who may steal personal belongings or take advantage of an elderly person or child. You should never take anyone at face value. Before you choose to allow someone to work for you, check them out! We are at the end of the month and very near the beginning of the new school year. School buses will be stopping to pick up students throughout the county. Whenever the stop sign is out on a bus, that means you are required to come to a complete stop until the sign is turned off. If a bus driver complains and can identify anyone who violates this law, legal action will be taken. We can't afford to risk the life of a child because another vehicle doesn't want to stop. Be extra cautious and lets's keep our children safe on the school buses. The JCSO continues to raise funds to purchase a K-9 for illegal drug investigations. If you want to continue to increase the pressure against illegal drug dealers, you can contribute to this fund by writing a check to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, directed for the purchase of a drug dog. All assistance is greatly appreciated. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to ninety -one calls for service. We opened three criminal investigations, arrested three individuals on various criminal charges and investigated six traffic accidents. Our court security team continues to insure your safety within the courthouse, serve criminal and civil documents and transport prisoners to and from court. As always, we appreciate your prayers and support.

This week’s update: We all have walls to climb. At church Sunday, our pastor spoke about obstacles in life that keep us all from accomplishing things or situations that seem to be impossible to overcome. It is much more difficult to find good work if one has a record or an addiction. It is hard to feed a family on one income, particularly if it is a lower paying job. It is tough for a mother to work if she has children at home. These are a few things that make life more difficult. It is necessary, if one is to have anything, to try to rise above those obstacles and climb over those walls that prohibit success. It is important to know where our help comes from and to rely on that help in times of trouble. I love to attend church because it helps me recharge my faith batteries for the upcoming week. If you find it difficult to make it, give God a try and find a church that feels right for you. God always helps us meet our needs and never forsakes us. When everything seems to fail, try God. School will begin soon and excitement (or dread) is growing in every student. School should be a good thing for every child. The opportunity to learn more, to experience new and exciting things, to grow into a man or woman, is so important to all of us. Parents need to encourage every child to appreciate the opportunity that so many children in the world do not have. A good education is possible in our county now, more than ever! Talk to your children and express to them the importance of a good education. Students who have a family member who cares has a much greater chance for success in their adult life. We can make a difference in every child's life if we care enough to try. Our retired teachers in Jackson County are stepping up to support our schools in Jackson County. Our UNITE coalition works to increase education to prevent the spread of drug abuse in our youth. Our retired teachers are committed to bring hope to our students who may not have the support they need to be successful. When you see a retired teacher, thank them. They still make a difference in our children's lives. Seat belt usage continues to be a problem in our county. Too many people fail to buckle up and the results can be disastrous. It only takes a second to do something that can save your life, and it is the law. It is a violation that is taken very seriously, so buckle up for safety. Buckle Up! The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is accepting donations to purchase a K-9 for drug investigations. We have already obtained approximately $5000.00 toward our goal of $12,500.00 dollars needed to purchase the drug dog. Many people and many businesses have expressed their desire to help fight the drug war in Jackson County. Here is your chance to make a difference. We are constantly working to address the drug problem, but we need the tools to be more successful. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's office responded to seventy-eight calls for service. We investigated three traffic accidents, arrested four individuals on various criminal charges and opened six criminal cases. If you have any information that can help solve crimes in our county, please call me at 606-287-7121. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Update: Can you believe half the year is past? My, how time does fly! Since that is the case, what are you doing with the time you have? Sometimes it is easy to fall into a pit and simply sit on the sidelines of life and allow it to pass you by. Our value as a person is derived by what we do, not what we say. Therefore, if you have time, get involved in something. As long as we have reasonable health, there are still important contributions we can make to society. Do you visit the home-bound? Do you read to children or tell them stories of long ago? Do you spend positive time with your children or grandchildren, mentoring them to grow up as they should? Cherish every moment and make it a valuable time for all of us. Get involved! The best results occur when one waits until God directs our path. For several months we worked without filling the position of Deputy Lynn Goforth, who accepted a position at Berea PD. Last week the JCSO hired a new deputy. William Bo Harris is a nineteen year veteran law enforcement officer. His experience level is outstanding and he has a great reputation for honesty and integrity. He is already a certified police officer and I am confident he will be a tremendous asset to Jackson County. We Need Your Help!! If we are to continue to increase pressure on the illegal drug dealers in our county we need a certified drug dog. We have already received approximately one-half of the funds needed to purchase a dog, but we still need businesses and citizens to donate money for this worthy cause. If you can help please make checks payable to Jackson County Sheriff Office with the memo line specifying drug dog purchase. We have a separate account established for donations. The quicker we receive the needed funding the quicker we can address drug problems in a new way. Thank you for your support. ATV and off-road vehicles are hot items for thefts. You should never leave these vehicles in plain view and you should try to secure them with locks, chains, etc. Thieves look for easy opportunity. If you leave items in places of easy access they likely could be stolen, so beware. The JCSO routinely conducts traffic safety check points in designated locations. Our checkpoints will be in highly visible areas and will usually last around thirty minutes. We look primarily for operator license, insurance proof, registration and impaired drivers. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to eighty calls for service. We investigated two traffic accidents, opened six criminal cases and arrested five individuals on various charges. Our court security is an important part of our team that keeps our courtrooms safe and secure. We appreciate all the prayers and support.

This week’s update: There is a grand old flag that blows freely throughout the land. Men and women have carried that blessed banner into battle after battle, never allowing a star or a stripe touch the earth, even at the cost of their lives. Though it has been torn and tattered, through every storm that flag has stood the test of time. In America, the flag still stands today. It stands for our right to religious freedom, to worship our God without fear of retaliation by our government. It represents our right to speak out, to voice our concerns, without fear of retaliation from a government who might try to keep us silent. It reminds us of our right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves and our families, even against a government that would seek to take the rights we have gained. It represents our freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. It is a visible symbol of independence! It is sacred and important and no one man or woman should diminish, depress or demean its value. As we celebrate July 4, 2018, let us never forget the men and women who fought and died on our behalf and the flag that represents our freedom. Let us never, ever, take their sacrifice lightly, for if we do, we will see less and less freedom blowing across our land. GOD BLESS AMERICA and LET FREEDOM RING!! July 4 is usually a big day for cookouts and family gatherings. Traffic is always heavy with many motorcycles traveling through our county. Fireworks, parties, liquor and drugs make matters much worse as tempers flare. Domestic situations increase and there will likely be traffic accidents. It is a busy time for our law enforcement, so do us a favor. Don't let celebrations turn into battle fields. Don't let small issues turn into big problems for families and friends. Use good judgment and stay off the roadways if you are drinking or taking drugs. Law enforcement will be out there to take care of the problems, but for the rest of us, make this 4th of July great! It takes guts to make a change! The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is exploring ways to purchase a drug dog. We are looking at opportunities for grants, but the cost for a certified drug dog will likely be around $12000.00. This office simply does not have the available funding to make this purchase, so we need your help. The JCSO will begin seeking financial support from citizens to obtain matching funding for the purchase of a drug dog beginning July 15, 2018. We need help from businesses, churches, community leaders, etc. We are setting up a fund for donations. If you wish to help, we ask you to make donations by check, so we can keep a record of every donor. If we are going to increase the pressure on illegal drug dealers, we need your help. Make checks to JCSO, PO Bx 426, McKee, KY. Your support is appreciated. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to ninety-nine calls for service. We opened two criminal investigations, investigated three traffic accidents and arrested three individuals on various criminal charges. We partner with KSP, local constables in traffic safety checkpoints in safe locations to observe for seat belts, operator's license, impaired drivers, insurance infractions, etc. Our court security protects the court rooms, serves subpoenas and other important legal documents. We all work together to make our county better. Thank you for your support.

This week’s update: I love Jackson County and its people! Our county is improving, but the world is just getting more and more difficult. I've been thinking about our county and all the things that continue to cause concern for so many good people. I want every child to have a good chance at life, to be happy and safe and to have someone to encourage them to become great. I want every elderly person to be content in their situation with friends and family who care for them and help them when they need it. I want our schools to be safe havens, overflowing with opportunity for great success and a place where every person can grow and every teacher can help make it happen. I want every church to grow and help our people draw near to God. I want opportunity for every person, regardless of their past, to find good jobs with good pay, so they no longer feel desperate and depressed. I want every home to be safe with parents and grandparents keeping their children secure and free from harm. I want every thief and drug dealer to be ashamed of what they are doing to others and fearful of their imminent arrest and conviction. Three deputies and I work hard every day to make it happen, but we need a lot of help. We put it all on the line for the people we serve, every day. The reality is, sometimes we wonder if people know or care how hard this job can be! The danger is understood, thankfully, but the rules and laws we have to go by are not understood. We must have a reason to stop anyone. The law requires that from us. We must have permission to search a home or a search warrant to search. We can not simply break down a door and go inside, unless there are extenuating circumstances. We must actually witness a crime or we must be able to prove our case to make an arrest or obtain a warrant to arrest. To KNOW someone is committing a crime is never enough. We must be able to prove it. We must collect all evidence and put a case together that proves someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, with lawyers and judges picking apart those cases to determine if we were right. There is always pressure to do the right thing the right way and we accept that responsibility. We just need to know the public has our backs, too. People contact me every day to tell me about a family member, a neighbor or someone in the community who is causing problems for them. They want something done right now to address their problem. I understand their concerns and I try to address every single problem. It is, however, not possible to solve every problem or to be where we need to be at just the right time to take action on a situation. At any one time their may be only one or two officers working. We get assistance from our constables and KSP, but it is hard to imagine the feeling of going into a potentially very dangerous situation with little or no help. We live in a dangerous world with dangerous people. We are the ones who run to the danger, not from it, but we need the public to have our backs, too. It takes guts to make a change! We need your support and your prayers. We need your understanding and your patience. We need the good people to step up and help us make your community better. If you are willing and able to make undercover drug buys for us, call me at the office. If you know where stolen property has been taken or who has taken it, call me at the office. If you want your community to improve, stand together against the people who are destroying it. We need neighborhood watches in all parts of the county. We need eyes on the problem people and voices to help us prove their criminal acts. We are all in this together. Jackson County is a great place but we have to stand together. Will you help us? Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to calls for service. We investigated traffic accidents and opened criminal cases. We arrested individuals on various criminal charges. We ended up our Circuit court month with many cases disposed of, and we served a volume of documents. We handled untold numbers of calls at our office and our cell phones. We are doing our best to make Jackson County better every day. God bless us all as we continue to serve the people we love.

My Dad was born in 1904, so he was raised during the Depression Era. He once told me he didn't actually didn't know there was a depression. He said everyone was poor, so they didn't realize any difference. They raised all their food and everyone worked. There was never a discussion about retirement in his time. They only thought about enough food to survive and honoring their word. A handshake was better than a contract. My Dad taught us to love God, respect others and obey the rules. He was a great inspiration to me and many others who knew him. Dad lived his life and honored God. I miss my Dad and I wish I could be even half the man he was. I don't know how we would make it without our KSP and constables. We have been overwhelmed with calls in the past months, but our constables and our KSP officers step up to help every time. I appreciate them so very much. If you get a chance, please thank them for their hard work. We have received many complaints about speeders on motorcycles, ATV traffic, and speeding traffic on KY 89 North. Drug dealers continue to harass good people in the area. I guess it is the warm weather, but people seem to take unnecessary risks during this time of year. Accidents increase and tempers flair. Please slow down and use good judgement. We will tow any ATV that is driving recklessly and tickets will be issued. Also, please wear your seat belts and helmets if you are on a motorcycle. Even if you are not at fault, a seatbelt or helmet can prevent serious injury or even death. Be safe, not sorry. Our law enforcement team will be conducting regular traffic checkpoints in visible locations in the area to check for seatbelt usage, operator license and insurance, as well as observe for impaired drivers. Garbage clean up time is here. Our deputies have been instructed to vigorously enforce any littering, illegal dumps or other related crimes. We have to convince people some way to clean up their mess! Help us out and be an example for others. Church youth groups are looking for ways to make a difference in their areas. If your church group wants to help, they can volunteer to clean up garbage burn piles, mow lawns, or pick up trash around elderly persons homes. Nothing can make one feel better than helping others in need. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's office responded to seventy-seven calls for service. We investigated nine traffic collisions, opened two criminal cases and arrested seven individuals on various charges. Our court security personnel spent hours waiting on the Circuit Courts and served a volume of papers. Our office personnel work hard to keep you safe and handle your calls. Thank you for your support and for your prayers.

The Jackson County Sheriff's office, with assistance from Detective Everett Johnson, Commander of Law Enforcement for Operation UNITE, completed a four month investigation into Illegal Trafficking in Controlled Substances in the First Degree. The investigation stems from citizen complaints regarding illegal drug sales in our community. Crystal Meth was the focus of this investigation, which appears to be the drug most abused in our county at this time. Seven individuals were arrested and charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine. 1. Sharon Shepherd TCS 1 2. Jazmine Phillips TCS 1 3. Justin Parrett Complicity to TCS 1 4. Kimberly Ray TCS 1 5. Matthew Hamman TCS 1 6. Dale Harrison TCS 1 7. Mitchell Peters TCS 1 These individuals are lodged in the Jackson County Detention Center. Many citizens have voiced concerns about crimes being committed in their area. These investigations are both expensive and time consuming. Our officers constantly are looking for various enforcement efforts to reduce the drug problems in our county. It is a great time to speak to your children and remind them that improper actions have negative consequences. Our goal has never been to see how many people we can arrest, but rather simply to do everything in our power to stop the drug problem. If you have additional information or are willing to help law enforcement regarding our investigations, please contact our office at 606-287-7121. A special thanks goes to Operation UNITE for their help in addressing the illegal drug problem in Jackson County.

Last Sunday my family and I had church at the old Wind Cave Cemetery. Several descendants of the Lakes, McCowan, Maupin, Isaacs, Brewer, and other families attended. It is good to remember the people who actually established communities in these remote locations and renew old acquaintances. We all had a great time listening to the McCowan family sing those old shape note songs. You could hear the harmony of their voices all over that old hollow. Ms. Lakes was the oldest to be able to attend. At 96 years old, she still remembers the families of those already gone on and the memories of those who lived and raised families in Wind Cave. Don't forget where you came from, folks. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office completed a four month investigation into illegal drug trafficking that resulted in eight arrests. This investigation focused primarily on Methamphetamine. The individuals involved are lower land mid level dealers. Our goal is not to see how many we can arrest, but stop the drug problem. We constantly work to bring those who sell illegal drugs to justice. Traffic accidents are increasing lately. Some of these accidents are drug or alcohol related. Accidents occur without intent in most cases, but if you choose to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may be criminally liable for your actions. If you see someone driving erratically, placing others or themselves in danger of injury, always call the Jackson County Dispatch at 606-2879979. They will need the location, make and color of the vehicle, along with registration number or the name of the suspect, if you know. If is better to see a friend in jail than some innocent party be killed or injured in a traffic accident. Depression is one of the most difficult problems to address. Doctors can tell if you have a fever. They can X-ray a broken bone. Clinical depression, however, is hard to diagnose and harder to address. There are places and people who can help if you will just call. If someone states an intention to bring harm to themselves, you should listen and report the knowledge to a police officer or to the courts before something bad occurs. Life is a precious commodity. Don't allow struggles to devalue it. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to ninety calls for service. We investigated seven traffic accidents, opened five criminal cases and made ten criminal arrests. Our court personnel continue to transport prisoners to and from court, wait on the courts and serve volumes of criminal and civil papers. We appreciate the community support and ask for your thoughts and prayers as we work every day to keep our county safe and secure. God Bless.

This week’s update: We had a great Memorial Day service at our Veterans Park on Monday. Over fifty motorcycles rallied in support of our veterans. Our Jackson County High School Band played and our local veterans presented our colors. Hundreds of people attended and Marie Rader gave a wonderful speech that reminded all of us the sacrifice that was made to preserve this country and all our freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. Everyone enjoyed our time and particularly recognized over one hundred of our Viet Nam veterans. It was a great day! Seat Belts save lives! We had several traffic accidents lately and most of those accidents could have been very serious, had it not been for the seat belt usage. Please wear your seat belts. Summer is here and recreational vehicles are on the roads everywhere. The county has an ordinance to allow travel on county roads, however, this does not apply to any state roadways. If you or a member of your family operates any vehicle, and particularly an ATV or Side by Side vehicle in an extremely reckless manner, you will be cited and your vehicle will be removed from the roadway. If your actions are causing a disturbance in a small neighborhood, our office will take appropriate action to reduce the problem. We are concerned for your life and the lives of your family and this is not about numbers or money. Our primary objective is to keep our citizens safe, even from themselves, if necessary. Our officers are beginning a new initiative to reduce illegal trash dumping. If you own property in plain view of the roadway and you have trash and burn piles in plain view, you will first be put on notice to clean it up and given a reasonable time to do so. If you fail to comply our officers will cite you to court. This is a county ordinance that has been in place for some time. Many good citizens are complaining about the illegal dumps and trash in areas throughout the county. We will take the action necessary to enforce this ordinance. Please help us out by cleaning up any illegal trash sites on your property. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to sixty-six calls for service. We investigated two traffic accidents, opened five criminal cases and arrested four individuals on various criminal charges. I handle many, many calls from concerned citizens and we try to respond to every single one of those calls. Thank you for your support and please keep us in your prayers. Our officers put themselves at great risk every day to protect and serve our citizens. Thank you.

This week’s update (also in the newspapers.) I typed this article on Monday night at 1130 pm. Things have been relatively slow this evening as I drove around the county and I thought about the election that occurs tomorrow, May 22, 2018. I reflect on how fast the years have gone by and what we have accomplished,...and what is left to do. Everyone wants answers to their problems and some expects more than I or any other Sheriff can possibly give. Still, I have thoroughly enjoyed these past years as your Sheriff as I have done my best to simply "help". We all need help from time to time and it is a true blessing to be able to find ways to help someone who is struggling, or help a child who is hopeless, or help an elderly person who is hurting and lonely. I have high hopes for this campaign season, but I would be foolish to think this race is already won. Therefore, I want to say a few things before I know the outcome of this race. First, I have some of the most amazing friends and family who have helped me throughout this campaign. No words can express my gratitude for the people who stepped up on our behalf. Many really good candidates sought election to various political offices in the county and they are all to be commended for their efforts. This was a tough campaign against very strong opposition. I know how hard they worked and I respect their effort. I wish them success in the future. Finally, my promise to the people is, regardless of the outcome, I will continue as long as I am in office and do my best to make our county better. Thank you for your prayers and support. Drugs and violence go hand in hand. In the past month we have seen a significant rise in drug related violence. I have also noticed an increased vigilance among the good people in our county. Every citizen has a legal right to protect themselves or their families from persons who actually attempts to injure or kill either them or their family. It is your right to use necessary force to do just that. However, you should know the rest of the story. If you use deadly force against anyone, their will always be an investigation and the force used must be justifiable under those extreme circumstances. To shoot a person in your lawn because you think they intend to steal your lawn mower is usually not justifiable. You may attempt to detain that person until police can arrive, but if you are not a police officer, you normally should not use force to do so. This is food for thought, so you don't allow emotion to override good judgement in a stressful situation. Call us quickly and we will do our best to get to you and handle your situation. Many students are completing a successful year at school. They look forward to their summer break from the stress of school work. I am very proud of our children and our schools. They are really stepping up to make us all proud. Best wishes to all our students! God Bless. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to seventy-eight calls for service. We investigated one traffic accident, opened six criminal investigations and arrested seven individuals on various criminal charges. Our court security team kept our courtrooms safe and secure and served a variety of documents for the courts. I appreciate the support of the county and continue to ask for your prayers as we put it all on the line to keep you and your families safe. God Bless.

Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. Throughout my career in law enforcement, I have tried to utilize good ethics and a positive attitude in every aspect of my professional life. In the past four years I have demonstrated good conduct in my professional and my personal life and have encouraged my deputies to do the same. I have found ways to bring the Sheriff's Office back from a dark place to a place in which you can be proud. Our office is no longer a laughing stock of the state and an embarrassment to its citizens. It is now a place that most law enforcement agencies in our state respect. Respect and integrity must be earned. It is never given! The records of those who have been part of that dark time in our county may want us to forget why they were voted out to begin. It is sufficient for us to simply remember why that occurred. Since January , 2015, we have come a long way to reach the high goals we set for this county in our Sheriff's Office. Drug dealers know we are working every day to bring them to justice. Hundreds of drug related charges put them on notice that we will prosecute them, no matter what their name. We also encourage and support drug addicts who want to straighten up. We have made it safer for our elderly and brought hope and inspiration to our youth. Our schools and our churches are safer and we continue to improve that safety net every day. Our working relationship with other law enforcement agencies insures the best law enforcement services at the lowest cost for our citizens. The county is coming back, folks! We have overcome tremendous obstacles in our Sheriff's Office and now we are on the path to a bright future for our citizens and our children. It has been said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" The future of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is now in your hands. I have done my best to meet as many people as possible, but my duties as your Sheriff has limited my time to campaign. Therefore, I humbly ask for your prayers, your support and your vote on May 22, 2018. Thank you and may God richly bless our county.

On Tuesday May 22, 2018, the citizens of Jackson County will make their decision on who will represent them as Sheriff for the next four years. Please forgive me if I didn't personally ask you for your vote but my duties as Sheriff have made it impossible to visit every home. My family and I have done our best to let you know how much we appreciate you and ask for your support. I have run this race with dignity and focused on positive issues that are really important to the public. I am by far the most experienced and qualified candidate for this job, but that is not all that really matters. It should matter that I have promoted through the competitive ranks in the Ky State Police, Operation UNITE and the Sheriff's Office without any scandals or negative discipline. It should matter that we try to do the right thing the right way every time and insist our employees do the same. It should matter that we are consistent and fair with every person, regardless who they are or what their status. It should even matter that I have stayed married forty-three years to my wonderful wife and we raised our children and our grandchildren to follow Christ. It should matter that we focus on every child, not just our children, to help them reach their highest dreams. We have charged hundreds and hundreds of people inside this county who use and sell illegal drugs, but it should also matter that we also try to find ways to help those people change their direction and turn their lives around and don't simply lock them up. It should matter that articles have been written outlining the journey of this Jackson County Sheriff's Office from embarrassment to a place of respect by police offices all around. When I took this office, I asked God to direct me to bring Jackson County and our Sheriff's Office back to a place that honors Him in all things and gives hope for better days for our citizens. I believe our county is much better today than when we began. I ask for your prayers, your support and your vote to re-elect me as your next Sheriff.

⭐️Special Update⭐️ In the past week, several different things have happened that I know are concerning to the public. My desire is to keep you updated and assure everyone that we are doing everything in our power to keep you safe. 1. The two individuals involved in the double murder in December have been arrested and charged. 2. The individual involved in the murder on Old Island City Road has been arrested and charged. 3. The inmate who escaped from the Jackson County Detention Center has been found and is in custody. 4. The two individuals involved in the attempted murder in the Tyner area on Maulden Road have been arrested and charged. My deputies and I put our lives on the line to keep every citizen safe ever single day. We continually look for new ways to improve the quality of life for the place we love. Hopefully this information will reduce your concerns and give you peace. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

UPDATE for this week: He was desperate and I was concerned, but ultimately worked out. A few weeks ago, Terry Hammonds shot at several KSP officers as he avoided capture on Happy Top Road near the Jackson/Estill County line. The officers were uninjured but everyone in the northern end of the county was concerned for their safety. No one could be sure what would happen if they encountered Mr. Hammonds. No one knew for sure if he would try to harm others to avoid arrest. I spent several afternoons in the Hisel and Drip Rock area speaking to local citizens. Our goal was to encourage Mr. Hammonds to surrender before anyone else was injured. On Friday May 11, I received information from a reliable source that Hammonds was staying just north of Sand Gap. KSP officers were notified and were able to successfully arrest Terry Hammonds at a residence on Dean Road without injury to himself or others. He was lodged in the Jackson County Detention Center facing several serious criminal charges. I applaud our local KSP officers for their great work in capturing this fugitive without incident. Local citizens can now rest a little easier. Their was a notible traffic accident this week just north of Sand Gap. Several people were air lifted to UK Hospital for serious injuries. Accidents occur and you may be an innocent victim or you may be the person who caused the accident. Either way, unless there is intent to injure or extreme recklessness or wantonness, it is usually a civil matter. What creates the extreme reckless or wanton behavior is usually alcohol or drug impairment, extreme speeds or extreme disregard for the safety of others. Anyone can be a victim of an accident and we all make mistakes. Here are a few tips that could keep you from being seriously injured. 1. No one wants to run over an animal, such as a deer or dog, so it is a normal reaction to swerve into oncoming traffic or leave the road to avoid hitting them. That is a mistake. If you swerve into oncoming traffic, your action may hold you accountable for an accident. If you leave the road and strike a tree or other fixed object, you or your passengers may be seriously injured or killed. The best course is to keep down the speed and be constantly attentive to your driving. It is better to hit an animal than perhaps kill someone else. 2. Leave for work or an event with adequate time to arrive. People sleep in too long and then rush to try to make it to their destination on time. One military rule is usually ... Early is on time and on time is usually late... When you are rushing to get somewhere, you usually make mistakes. Don't let a mistake cost you your life or that of another person. 3. Keep your vehicle in top condition. If you drive a vehicle with worn out tires, you are asking to cause injury to yourself or others. When a tire suddenly blows out, it is very difficult to maintain control initially, particularly on wet roadways. If your tie rods need replacing, don't hesitate to have them replaced. Brake lines are notorious for breaking, leaving you without the ability to stop your vehicle. Keep your emergency brake functional. These tips just might protect you or others and prevent accidents in our county. May 22, 2018 is election day for Jackson County. The future of our county rests on the decision that will be made. It is an important and sobering matter. Please take time to vote for the person you believe will best represent the county in that position. Our soldiers fought and died that we could live in a country where we have the right to choose our leaders. Don't let anything prevent you from honoring those brave men and women who won that right with their lives. Please VOTE. Memorial Day is fast approaching and we want to recognize our soldiers who served in the Viet Nam war. Details will be forthcoming, but please try to come to McKee and support our veterans. They deserve our thanks and our undying devotion. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to sixty-seven calls for service. We investigated two traffic accidents, initiated three criminal investigations, and arrested eight individuals on various charges. Our court security served many civil and criminal documents, transported prisoners to and from court and mentally ill patients to various medical facilities. We work with our courts and our detention center in the best interest of the people we serve. Please continue to support the Jackson County Sheriff's Office with your prayers. Thank you.

Last week’s update as seen in last week’s newspapers: I had the best mother ever! I was born on her birthday, so we always shared a very special time together. She was the strength of our family and the one who loved, no matter who it was or the problem they had. I could not have asked for a better mother. ( I also was blessed with the best mother in law!) Awe, I know most of us believe we had the best mother and that is as it should be. If your mother is still alive, this weekend please spend some time with them and let them know you appreciate them. If they have passed on, take a few minutes to reflect on them and thank God for the great gift of a great mother. What would we be without them? Ky State Police and the Jackson County Sheriff's office has spent numerous hours this week in northern Jackson County, attempting to locate and arrest a suspect in a double murder case that occurred months ago. I hope someone can convince Terry Hammonds to give up peacefully to the police, in order to avoid injury to any innocent parties, the police or himself and reduce the worry for his family and friends. I have spoken to many relatives to encourage Hammond to surrender. If anyone has knowledge of Hammond's location, you can notify police by calling 606-287-7121 at JCSO or 859-623-2404 for KSP. Hopefully we can bring some closure to the families of the victims who are grieving the loss of loved ones and reduce the concern of citizens who live in the Hisel and Drip Rock communities. This week is National Appreciation Week for Teachers. Our teachers should be recognized for their dedicated service. Their life is spent working to help every child meet their God given potential. It is good to know we have school leadership in our schools that is concerned for the safety of teachers and students in Jackson County. I recently spoke to our Jackson County Superintendent, Mike Smith, regarding school safety issues. He was very receptive to new ideas to make our schools safer. We discussed options that could result in school resource officers in our High School and Middle School. We also looked at other options to better students and teachers in every school. We have agreed to work together to attempt to secure available funding for this project. Hopefully we can reduce the potential for violence in our schools. Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to seventy-two calls for service. We investigated six traffic accidents, opened four criminal investigations, and arrested five individuals on various criminal charges. Our court security personnel worked hard to keep our Justice Center safe and serve the criminal and civil documents necessary to serve the courts. I want to take time to thank every person who has prayed and supported the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and its personnel. We work as hard as we can every single day to make Jackson County a great place to live and raise our families. God bless you!