Villa Hills Police Department

  • Agency: Villa Hills Police Department
  • Address: 719 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, 41017 KY
  • Chief: Dan Goodenough (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859-341-3535
Fax: 859.341.3579

Villa Hills Police Department is located at 719 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, 41017 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Goodenough. The Villa Hills Police Department phone number is 859-341-3535.

Villa Hills Police Department News

we have seen an increase in thefts from vehicle in the last week. All vehicles were unlocked and the items removed were of various nature. Please remember to take all valuables from your vehicle and to be vigilant for suspecious activity in your area. The areas of Rosewood, Woobury, and Mary street have been hit the hardest

Residents of Villa Hills, This is the time of the year we will see an uptick in the reporting of fraud cases involving phone scams and credit cards. Unfortunately at this time of year the scammers are busy. Also we ask that you are watchful as you do your shopping. We would like to remind everyone to please be alert and monitor your assets closely. Here are a few tips. 1. Never give out your PIN numbers, banking information, or Social Security numbers to anyone. Legitimate businesses will not ask this information over the phone or email. 2. Be aware of scams in which someone sends a check and asks you to deposit and send money back in return. The checks are usually not good and payment will not go through. 3. The FBI and the IRS will never call you and demand that you pay back taxes immediately or you will be arrested. This is a scam for money. If this happens call the police immediately. 4. Always check your credit cards to make sure there aren’t charges that you do not recognize. If you see these, call the 1-800 numbers on the back of the card immediately and report the fraudulent activity. 5. Check banking information regularly. If possible pay cash or use credit cards. In using a debit card you have to use a PIN number. This is the information that is taken when the computers at the stores are hacked. Once they have your PIN number and account number hackers will have access to your account. 6. Be aware of scams where someone pretending to be a family member asks you to send a money order because they need it for an emergency. Call family members and make sure of their whereabouts. Do not send money. 7. When shopping be aware of your surroundings when using your credit or bank card. Do let people see your pin numbers. Always keep an eye on your wallets or purses. The following is a link to the FBI website, and to an article from consumer reports where more information is available. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, please report it to the Villa Hills Police department. Sincerely, Chief Bryan Allen Villa Hills Police Department

welcome to the newest member of the Villa Hills Police force Officer Matt Hall

Preventing Theft from Your Vehicle Most thefts from vehicles are crimes of opportunity. Do not make it easy for thieves to enter your vehicle. If a thief has to work to get into your car, most likely he will move on to another. Use these tips when leaving your vehicle. 1. Always put up all of the windows to your vehicle. Even the smallest crack in the window could give a thief easier access to inside. 2. Always lock all of the doors to your vehicle. Most thieves will focus on vehicles that have been left unlocked. Thieves do not like to have to work, so make it hard for them. 3. Do not leave any valuables in plain view! This includes purses, wallets, DVDs, laptops, GPS units, jewelry, money, etc. Items left in plain view may cause a thief to just smash a window to grab it. 4. Remember to remove faceplates to car stereos. Take the faceplate with you when you leave. Thieves may search your car for it and then take the radio. 5. Never leave keys to the vehicle inside it, otherwise they may be found and the thief may also steal the car. 6. Never leave house keys in the vehicle. This gives a thief easy access to your home. 7. Never leave garage door openers in the vehicle. This gives a thief easy access to your home. 8. Always park in busy, well-lit areas. 9. If your vehicle does not already have a car alarm, consider adding one. 10. Be aware of your surroundings and the people nearby.

Federal Agents in 6 States Convene to Combat Heroin Beyond the Curb | Newport Fri, 08/28/2015 - 13:35 RCN Newsdesk + Increase Text Size Federal law enforcement agencies from six states, including Kentucky, convened in Detroit this week to share strategies to combat heroin and prescription drug abuse. The regional summit was called "unprecedented" in a news release. Kerry B. Harvey, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky was part of the summit that included representatives from West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. The summit was called in response to the national epidemic of heroin and prescription pill abuse that has hit Kentucky and other states in the region particularly hard. "The criminals who are trafficking in opiates are inflicting an increasing toll on communities throughout Kentucky and the nation,” said Harvey. “These predators have established sophisticated distribution networks to deliver their poisons to the streets of our communities. Our meeting of federal law enforcement agencies from across the Midwest represents an important milestone in the effort to fight back. We intend to closely collaborate across state lines to disrupt the pipeline through which these dangerous drugs flow and to bring to justice those who profit from this criminal conduct."

Casey's Law information About Casey's Law What Kind of Law Is It? This is a law for involuntary treatment. Does Involuntary Treatment Work? Studies show that involuntary treatment can be just as successful as voluntary treatment. Most individuals who are substance abuse impaired receive court-ordered treatment only after they have become arrested for a crime while under the influence of a substance. Drugs and crime often go hand in hand because people who are substance abuse impaired are forced by their disease to resort to any means necessary to procure their drug. Court-ordered treatment can be effective regardless of who initiates it. Do the People with Substance Use Disorders Have to Want Help? Denial and distorted thinking impedes their ability to make a rational decision. The “bottom” for many is death. Addiction is a progressive, life-threatening disease. The best hope of survival for a person who is substance abuse impaired is intervention. Why Not Wait for Court Intervention? Not all people who are substance abuse impaired are arrested or, in the event that they are, may not receive the necessary treatment. What Does This Law Provide? This act provides a means of intervening with someone who is unable to recognize his or her need for treatment due to their impairment. This law will allow parents, relatives, and/or friends to petition the court for treatment on behalf of the person who is substance abuse impaired. What Is the Length of Treatment That Can Be Ordered? Treatment options can vary depending on the circumstances of each individual case and can range from detoxification to intensive treatment through recovery. What Happens If the Respondent Fails to Comply at Anytime During the Process? Failure to comply may place the respondent in contempt of court. Who Pays for the Treatment? As the law is currently written, the petitioner is obligated to pay all costs incurred in the process as well as for treatment and must sign a guarantee for payment. You as the petitioner are responsible for finding the treatment facility. You choose how much to pay, if you pay at all. The good news is there are treatment facilities that are no cost available. Can I Get a Copy of the Law? Yes, click on the links below to access the written law.

BOOKSELLERS IN Villa Hills - The young gentleman and young woman selling books in Villa Hills are Legitimate. I have spoken personally to the manager at Southwest Advantage. The students do work for the company. The RUMORS of the individuals involved in human trafficking are false. Also see the link below to get more information. The BBB and several other agencies have investigated and there is no truth to the rumor. Rita Streator manager at Southwest Advantage spoke with me today and confirm both individuals identities.

Tom Braun Fields will be closed on August 4th for the safety night. All vehicle must be removed from the lot by 11am August 4th

Please be aware the IRS scams are still occurring. The IRS will not call you and tell you they are beginning legal proceedings. They will not ask for payment over the phone or personal information. Do not give any information to anyone calling. Just hang up. If you are scammed call the police department and log into this webpage

VILLA HILLS POLICE SAFETY NIGHT OUT! COME CELEBRATE WITH US! WHEN August 4th, 2015 6pm-9pm WHERE Tom Braun Field 2500 Amsterdam Road Villa Hills, KY 41017 FEATURING: K-9· Police Displays · Kenton County SWAT · Bicycle Rodeo · Helicopter · Free Refreshments CSVFD Fire Department trucks. CALL 859-341-3535 FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. FREE PARKING FUN FOR ALL AGES FREE REFRESHMENTS POLICE K-9 SWAT BIKE RODEO FIRE DEPARTMENT SPONSORS Ameristop Villa Hills Jump Zone Florence KY Crescent Springs Mcdonalds Madonna Manor Chef Brian The Mellow Mushroom US ARMY (Frankfort KY) DET 1 Co.C 2-238th AVBN

Villa Hills Police Department Villa Hills Police are releasing new photos of a person of interest in recent thefts from vehicles in May. We are seeking the information on the pictured subject. He is suspected of using a stolen credit card and for thefts from vehicles. Subject is an M/W Approximately 5’10” 180-200lbs. Subject has tattoos on both arms. The subject is also believed to be the same subject from an earlier photo released. The subject is possibly in the area of Price Hill or Covington Kentucky. Any information contact the Villa Hills Police Department @ 859-356-3191 or 859-578-4134. The subject is a person of interest in several vehicle break in’s that occurred in our city in May. Several items were taken from the vehicles including credit cards and a weapon. The subject was captured on video using a stolen credit card from one of the offenses at Kroger’s in Price Hill around 6am the morning after the thefts.

Villa Hills Will have a a snow emergency starting at 12pm Wednesday March 4th - please remove cars from street due to heavy snow expected.

Villa Hills Police has began it's Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program this past week in the local schools. The certified D.A.R.E. officer will spend time with students to instruct the new KIR Keeping it Real program over the next 10 weeks. To learn more about D.A.R.E. please visit their website.

Villa Hills Police Dept. is now using the new MYPD App for smart phones and is free for you to use. Download today from our website. This app will provide an additional resource for our community.

Villa Hills Police department announces app for public, enabling crime tips and alerts from smartphones Villa Hills Police Department today announced the launch of their new police app, called MyPD, which has up to 40 features and a sleek user interface. The app is available now to the public. Citizens can download it by searching the iPhone or Android app stores for MyPD or My Police Department. The app includes about 40 features. Some features include information for victims, traffic updates, missing children, and similar resources. The app is easy to use with icons which are easy to browse from the main screen or slide up menu. “The Public can get updates from the police department as push notifications” said Chief Bryan Allen. “We can send the notifications through twitter or our dashboard and the user doesn’t need an account or to worry about missing an important tweet. We encourage users to opt in to messages if they want to be informed quickly of updates.” Sending in tips about crimes or other quality of life issues is another way citizens can use Villa Hills Police MyPD app. It allows the user to either attach their contact information or send it anonymously. Photos and GPS locations of incidents can also be attached from either the phones gallery or live camera. While the app links to or integrates with some social media, police say it is not another social network. There are also no ads on the app and no account is necessary to use MyPD. “We have been using social media like Facebook and twitter.” Said Allen “The MyPD app is not meant to replace those or be another social network for people to join. It is a resource for the public and a tool for your smartphone. When a user wants to send a crime tip, or to research something, they have can easily by just clicking the app icon.” While the app itself is not a social media platform, it does have some social aspects to it and has a unique feature where users can “unlock” badges. “Basically the app user can climb in rank and unlock new badges the more often they use the app” Said Allen “It goes beyond just your typical government sort of app and that’s what we wanted to provide to the public.” The app also lets users share some basic anonymous data about their age, gender, or how they found out about the app. This is optional and if shared will help the department to better understand who is using the app, how they found it, and if they live or work in the city. MyPD is free for the public, contains no advertising, and users do not need to share personal information or set up an account to use the app. Any information sharing is optional. Citizens looking to connect with the Villa Hills Police should search for “MyPD” in their app store. Once the app is downloaded and the agency chosen it will always open to the Villa Hills police and its resources. For additional information about the My Police Department app users can visit: or the ..

City of Villa Hills has declared a snow emergency. All Vehicles must be removed from city streets as soon as possible to allow city workers to plow and treat roads. Please drive safe.

City of Villa Hills has declared a snow emergency effective at 7:00 a.m. Monday February 16, 2015. All Vehicles must be removed from city streets no later than 7:00 a.m. to allow city workers to plow and treat roads