Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 109 E Main Cross St, Greenville, 42345 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: (270) 338-3345

Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office is located at 109 E Main Cross St, Greenville, 42345 KY. The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office phone number is (270) 338-3345.

Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office News

The Sheriff's Office will be participating in No Shave November in order to raise money for the Kentucky Sheriff's Ranch. The money donated will go directly to the ranch to help send children to camp. Anyone who would like to help this cause can donate at the sheriffs office. 🧔

Recently the MCSO has worked several burglaries thoughout the county. There are items in our office that have been recovered but unclaimed. If you have any stolen items that have not been reported, please call our office at (270)338-3345.

This morning we had a burglary in the 400 block of 2270 West. This is also known as the Hazel Creek Road. If you can help us identify these persons please contact Deputy Jakop Smith or Muhlenberg County Central Dispatch at 270-338-2000.

On August 30th, 2018 the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office was made aware of a suspicious female that has been appearing at local churches asking for cash. On at least one occasion, the female was able to take children to an area of the church away from their families and other church members. The children were found safe after a short period of time. The female is described as being between 5'2 and 5'4 inches tall, around 170lbs, around 60 to 70 years old, and has blonde hair. She is possibly in the company of a male subject that we have no description of at this time. The pair are occupying what was described as a newer model white passenger car with temporary tags. The female advised that she is from Rockport, Indiana but is possibly staying in the Ohio County area at this time. If you have any information that may lead to the identity of the female or the male, please contact Deputy Jakop Smith at the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office at 270-338-3345 or 270-338-2000

Sheriff Curtis McGehee, Deputies Bob Jenkins, Shannon Albro, Will Ward, Brock Mefford, Chris Flener, Derrick Moore, and Jeremy Rose are going to Hopkinsville to pay our respect to Officer Phillip Meacham . Rip Officer Meacham

On 3-22-18, The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office joined efforts with Greenville Police Department, Stand, 4-H, Champions and Soar to present Kindness Connect Program and Jr Deputy Program at South Elementary School. During the event children in 3-5 grades are encouraged by high school students to be kind to their peers. Students are also encouraged to make good decisions that will ensure that they remain happy and healthy. Finally third graders are given additional information before receiving their badges and certificates as junior deputies. Below photos show: high school students concluding the Kindness Connect Program, students making a commitment to make positive choices and Mr. Wells taking a bite from Muhlenberg County Sheriff K-9 unit Zen. Zen's k-9 handler is Deputy Sheriff, Sgt Will Ward. Special thanks to Officer Wes Miller, Carla Embry, Mackenzie Pogue, Mary Beth Riley, Vicki Yonts Students: Kennedy Bunch, Britney Ellis, Eden Hadley, Haleigh Harris, Brekelle Beadnell, Mia Harvey, Mika Hankins, Jonna Woodson, Meredith Mayes, Keely Dennis, James Kalso

The Sheriff's Office is asking for the Public's help in attempting to identify the person in this video who was involved in a burglary at Nicholas's Corner in Bremen. If anyone has any information, please contact the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office at 270-338-3345 or Central Dispatch at 270-338-2000.

Recently we have had several people in the office to obtain a concealed carry permit who had taken an online concealed carry course. The online course will not be accepted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Each person who takes the concealed carry class also has to complete a practical exam and firearms qualification. For any questions regarding the CCDW, please contact the Sheriff's office.

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office is increasing patrol and security efforts at the old Graham High School. Reports of theft and vandalism have recently occurred. Security measures are being taken to ensure that the facility is kept secure. Anyone with any information pertaining to vandalism or trespassing at this location is asked to contact The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office at 270-338-3345. Anonymous tips can be made online at Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.

Joint Statement of the Muhlenberg County Schools Supt. Robby Davis and Muhlenberg County Sheriff Curtis McGehee regarding school safety following the Parkland, Florida shooting of February 14, 2018 Muhlenberg County Schools Superintendent Robby Davis and Sheriff Curtis McGehee today issued the following joint statement: “Like every American, everyone in the Muhlenberg County Schools and Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office is heartbroken by the events that occurred in Parkland, Florida earlier this month and closer to home in Marshall County, Kentucky, on January 23. We recognize that such a tragic incident could happen anywhere – in any workplace, any store, or any restaurant in the country – but we also recognize that schools are particularly vulnerable and are increasingly becoming targets of such horrible acts. The Muhlenberg County Schools and Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office are fully committed to ensuring that our schools are the safest places in our community. It is our top priority. No child should have to go to school in fear and every parent should have a reasonable expectation that his or her child will come home at the end of the day. Our resolve and commitment is stronger today than ever before. Muhlenberg County Schools and the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office have been, and will be, partnering together to ensure that our schools are safe. City departments and state police have really stepped up with safety training and patrols. School Resource Officers (SROs) are assigned full-time to each high school campus. Another one works with middle and elementary schools. We are also seeing a much more visible police presence in our schools and anticipate that this will continue. Our schools regularly perform lock-down drills to ensure that our faculty, staff, and students know what to do in the event of an incident. Our expectation is that school doors are locked during the day, with access to each building controlled by a school staff person who visually identifies every visitor before they are admitted to the building. Students are encouraged to talk to an adult about any concern. In spite of these steps, we continue to work together to identify and implement tools and strategies that will make our schools safer, minimize their appeal as potential targets, and – ultimately – keep our children safe. Fifty police officers, administrators, central office personnel, a representative from the Kentucky Center for Safe Schools (KCSS), and other first responders met recently to review and discuss our safety measures. There are plans to meet again as we continue to refine and improve what we’re doing in regards to safety. We need our entire community to help us identify those who might threaten or bring harm to our students. Each student, parent, grandparent and community member must be a part of the solution. All of us working together is what it takes to maximize the safety of our students. Our kids deserve that. When in doubt – speak up! Please call Muhlenberg County Dispatch at 270-338-2000 to report anything suspicious, whether it’s a comment or post on social media, a conversation overheard, your child’s remark at the dinner table about something another student said at school, or anything else that gives you pause. The Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office will work with the Muhlenberg County Schools and any other law enforcement agencies necessary to identify and investigate any threat, and we will take every legal action available to prosecute anyone who threatens the safety and security of our kids.”

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Department asks for your assistance locating 33 year old Nathaniel Daniel of Greenville for outstanding warrants in Muhlenberg and McCracken County. Daniel is 5'10, approximately 200 lbs, dark hair and facial hair. Daniel was last seen in the area of Cleaton Cutoff Road and Wolf Creek Estates on February 16th at around 1:30 A.M. Daniel is wanted out of Muhlenberg for Fleeing or Evading Police 2nd Degree On Foot and Resisting Arrest as well as Fleeing or Evading Police 1st Degree Motor Vehicle, Fleeing or Evading Police 1st Degree On Foot, Resisting Arrest, Assault 3rd- Police Officer, Public Intoxication, and Operating Motor Vehicle on Suspended or Revoked License. Daniel is also wanted out of McCracken County for Probation Violation for Felony Offense. If you come in contact with Nathaniel Daniel contact your local dispatch or law enforcement agency.

At 3:55 many roads are becoming treacherous. In addition to sleet and freezing rain, standing pools of water ( from the rain that occurred earlier) will soon become sheets if ice.

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff Office has been investigating a recent string of storage building break-ins . If you have items in a storage facility we would encourage you to check your storage unit and make sure your items are secure. If you find your storage unit has been broken into contact the Muhlenberg County Sheriff Office at 270-338-3345 or Central Dispatch 270-338-2000

Muhlenberg County Sheriff Deputy, Lieutenant Bob Jenkins has been selected by the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association as Deputy of The Year for 2017. Jenkins, a 50 year veteran of law enforcement will receive the award on Thursday, Sept 14 at the Sheriff’s Conference in Bowling Green. Jenkins was nominated for his high level of dedication and effectiveness in law enforcement, and his positive leadership at the Sheriff’s Office. Jenkins has worked numerous investigations over the past year. Many of those investigations have been serious in nature, including: rape, a missing person and abuse of children. Additionally, Jenkins has demonstrated his willingness to go the extra mile in every area of service. Sheriff Curtis McGehee says of Jenkins, “His dedication to the community and his career is unsurpassed; he is truly a public servant.” Lt. Jenkins and his wife Faye, reside in the Midland Community (Muhlenberg County).

There is a lot of traffic West Bound Lanes of Western KY PKWY (8-21-17)

It has been brought to our attention that there is a blacktop crew in the county that is offering blacktop for “labor only”. Recently, someone agreed to take the blacktop at a labor only price and didn’t realize that the labor would be nearly $10,000. Please make sure you are dealing with reputable people when making an agreement. If you have questions or concerns about a business transaction please consider checking with local law enforcement, Better Business Bureau or The Attorney General’s Office of Kentucky. (Contact information for BBB and The Attorney General’s Office are accessible online.) It may also be helpful to speak with a family member or trusted friend if you are in doubt, regarding a business transaction. For additional information regarding scams, please follow the ling below.

On 8-12-17, Muhlenberg County Deputy Sheriff, Alex Piper attended specialized training, relating to church security. The “Sheep Dog, Church Security Seminar” was held in Lawrenceburg, Ky. The seminar instructor was Lt, Colonel Dave Grossman. The seminar focused on maintaining a stable, secure environment in worship settings. Piper attended the training to become better enabled to train local churches in Muhlenberg County. Piper has served as Public Relation Officer for the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office since 2014. To schedule a training for your church, contact Deputy Piper at the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office 270-338-3345.

Special thanks to Jamicha and Anthony for the awesome reptile show today! I think this was the highlight of the week for everyone at camp

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office would like to express appreciation to deputies Alex Piper,Terry Vick and their wives Tammy Piper and Lindsey Vick . They spent a lot of time last week at the Sheriff's ranch during a week of children's camp. The children were excited to have the Deputies on site. The office also appreciates Special Deputy Allen Harris and his friends Jim and George - they brought mules to the camp and the kids had a chance to ride/drive the mule drawn buggy.

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office has semi annual training for firearms. Instructors Will Ward and Chris Flener ensure the deputies receive more training than is required by state law. The training conducted in this photo is being conducted on 6-28-17 and is referred to as low light training.

Attorney General Andy Beshear's Office has developed a scam alert system that enables you to get a text message regarding the latest on scams. To sign up online visit you may also report scams at this site.