Merryville Police Department

  • Agency: Merryville Police Department
  • Address: 530 Hennigan St, Merryville , 70653 LA
  • Chief: James Fowler (Interim Chief of Police)
Phone: (337)825-6240

Merryville Police Department is located at 530 Hennigan St, Merryville , 70653 LA. The Interim Chief of Police of the department is James Fowler. The Merryville Police Department phone number is (337)825-6240.

Merryville Police Department News

Th Sabine River Bridge will NOT be closing at 5pm. It is open at passable.

There is no Mandatory evacuation! It is voluntary. If you need assistance evacuating please give us a call and we will get to you as fast as we can. Also, Hwy 190 at the state line is closed at this time

This is for Newton County but since we are so close, we wanted to make you aware of what we are probably under as well.

At this time, there are no evacuation orders....mandatory or voluntary. IF that time comes, we will be notifying everyone. But if you plan to evacuate please dont wait until the last minute to pack. Do so ahead of time so that we may get to you and moved as soon as possible. Please take enough clothing, hygiene and medications for at least 3 days. We are making plans now and getting things ready so that we are prepared to help our community.

Latest Update

On 08/21/2017,at approximately 9pm, the residence of Danny Cooley at 821 Hwy 110 was burglarized. Mr Cooley stated that he thought it was to be one or two white males. Stolen was 2-7 gallon gas cans and others items that can not be identified at this time from his shop area. If anyone has any information, please call our office at 337-825-6240. You can remain anonymous. We posted this so that everyone can watch their property and if you have any suspicious activity, please call the pd immediately.

On August 17, a total of 6 people were arrested for various charges 1 b/m arrested for 1 charge of vehicle theft and 2 charges of theft of good Bond amount $16,000 4 h/m arrested for 1 count each of possession of marijuana and 1 count each of no proof of citizenship. ICE was notified and they were released to their custody, 1 w/m arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond amout $11,000

Know the law before you quote it. Louisiana Statute 14:99 Reckless Operation of a Vehicle. LA R.S. 14:99 states that reckless operation is the operation of any motor vehicle, aircraft, vessel or other means of conveyance in a criminally negligent or reckless manner. Because this is a criminal statute, it is applicable everywhere, including PRIVATE PARKING LOTS or private roads.

Good morning! Just a reminder that school has started back today and the speed limit during school hours is 25mph. Also no use of cell phones are allowed in the school zone during the posted hours. School zone times are as follows.... 6:45a-7:45a 3:45p-4:45p They are posted at the beginning of the zone at each end. Please help is ensure all the children arrive safely to school. Thank you and lets have a great school year!

If you receive a call from the IRS from a 202 or 205 area code...please be aware that this is a spam number. It is located in Pennsylvania not Washington DC. It is high risk for illegal activity. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!! Let them know that you are aware that this is a fraudulent phone call and that you will be reporting them to the FBI or local law enforcement. Also demand they take you off the calling list. Please know the IRS will never contact you on the phone. It will be by mail correspondence only.

It seem we'll get very little out of this storm.

There's been a little strengthening to the storm.

As of 1pm today....

Tropical storm warning has been issued for the coast of Texas and the Louisiana coast