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  • Agency: Ringgold Police Department
  • Address: 2135 Hall St, Ringgold , 71068 LA
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Phone: 318 894-4699
Fax: (318)894-9717

Ringgold Police Department is located at 2135 Hall St, Ringgold , 71068 LA. The Ringgold Police Department phone number is 318 894-4699.

Ringgold Police Department News

This matter is under investigation at this time. The Bienville Parish Sheriff office has offered their assistance in this matter to resolve the issue. As far as the school board and High School policy on transportation of students away from campus we do not have a official comment at this time.(Pending Their Response)As stated in the news article due to the age of the juvenile we can’t release a name in this matter.

10/16/2018 Call on Vickers Street leads to the arrest of Ringgold man. On the above date Ringgold Police Department responded to a disturbance call on Vickers street. Once arriving on scene Ringgold Police was advised that a physical altercation had taken place between two males subjects. During the altercation the subject now known as a Logan kurtis White allegedly pushed another family member causing that subject to fall and break a table in the residence. Once the complainant was on the floor White began to punch and spit on the subject. At that time based off the totality of the circumstances Ringgold Police arrested White and he was transported to Arcadia for booking and charged. 1. Logan Kurtis White w/m 24 yrs old was charged with (1) count of Domestic abuse battery with child endangerment

This is sad , and unbelievable, Domestic Violence is real

Big congrats and shoutout to Kyndall Allums for this beautiful picture from KTBS 3 News Junior Weather Watchers. Continue to be great!!! You and all our children in the community are our future !!!!!!! #Sendusphotos #achievements #Ringgoldproud (This photo was approved for sharing by her mother)

Today was a great day at the Community fun day. We want to thank everyone who donated items and their time to this successful event. This is the first step in repairing relationships within the community to form a bond. We will continue to build a professional and friendly atmosphere for those that we serve near and far. Once again thanks and we look forward to making this event better every year!!!

Good Morning !!! We are off and running come see us today starting at 2 o’clock for some good food and fun !!!!!!

**Warning** A large presence of Law Enforcement personnel will be out due to a shooting that took place on Oak Street at approximately 0210hrs, one victim was airlifted to a local hospital with a single gunshot wound to the chest. “SUSPECT “is at large and considered armed and dangerous. The victim didn’t provide a description of the suspect currently. If you have any information on this matter, please contact us at 318-894-4699 or 318-894-9185. The Bienville Parish Sheriff office Patrol and investigations unit are assisting us with this matter. Information cleared for release By Chief R. Kinsey III Captain M.Gillie

During this week Ringgold Police officers along with the Bienville Sheriff Office and Arcadia Police attend The 2019 True Blue Drew Book Legal training in Arcadia, La. This training was taught by Judge Harmon and Jean Drew and The Bienville District Attorney’s office. We thank you !!!

To whom it may concern vulgarity and racism comments are not needed on this webpage. Racism is derogatory and our department as a whole doesn’t tolerate it. Our page will be monitored closely for any type racism or vulgarity for any and all citizens. People being arrested and crime reports are not put in place for people to speak on race or embarrass someone’s relatives and or family. People make mistakes and we shouldn’t judge anyone by there mistakes and or color we are human. We are here to protect and serve all and do a job. If you have any concerns or would like to lend some advice on how we need to Incorporate things better for the community direct message us or stop by. Captain M. Gillie

08/17/18 Traffic stop for stop sign violation results in warrants and felony narcotics arrest for Narcotics unit. On the above date Ringgold Police observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation for running a stop sign. During the stop after speaking with the driver officers learned that he was wanted by the Bossier City Police department on a warrant. During the investigation we learned the passenger in the vehicle after receiving his identification was wanted out of Bienville on active warrants as well. After receiving verbal consent from the driver of the vehicle along with search incident to their arrest. Located in the center console was three clear plastic baggies containing colorful pills and a green vegetable matter consistent to that of suspected ecstasy and marijuana. After looking over the baggies there was another small clear plastic baggy containing and off-white substance consistent to that of crack cocaine. Both subjects were place under arrest and read Miranda and transported to booking and charged with the following. 1. Tyrone Casey 02/01/1980 B/M (a) Poss of Schedule I with intent to distribute (Marijuana (b) Poss of Schedule II with intent to distribute (Crack Cocaine) (c) Poss of Schedule I with intent to distribute (Ecstasy) (d) Second or subsequent offense (e) Poss of Drug Paraphernalia 2. Julius J. Johnson 05/08/80 B/M (a) Poss of Schedule I (Marijuana) (b) Poss of Schedule I (Ecstasy) (c) Poss of Schedule II (Crack Cocaine) (d) Second or subsequent offense Subjects are Innocent until proven guilty in a court of Law !!!!!!!!

Preparing today for a better tomorrow!!!! Come out and support our community matters !!!!!

08/14/18 Suspicious activity leads to a felony narcotic arrest on a Shreveport man for Ringgold Police narcotics unit. On the above date, Officers with the Ringgold Police Departments criminal patrol narcotics unit observed a black male standing in the road on Bates and Tucker street at approximately 12:48 a.m. Due to the recent burglaries officers decided to make a field contact with the subject just for identification purposes. After speaking with the subject he was ask if he had any identification in which he couldn’t produce from his person. At that time the officers got out of their units and proceeded to conduct a further field contact on the subject. During the investigation the subject attempted to run from the officers and was apprehended along with a small black case that was in his left pocket. After a brief scuffle before gaining compliance we observed in the small black case several agents of suspected narcotics consistent with that of (marijuana,methamphetamine, crack cocaine, ecstasy). The subject was arrested, read Miranda and transported to Arcadia for booking and charges for the following. 1. LaDerrick Randal 12/19/1990 B/M Shreveport, La (1) Poss Schedule I Marijuana (2) Poss Schedule II Methamphetamine (3) Poss of Schedule II Crack Cocaine. (4) Poss of Schedule I Ecstasy (5) Resisting with force or violence (6) Misrepresentation during booking Subject is innocent until proven Guilty in the court of Law !!!!

To all the children in the community and surrounding areas let’s have a prosperous and great year at school. Let’s elevate our minds and apply ourselves to make a better tomorrow by preparing today. #Ringgoldstrong

Ringgold Police attends and participates in back to school bash at Ringgold Elementary on Saturday August 4th, 2018.This event was put together by a great staff and church family to give back to the community. Food and school supplies were given at no cost to the community along with a day of fun and water slide play.

Ringgold officers attend taser training on new Taser X2. This device is a more effective and less lethal approach when dealing with combative subjects. This CEW is primarily carried and used by the Louisiana State Police along with some of our locals agencies . This is another way to decrease the chances of higher use of force rate. Officers who have completed the training will begin to carry effective immediately. They received strategic guidelines and instructions from a certified taser instructor and successfully passed the written and practical exams.

Catching the Department up with surrounding agencies, Chief R. Kinsey III, upfits his Officers with new radios and Taser international “NEW” Taser x2. These tasers are commonly worn by The Louisiana State Police. These tasers are dual cartridge which reduces reloading time and are more advanced to handle more then one suspect at one time if necessary. Ringgold Police will received 5 hours of instruction to properly use the new devices. This is an update to another non lethal measurement that officers can use in the time of need. The Motorola radios are also a major update that allows proper communication in any location that are more reliable for our department. Credits: Policy jury Capt. M. Gillie

07/30/2018 In attempt to reduce drug activity that results in thefts and burglaries,and other crimes Ringgold Police Department adds new Officer and K-9 unit. This unit in addition to another criminal patrol unit will be classified as the Narcotics unit. The purpose of this unit is to increase criminal patrol to detour crime in the area by taking drugs off the streets an also to be visible to reduce crime rate. K9 Harley and his handler Clinton Smith have 5 years of experience together along with numerous narcotics seizures and arrest. Harley is a 8.5 year old Belgium malinois. They are certified with the (NNDDA) national Narcotics detector dogs association. Capt. M. Gillie

* 07/27/2018 Four subjects from Ringgold arrested for simple burglary for stealing food and a air conditioner. On the above date at @11:15 hrs Ringgold Police received a call from a complainant in reference to their residence being broken into. Ringgold police arrived on scene and took the complaint and a investigation started. The complainant advised that after coming home she observed that a air conditioner in one of the bedrooms was missing and that food had been taken from the refrigerator and left open. Officers received information about this matter and located the subjects that were involved. These four subjects where brought in read Miranda and confessed to the burglary and was transported to Arcadia and booked into the Bienville Parish jail on the following charges without incident. 1. Jameion D. Cooper 01/03/1998 Age: 20 B/M (1) count of simple burglary 2. Joshua D. Moore 09/11/1990 Age:27 B/M (1) count of simple burglary 3. Wiley, Bennett 06/21/1983 Age:35 (1) count of simple burglary 4. Arion Sullivan 09/08/2000 Age: 17 (1) count of simple burglary They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law !

To the parents of Ringgold !!!! Lt. Tracey Small will be giving away 2 back packs full of school supplies for 2 kids who are in need of items for school.. Monday starting at 9 am there will be a container for you to drop your name and contact number in it. The drawing will be on August 1st.. *If there is any one else who would like to donate and join me feel free to add items. Let’s help out someone who is in need. Thanking you in advance Lt. Tracey Small #allforthekids

This lawnmower was located at the end of a driveway on Vickers Street if anyone knows who it belongs to or knows why it was placed there please give us a call we would like to here from you !! 318-894-4699 ext.1

Due to several phone calls from concern citizens this message is vital for our community. The shooting that took place on Friday July 13th , 2018 didn’t happen within the city limits of Ringgold. Our department was asked to respond to the area to assist the Bienville Sheriff office due to the nature of the call. Chief R. Kinsey was notified and alert and up to speed with the matter. We provide a service to all our citizens and will go above and beyond the call of duty for anyone.This incident occurred approximately 4 miles north of Ringgold. If you have any concerns and would like to speak with the department in reference to any matters feel free to stop by. Our Police Department is under great leadership and we understand here that we can’t please everyone with how they think things should go but we will do our best with the resources that we have. Thanks,

If you know who owns this dog he is at the Police Department now please call ASAP !!!! 318-609-1508

Citizens please use extreme caution when popping fireworks tonight. Also we asked that you have respect for your neighbors and surrounding establishments. We also ask that you use the fireworks as instructed on the packaging. If you have an emergency or fire please call 911 or contact your local department at 318-894-9185 thanks. Happy 4th of July enjoy !!!!

Any Local Departments in the area who have availability our Department is looking to update and upgrade or fleet along with other items. We are looking for SUVs, and or interceptors that will carry all the equipment we need to use for daily functions. If you have any information on any departments please contact 318-894-4690 thanks .