Jackson Police Department

  • Agency: Jackson Police Department
  • Address: 1610 Charter St, Jackson , 70748 LA
  • Chief:
Phone: 225-634-7777

Jackson Police Department is located at 1610 Charter St, Jackson , 70748 LA. The Jackson Police Department phone number is 225-634-7777.

Jackson Police Department News

Community ALERT Announcement....!! Friends and Neighbors, Just wanted to let you know, That on Saturday-November 10th, 2018 at 1:00 P.M. There will be a Decication Ceremony for the New Veterans Memorial Park located on Hwy. 10 at the "Bottom the Hill" here in Jackson, La. This event is Open to the Public and Any and All Veterans to attend. Please come out and Support this Event and Our Veterans. Note: Also Please drive Safely in this area during the Event and watchout for Pedestrians. The Jackson PD will have extra Officers out to HELP with Traffic Control and to Show our support. Thank you and God Bless..! Chief Mark Dousay

Happy Halloween!!!Be Safe

From Chief Dousay: Community ALERT Announcement....!!!!!!!! Just an early reminder to everyone... "Trick-or-Treetimg" for the Town of Jackson is scheduled for Wednesday- October 31st, 2018 from 6 pm-8pm.East College Street from La 10 to Pine Street North will be blocked off with Barracades and Traffic Tape during this time for "Spook-Spectacular", In addition High, Sycamore and Walnut Streets will be blocked for access to get onto East College Street. Please have your Children wear something visible on their Costumes or carry a Flashlight or Glowstick to help Drivers and others see them clearly. Please drive Safely and obey the Speed Zones. Additional Officers will be out and about for your Public Safety. Please also check your Candy items before your Children consume them and report any problems if necessary. Enjoy and Have Fun..! God Bless and Thank you...!!!!

From Chief Dousay Community ALERT Announcement..! Just wanted to let everyone know that this coming Friday-October 26th, 2018 the East Feliciana Parish High School will be having their Homecoming Parade in Jackson, La. The Parade will start around 11 A.M. from Franklin St. (LA 10 West) and travel along (LA 10 East) through the downtown area along (Main St) to the bottom of the hill and turn right onto (LA 951) and then proceed onto East Hospital Grounds through the Old Main Gate Entrance. All Town side streets along parade route and (LA 10) will be CLOSED for East and West bound traffic flow during Parade, unless an Emergency exists. Be prepared for Traffic Delays and Detours. Police Officers will be POSTED along parade route to help with Traffic Control and Public Safety. Thank you and God bless...!!!

From Chief Dousay: Community Announcement..! Just a reminder to All those who have Dogs and Pets outside.. New Law requires Pet Owners to bring in your Pets or Sheelter them Safely and Appropriately during Storms and NOT leave them outside on Cable runners, etc. Hey Folks... Do the RIGHT thing and bring your Fur- Babies inside. Thank you..!

From Chief Dousey: COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Friends and Neighbors, As Tropical Storm Gordon continues to move Northwest into the lower Gulf of Mexico, I encourage you ALL to get prepared. Looks like this Storm is getting its act together and there is a strong possibility that it will reach Hurricane status before making landfall somewhere on the Gulf Coast near Louisiana. Please keep a watch on the Weather and the News Channels for any updated reports and precautions as indicated. Myself and the Officers of the Jackson Police Department are making preparations and will be ready to Respond and Assist as needed. As you know... Take care of yourself, Family and Pets needs and Do Not get out on the roadways if you absolutely do not have to during this Storm. Thank you..! Chief Mark Dousay

From Chief Dousay: Community Announcement..! Dear Friends and Neighbors once again as the Labor Day Weekend rapidly approaches for 2018, I would just like to remind everyone to travel safely and enjoy your time with family and friends. Also I would like to encourage you to Buckle-Up and make sure All your passengers are to before you start out on the Highway. If you ride Motorcycles, Please use the proper Safety equipment. Please do not Text, Tweet or Facebook while driving.. These habits are very distracting and dangerous and could have tragic results. Please do not operate a Motor Vehicle under the influence of Alchol or Drugs. Take care, Be safe and Enjoy..God Bless..! Thank you Mark Dousay Chief- Jackson Police Dept.

From Chief Dousay: I am confused...🤔 Drivers from the Great State of Louisiana and Mississippi seem to be unaware that the School Speed Zones are Posted at 25 MPH here in Louisiana.This is also evident when you have Flashing Caution Lights "Flashing" on the Speed Zone signs posted at each end of school zone and a Police Unit with their Emergency Lights "Flashing". On top of that you have a Traffic Control person dressed in a Florescent yellow traffic Polo shirt with a hand-held stop sign directing traffic. But these same drivers become upset because the Police stop them for the speeding violation. Not sure WHAT more can be said..? God bless, Be safe and Have a nice day...😊

From Chief Dousay: Community ALERT...! Well Friends and Neighbors It's that time again.. Summer Break is almost to an end. Just want to remind everyone that the East Feliciana Parish Schools will be starting up again on August 8th, 2018. That means School Zones will be activated again and Posted Speed Limits are at 25 MPH. Also School Buses will be out and about in our Communties picking up and dropping off our Children and Carpooling will be going. Please Please travel safely and be more aware of your surroundings. Congratulations to the Kids on a Good Summer....! Chief Mark Dousay Jackson Police Department

From Chief Dousay Would like to send out prayers for the Sanders Family. My Assist Police Chief Robert Sanders Dad has passed away. Services for Mr. Clovis Sanders is scheduled for Monday-July 23, 2018 at Red Bluff Baptist Church Greensburg, La. 10am-2pm. God Bless and Prayers

With Fourth of July coming keep in mind that, while fireworks can be beautiful and exciting, they can also pose a risk if handled incorrectly. Review the following safety tips to ensure your holiday doesn’t include a trip to the emergency room: Observe local laws and use good common sense; Use fireworks OUTDOORS in a clear area AWAY from buildings and vehicles; Wear safety glasses whenever using fireworks; and Always have water nearby if you are shooting fireworks.

From Chief Dousay: Greetings Friends and Neighbors As the weekend before the 4th of July 2018 rapidly approaches, I would like to encourage everyone to enjoy your time with Friends and Family, If you are on the highways this weekend through the 4th, Please travel safely. Remember to take time out and recognize what our Independence truly means to each of us and I would like to say Thank you to all those who work hard and sacrifice themselves every minute of everyday to secure that Right for the Freedoms we have today. God bless you and God bless America...!!!!

Message from the Police Chief I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed and Safe Memorial Day weekend..! Please take a moment to say prayer or remember all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice serving our Great Nation. This Day is observed and Honor the men and women who gave their life for our Freedoms. God bless them one and all and God Bless America. Travel safely and enjoy your time with Family and friends.

Everybody drive safe on the wet roads and Have a great Safe Sunday.

From Chief Dousay: I just want to wish everyone a Blessed Weekend Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Please travel safely and enjoy your time with Family and Friends. Remember those who need prayers and who are less fortunate... God bless...!

Need Prays for our officers for healing and strength, Asst Chief Robert Sanders, Sgt. Ric Martin and Ofc. Larry Sagley.. O Lord, my friends is so special, They mean so much to me. We've walked together for so long, No closer could we be. O Lord, please give them healing, Restore them day by day. Renew their hope and dry their tears, Answer them when they pray. O Lord, you are our Saviour, Our strength when we are weak. Your light is hope within our hearts, When the day is bleak. O Lord, I put my faith in you, I trust you'll heal my friends. May they know our love and care, On us they can depend. AMEN..

Our Prayers go out to a Brother in Blue and Red...Dy. Chief Christopher Lawton with Zachary PD and Zachary FD and His Family. RIP Brother WE HAVE IT FROM HERE...

From Chief Dousay Community ALERT...!! Good-morning Folks............... Lets have an Educational moment just for the sake of UNDERSTANDING..! Fyi- When a Signal Light is flashing RED on ALL 4-sides that means it's NOW become a 4-Way Stop Intersection. Evidently there ate alot of drivers out there that do not realize that concept. So with that being said... The Signal light ((Red Light)) at Hwy.10 and 68 is flashing "RED" ALL 4-ways. If you are out traveling this morning and happen to drive through this intersection.. PLEASE be observant and drive Safely...SLOW DOWN ... AND STOP at the Intersection before someone gets KILLED..! Thank you....!!

From Chief Mark Dousay Community ALERT..!!! Good aftrnoon Friends and Neighbors Due to the Incleameant Winter Weather condition, I encourage everyone to stay inside and off the Streets and Hwys unless you have to travel. Ice accumulation and Snow is already a safety factor. Please bring your Pets inside and Stay warm and Cozy. If you have an Emergency please Dial 911. There will be Officers patroling the streets in Jackson and ready to respond as needed. Take care.. Stay safe...Stay warm..and God Bless..!!!!

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Douglas County Deputy Zackari Parrish. RIP BROTHER We have it from here!

From Chief Mark Dousay: Friends and Neighbors As we prepare to closeout and say good-bye to the year 2017, I would just like to pause a moment and reflect alittle. We all have experienced and have been faced with many challenges this year.. Some good and Some not so good. We have all been faced with tragedies and difficult situations in our day to day lives of losses that have been overwhelming to our families, friends and communities, But we have also experienced alot of joys and happiness as well. To me without my faith in God and a few Good friends I truely would not have been able to manage it all. It is my sincere wish to everyone that you keep your faith strong, try to forgive those who wrong you, Love your Family more openly and let them know you Love them and care about them always. Stay strong in your faith and beliefs and in good health as best as you can. Find some joy and happiness in your lives and experience and share it with others. Embrace the New Year for whatever lies ahead and be safe and prosperous in making it a good year. And if you find yourself faced with challenges and difficult times again.. AND YOU WILL BE.... Please remember that God is always there for you when NO one else will be.... Happy New Year to you all. Please stay well, Stay safe and warm and God bless....!

Santa will be at Jackson Fire Dept on Dec. 21st. Bring kids and see Santa from 5:30 pm to 8:00pm. Roads will be blocked by Us. Merry Christmas everyone and Have a safe Holiday.

Prays go out to Texas DPS officer and his Family...RIP Brother, we have it from here.

Want wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...Be Safe and Drive Safe....