Grand Isle Police Department

  • Agency: Grand Isle Police Department
  • Address: 170 Ludwig Ln Lot A, Grand Isle , 70358 LA
  • Chief: Euris A DuBois (Chief of Police)
Phone: 985-787-2204
Fax: 985-787-2439

Grand Isle Police Department is located at 170 Ludwig Ln Lot A, Grand Isle , 70358 LA. The Chief of Police of the department is Euris A DuBois. The Grand Isle Police Department phone number is 985-787-2204.

Grand Isle Police Department News

Nov 1, 10:00AM Power has been restored to most of Grand Isle. Tidal water has receeded and the pumps are running. Flooded streets are still a hazard as unseen debris may be lurking below the waters surface. LA-1 is closed between Humble Rd and Willow Ln while Entergy addresses downed power lines. Nov 1, 7:20AM Due to the severe weather this morning, Grand Isle is currently without power. There are downed power lines, broken telephone poles, high water and other hazards in the roadways. If you do not need to be on the roads, please don't drive as emergency crews begin the cleanup process. This post will update as the roads are cleared.

Thanks to everyone that came out and also those who helped put this together! We hope you have a fun & safe night. HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃

Career day 2018! 🚔

10/14/18 1:45AM Entergy estimates power to be restored by 5:00AM 10/13/18 11:45PM All of Grand Isle is currently without power. Entergy is aware of the outage and there is currently no ETA.

Thoughts and Prayers for Florida! 10/10/18 09:30AM Roads between Grand Isle and Fourchon have been cleared of debris. GI is still holding water, but the pumps are running. 10/10/18 5:00 AM Water level has dropped several inches since 2:30AM. LA-1 is still completely covered from Sand Dollar Marina to Humble Rd, Jean Lefitte Ln to the Camanada Pass bridge and water is still covering portions of LA-1 from Grand Isle to Fourchon. 10/10/18 2:30AM Water level appears to have crested and begun to drop 10/9/18 10:00PM Due to Hurricane Michael, Grand Isle is experiencing a high-water event. Currently, LA-1 is completely underwater from Sand Dollar Marina to the Grand Isle Community Center, from Shelton Ln to the Camanada Pass Bridge, and between Tower Rd and Norah Ln. Several places are too deep to see the lane markers even by spotlight. LA-1 between Grand Isle and Fourchon has several sections completely underwater with large stretches covering half of the roadway. There are currently no road closures, but please use good sense and drive slow if you need to travel along these areas. A lot of debris has settled on the road and may be covered by water. If you have no need to be out on the road, please don't travel. Homes and vehicles that are close to flooding will take on water from the wake of your vehicle. This post will be updated throughout the event.

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GIPD’s new K9🐊 There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Excuses used this week: - I didn't know ( 18 times ) - My camp is right there ( 7 times ) - My cart broke down/ is almost dead ( 2 times ) - There are no crossings close to my camp ( 6 times ) Everyone who signs up for a Beach Access Pass ($75, available at the Police Department) is given a copy of the rules that everyone who operates your cart under your tag is expected to follow. In addition, there are multiple online locations where these rules are posted. Please, we want everyone to enjoy the privilege and convenience of operating a golf cart or side-by-side on our beaches, however, damaging the levee will not be tolerated ( $500 fine ). Do not move any barricades placed along the levee. Doing so is a jailable offence. If your cart breaks down, call the police department or find another cart before deciding to drive your car/truck/suv onto the beach to tow your cart off. NO motorized vehicles aside from golf carts, side-by-sides and emergency vehicles are allowed to cross any levee or drive on any beach in Grand Isle ( $500 fine ). Do not block any paved levee crossing. In the event that emergency vehicles need to get on the beach and your vehicle is blocking a paved access point, your vehicle will be moved BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Have a safe and happy summer!

In case you trying to leave Grand Isle today.

GIPD is asking for the traveling public’s patience while leaving Grand Isle this weekend. There is an active construction zone on the Lafourche Parish side of the parish line which will cause traffic delays. We are working with construction crews to get flagmen to alleviate the traffic. The construction zones are outside of our jurisdiction. Also there will be delays while construction equipment is moved around inside the construction zone. Thank you all for visiting Grand Isle. On April 28, 2018, between 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM, the individual highlighted in the attached video was observed entering campsites and stealing alcoholic beverages. Several other persons were observed in a golf cart who dropped him off, waited while he burglarized several campsites, and picked him up after acquiring several alcoholic beverages. While the target of these particular juvenile thieves appears to have been alcoholic beverages, it could just have easily been fishing tackle, fishing poles, expensive ice coolers, and any targets of opportunity found inside unlocked vehicles such as weapons, jewelry or portable electronics. While enjoying what our terrific island has to offer, please keep in mind some "people" come here specifically to prey on unsuspecting vacationers. -Secure your belongings -Report any suspicious activities including any golf carts, side-by-sides or ATV's observed on the roads after dark to 911 Reminder: -ATV's are not allowed recreational travel along Hwy 1 and are not allowed on any levee or beach in Grand Isle ($500 fine) -Bicycles traveling at night must have a white light facing forward and a red light facing rearward which can be seen at 500ft -Golf Carts and Side-By-Sides that have a valid beach access pass may only use the levee crossing areas designated for motorized vehicle use and may never travel along any raised portion of any levee in Grand Isle (Loss of beach access pass) -No cars, trucks or SUV's other than emergency and town vehicles are allowed on any raised portion of any levee or on any beach in Grand Isle ($500 fine) Motorized levee crossings: Jean Lafitte Boudreaux Ln Cranberry Ln Krantz Ln Capital Ln Landry Ln Oak Ln Birch Ln Anyone with information regarding the campsite thefts is encouraged to contact Deputy Dunning at 985-787-2104. Anonymous tips may also be submitted by email ( ) and through Crimestoppers.

Thanks everyone that came out and participated today! HAPPY EASTER!🐣🐰

Due to extreme weather, Grand Isle Municipal Court scheduled for tonight, January 17, 2018, has been rescheduled to February 21, 2018. Stay warm, everybody!

1/1/18 7:25AM Happy New Year! Starting things off with an advisory. The Caminada Pass bridge has sprung a leak and has iced over. Crews are on scene. Please slow down and watch for flagmen. The northbound lane is blocked as repairs are made. This post will be updated when the road has been cleared. 9:30AM Due to high wind and severe conditions, repairs are taking longer than usual. 3:00PM Temperatures have risen above freezing and the ice has thawed. The road may remain wet until the leak is completely repaired.

Thibodaux Police Department Officer McFlurry, Officer Sandy says to send some of that white stuff down here!

Hello all! Its getting that time of year again. Things are slowing down on the island, businesses are switching to off-season operational hours, Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, wallets are going to get a bit thin. Idle hands + empty wallets = stolen property! Please make sure to lock your vehicles, doors and windows to your home, and secure anything in open ground-level areas. Invest in a security system and/or security camera system. A 4 camera self-contained camera system costs around $200 and is very easy to install. If you have an internet connection, you can monitor your property from anywhere in the world and receive alerts when movement is observed. In the coming months, GIPD will have a program in place where we can receive those alerts directly and respond to them immediately. If you are a victim of a burglary, report it as soon as possible -- even if you don't believe anything of value was taken. If you have information related to a theft, burglary, or any other crime, we have anonymous tip phone numbers and messaging systems in place on our website ( ) and we offer rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for crimes committed on Grand Isle. From everyone at GIPD, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Grand Isle PD is hiring Police Officers!


GIPD will be handing out candy and other treats for Trick or Treaters tomorrow night at the police department ! We look forward to seeing everyone! 👻🎃🍬

5:00pm 10/7

10/8 7:00AM LA-1 between Grand Isle and Fourchon is open. There may still be debris on the roadway, please drive carefully. CURFEW HAS BEEN LIFTED 10/7 11:45PM High tide is here and the water level continues to decline. 10/7 9:30PM Water level has receded a few inches in the past hour, however, high tide is still 2 hours away. 10/7 8:45PM LA-1 has been closed by LSP at the locks in Golden Meadow 10/7 4:15PM Water has completely covered LA-1 for several hundred feet starting near Bridgeside Marina and extending onto the island. Vehicles are advised not to attempt to cross. CURFEW IS IN EFFECT 10/7 11:20AM As of Saturday October 07 at 3:00PM Grand Isle will be under emergency curfew until the end of the weather event. Curfew applies to everyone with exceptions of emergency personnel and those commuting to and from work for essential functions. Non-essential business operations should be suspended from 3:00PM until the end of the weather event. This includes entertainment venues and bars, which should be closed to the public during the curfew. For essential business operations, employees traveling to and from work during the curfew should have a valid picture ID and a document from their employer stating their need to work during curfew hours with dates and employee hours. Property owners attempting to remove assets from Grand Isle will be allowed to do so as long as LA-1 remains safely passable. Drivers or individuals may be stopped by law enforcement and should be prepared with the information above to avoid arrest. 10/6 1:47PM LA-1 is beginning to see water creep onto the roadway in low areas. Please drive carefully. 10/6 11:20AM As of Friday October 06 at 11:00AM Grand Isle is under a manditory evacuation order. Roadways are still clear of water between Grand Isle and Fourchon. 10/5 11:20AM As of Thursday October 05 at 11:00AM Grand Isle is under a State of Emergency. A voluntary evacuation order has been issued. Grand Isle School will be closed for Friday, October 6 and Monday, October 9. Please secure or remove all small watercraft, campers, RV's and clear your property of items that may be carried away in 75+mph winds. This post will be updated throughout the weekend.