Duson Police Department

  • Agency: Duson Police Department
  • Address: 806 1st St, Duson , 70529 LA
  • Chief: Frank Andrew (Chief of Police)
Phone: 337 873-6736
Fax: 337-873-4967

Duson Police Department is located at 806 1st St, Duson , 70529 LA. The Chief of Police of the department is Frank Andrew. The Duson Police Department phone number is 337 873-6736.

Duson Police Department News

A resource for families planning on Trick or Treat for tonight.

The Duson Police Officers want to express deep condolences to the family of Ethan Smith who was murdered Friday evening in his front yard in Duson. Our prayers and thoughts are with each of you as you move forward without Ethan. Duson is a tough Town that will take the memories Ethan left us and grow stronger and be more committed to a Town with less crime, less lawlessness and more compassion. Join our Police Officers in making Duson a safer community, report suspicious activity by calling 911, or Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS (8477). Police Chief Kip Judice also wants to thank the efforts of the Duson Police Officers, and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Deputies, who worked diligently and tirelessly for hours on end to bring the men responsible for Ethan’s death to jail. The Acadian Ambulance Medics and Medical Staff who worked to save Ethan are deserving of our gratitude as well. May God Bless the Smith Family, his children, the Town of Duson and May God Bless the United States of America!

Movie Night at Duson Elementary


33 years in the law enforcement and continually impressed by the compassion in people! Today Duson Police investigated a variety of calls but the fatal traffic accident brought out the best in some amazing first responders and restored my faith in mankind. 9 Paramedics, 15 Professional and Volunteer Fire Fighters, 12 Officers, Deputies and Troopers worked in unison to rescue a man severely trapped in his truck. Took nearly an hour to free the young man who was airlifted to a hospital. All this time medics, firefighters, and police worked to keep the man calm and upbeat. Amazing to watch and certainly more than a days work, unfortunately there was another victim who had not survived the crash who was just as severely trapped and with the same level of discipline, diligence and respect these professionals worked to free the man from the wreckage. These men and women are number 1 in my book, a very heartfelt thanks on behalf of all the families and the Duson Police Department. Matt Bergeron Coby Duhon Bartholomew Damien Wölfensteïn Brett Sturm Timothy Cannon The many Paramedics of Acadian Ambulance and Air Med LPSO Deputies Acadia Deputies LA State Police THE DUSON POLICE Dept THE DUSON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT Lafayette Fire Department Scott Fire Department Rescue Teams Acadia Parish Coroner’s Office

Attention Duson Residents Due to an operational issue natural gas services to homes and businesses in the Town of Duson has been interrupted. Center Point Energy is aware of the problem and are working on the issue. Once service is reinstated each meter will be manually turned back on. The Duson Board of Aldermen, Mayor, Fire and Police Departments are monitoring the situation and there are no dangers associated with this outage. Residents can expect gas to be restored during the course of the night, pilot lights may have to be re-lit after the service is restored. Kip A. Judice Chief of Police Town of Duson, LA 337 873-6736

Great work by the Attorney General’s Office and all those who work tirelessly to proactively detect internet crimes.

Thanking the Acadiana Behind the Badge Support for the gift bags and all the goodies delivered today

Thank you from a citizen

On this Labor Day the Duson Police are delivering fresh grown tomatoes to area residents!!!! Thanks to all whom helped our community garden and to Officers , Brett Sturm, Calvin Francis, Lt James Hodges and Chief Kip Judice for laboring this holiday...

Chief Kip Judice and others provided valuable training to many Acadia Parish Law Men and Women on Wednesday. Chief Judice told the officers how honored he was to share his report writing presentation to a group of dedicated servants. This was the third year in a row Chief Judice presented the one hour course titled Effective Report Writing.

Duson Police Department enhances proactive patrols; ask residents to be vigilant By: Lora Lavigne Updated: Aug 21, 2018 12:16 PM CDT DUSON, La. (KLFY) - The Duson Police Department is asking residents to be vigilant and to help reduce crime by taking certain precautions. A Facebook post states that over the past week, the police department has had an increase in criminal activity. “We have had several crimes over the past week and we are working extremely hard to be proactive but we do have several investigations we are conducting at this time, which takes away from proactive patrols,” the post states. "An investigation can take days," said Duson Police Chief Kip Judice. In the past week, the Duson Police Department have investigated drug busts, a case where a Maryland woman had her purse and $4,500 dollars stolen by leaving it hanging in a convenience store bathroom and a stolen vehicle discovered by Crowley police with evidence left behind. "Some unique identifiers are the green foot pegs on the back of the bike. There is a silver lock on the bicycle also a pair of ice grips on the handlebar," said Judice as the department searches for a suspect. He mentioned how many people can protect themselves from these types of crimes. "Had the keys been removed from the vehicle or the car locked.. the vehicle would've never been stolen," he added. The department is working on crime prevention with their enhanced proactive patrols. When traveling in Duson, there is several hidden locations where automatic license plate recognition can screenshot a plate and identify exactly who comes in and out of the city. It's all listed in a system which recognizes the make model and time a vehicle was last seen. "It reads the license plate number and converts it into a word document," said Judice. Technology like readers and drones are helping them solve cases quicker. "Without having to put police cars in the area, we put the drone over it, grab some video and move in where we know the offenders may be,' Judice added. Nightvision technology has also played a role in their crime solving. "We can see that, that vehicle hasn't been parked there for a long period of time. potentially, a getaway car or a vehicle used in a crime." He says the use of these items are helping them build a database. "We're able to establish a pattern to put together a case for the district attorney's office that'll be prosecutable." The proactive patrols have stepped up over the past year. Meanwhile, the department says residents can protect themselves from becoming a victim by taking precautions. Anyone with information on the latest crimes is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 232-TIPS.

Duson Residents The Duson Police are asking residents to be vigilant and to help reduce crime by removing your car keys from your vehicle and locking your car doors. We have had several crimes over the past week and we are working extremely hard to be proactive but we do have several investigations we are conducting at this time, which takes away from proactive patrols. Recap of major calls from last week: Sunday August 12, two armed males entered a trailer in the 400 block of Toby Mouton Road, one of the residents was struck in the head with a gun and knocked unconscious. The second resident was able to run out the trailer and scream for help, which scared the intruders away. Within an hour one of the males was identified as a 14 year old from Lafayette, and the get away driver was identified and confessed. The two residents were arrested as they both had drugs in the house, the 14 year old was arrested and remains in Lafayette Detention Home. The second male who broke in the trailer remains at large and the investigation is continuing. On Friday August 17 a lady who was traveling to Maryland stopped at a local convenience store she inadvertently forgot her handbag in a restroom. The wallet contained over $4,000 in cash. The lady had already traveled 15 miles before she realized she had left the wallet behind. She returned to the store but the wallet was gone. Officers were able to review video footage and identify the lady who walked out with the wallet. Within a few hours two people confessed that they had gone through the purse which they found in a bathroom stall and located $4,500 in cash which they split between themselves and the purse and other contents were removed from a trash canister in Duson. All of the victim’s credit cards had been cut up in small pieces. The two adults were summonsed to appear in court for the theft and the $4500 was recovered and the victim plans to pick up her money on Monday August 20th. On Friday August 17 Officers responded to an unresponsive man in the parking lot of a truck stop casino, the officers found the man passed out and very disoriented. A suspicion of drug involvement was made by the Duson Officer and a consensual search of the man’s car revealed a variety of illegal drugs and cash believed to be proceeds from illegal drug sales. The man was arrested but the investigation continues into the source of the illegal drugs. See photo attached here is what was seized : 16oz Promethazine- $4,730 4.2grams Methamphetamine- $840 40 Ecstasy/MDMA tablets- $400 1 Aprazolam tablet- $10 $1003 cash On Sunday August 19 a truck was pulled over in Crowley by Crowley Police, two black men jumped out of the truck and ran away from it. A check of the license plate listed the truck as being registered to a man who lives on First Street in Duson. Duson Police knocked on the man’s door and asked him where his truck was and his response was that it was in his carport, but it was not. This victim stated he had left the doors unlocked and the keys were left in the ignition. Officers from Duson are taking over the investigation of the stolen vehicle. Several leads are being followed up on now. As you can see 4 major investigations in the past week are making it difficult for our officers to check car doors to make sure they are locked and that keys are not being left in cars. So please self check your property as we catch up on all these cases. We remain ready to serve and protect and welcome the help of our community. See something, say something please call 911

Great work by Duson Police and the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office Getting this child reunited with his family was most rewarding https://www.klfy.com/news/local/authorities-investigate-human-trafficking-case-involving-16-year-old-boy/1360573674?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KLFY_News_10

Our sincere condolences to the Donald Thibodeaux family for their loss today. We ask that all motorist drive safely, buckle up, and stop at all stop signs. Today’s crash is an example of why we are so aggressively enforcing stop sign violations. Our mission is to never have another fatal crash!!!

Thank you Brittney Menard Delicious treats for our Officers

So an area farmer dropped off cucumbers at the Duson PD today and they were distributed to six of our residents in Duson!!!!

In the front of the Duson Police Station are 10 tomato plants that were purchased by and being cared for the Duson Police Officers after their respective shifts are over. The fruit of these plants will be distributed to residents of Duson. Another way of improving Police - Community interactions in Duson.

Happy Birthday Officer Timothy Cannon stay safe and thank you for your service

Anyone know where this John Deere Model 2210 Deisel Tractor is???? Stolen between June 19 and 21 from 700 block of Toby Mouton Ext next door to Wagin Cajun Casino.

Before the victim knew her truck was stolen Officers Tim Cannon and Harvey Day had it back for her! Great work Guys! http://m.kplctv.com/kplctv/db/375878/content/jh5ssJzg

Thanks to Officer Timothy Cannon who got a conviction recently on a stalking case the victim dropped by to show her appreciation with a Red Velvet Cake!!!

We need your help in identifying this man relative to an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Please contact Duson Police at 337 873-6736 if you know him.

Mr Calvin Francis funeral services will be at 1:30 PM on Saturday June 16th at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church on Surrey Street in Lafayette, LA. Mr. Francis was a loving husband, father and friend and will be so dearly missed. Visitation with family will be on Friday June 15th from 5-9 PM and will resume on Saturday from 8:30 until time of service at Syrie Funeral Home on East Simcoe Street in Lafayette. Please keep Duson Police Officer Calvin Francis, his sister and mother in your prayers as this family is hurting over the sudden unexpected loss of their loved one.

Because we will forget our own people! Mr Calvin Francis father of Duson Police Officer Calvin Francis passed away this afternoon. Thanks to all who’ve posted their prayers and well wishes, the family is very distraught but very thankful for all the post on their behalf.