Port Vincent Police Department

  • Agency: Port Vincent Police Department
  • Address: 18235 La Highway 16, Port Vincent, 70726 LA
  • Chief:
Phone: (225) 698-6115
Fax: 225-698-9036

Port Vincent Police Department is located at 18235 La Highway 16, Port Vincent, 70726 LA. The Port Vincent Police Department phone number is (225) 698-6115.

Port Vincent Police Department News

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween this Friday!

*******PLEASE SHARE************* If anyone has seen this camper either yesterday, 08/27/14 or today, please contact us here at Port Vincent Police Department at 225-698-6115. This camper was stolen yesterday morning from town by 2 male suspects in a 2000 model black Dodge Ram pickup truck. Last seen going down Stringer Bridge Rd towards Highway 22. They also took off the license plate. ******PLEASE SHARE*******

Please help us donate to the MDA children's lock up... Our goal is $1,600.00 and if we don't raise the amount one of our officers will get LOCKED UP!!! http://www2.mda.org/goto/FreeBrant

If anyone in or near Port Vincent recognizes this little dog, please contact us at 225-698-9891. It was found at one of our residents and they are trying to find its owner. Have a good day!

Sure is a beautiful day here in Port Vincent, LA. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Good morning and we hope you all had a Happy Easter! Couple of reminders... We still are selling the PVPD Breast Cancer Supporter T-Shirts for $20 at the Town Hall/Police Dept. You can let us know what color and size and we can order it if we do not have it in stock here. Also, do not forget about the concealed handgun class on Saturday, April 26th at 8AM. Have a great week!

Good Morning! We have a new shipment of Port Vincent Police Department Breast Cancer Supporter T-Shirts available. They are $20 and come in purple and gold, pink, and grey. If you'd like to order one in a different color we can do that also. They can be bought from the Police Dept/Town Hall from 8am-4:30pm... Cash only. Thanks and have a great Wednesday!

We will be having a concealed handgun class on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 starting at 8AM. The class will be held at The Port Vincent Town Hall/Police Department. The class fee is $100.00. You must bring the following: Valid Drivers License 36 Rounds of Ammunition Gun you would like to qualify with Holster (optional) Ear Plugs Eye Protection If you would like to sign up, let us know. Hope to see you there!

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Happy St. Patricks Day everyone 🍀

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It's a beautiful day today here in Port Vincent, hope everyone has a great week. *** REMINDER *** Keep your doors locked in your vehicles when parked at night. Over the weekend there were 3 car burglaries in Port Vincent so always make sure your car/truck is locked.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

If anyone would like to buy a Port Vincent Police Department Breast Cancer Supporter T-Shirt in purple and gold for $20, let us know. We take cash or checks.