Sterlington Police Department

  • Agency: Sterlington Police Department
  • Address: 103 High Ave, Sterlington , 71280 LA
  • Chief: Barry Bonner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 318 665-4532
Fax: 318-665-0232

Sterlington Police Department is located at 103 High Ave, Sterlington , 71280 LA. The Chief of Police of the department is Barry Bonner. The Sterlington Police Department phone number is 318 665-4532.

Sterlington Police Department News

You may have heard a helicopter flying over our Town and seen a lot of fire and police around the FBC area. AMR had dispatched a helicopter to pick up a stroke victim and was going to land at FBC . However they decided to transport the individual by ambulance to St Francis Downtown. The victim was from the Parish outside of our jurisdiction.

We lost a lifelong resident this morning, Ms Mavis Williams. She was an awesome lady and will be sorely missed. Please keep her family in your prayers.

With this weather tonight it may be very wise to stay in and not get out on the roadways. Keep a radio or cell phone near you and adhere to any weather alert we get. Keep a flashlight nearby In case of power outage and be sure to contact SPD if you need assistance. God bless and stay dry! Chief Bonner There is water over the roadway on Highway 136 between the Sports Complex and Highway 165. If anyone needs sandbags, please contact the town Superintendent, David Dailey, at 318-801-4277

We have food collection bags from the Cub Scouts available for pick up at Sterlington Police Department. Fill them up with can and box goods and leave it out by your front door for pickup this Saturday. Let’s show them the type of caring people we are here in STown!

Today we had a close call on Bartholomew with a vehicle who lost control and plowed over a mailbox and gas meter. The owner had just checked his mail seconds before and most certainly would have been killed if he would have waited just a moment longer before walking out to his mailbox. People, we are begging you to please slow down! There is nothing important enough for you to take the chance of receiving a citation or hurting someone. Also please take a breath when picking up your children at our schools and be courteous to fellow drivers. Do not be quick to lose your temper and realize you may not have been cut off on purpose. Be slow to honk the horn at someone out of anger or frustration. Allow someone into the line. Our children are watching our actions and how we drive. Do you want you babies acting like that when they get their license? I can promise you they will operate a vehicle in the same way they have been taught. God bless, slow down, be courteous and be safe! Chief Bonner

It looks like we had a very successful Halloween this year! The weather cooperated off an on at times but other than that it looked as though everyone was getting their fair share of Candy! Great job everyone!

Hey guys, as of right now there is only a 20% chance of rain for tomorrow (Halloween) so it looks like the weather is going to cooperate and let the little ones get their Trick or Treating on tomorrow evening! If something changes we will let you know ASAP! Please spread the word! Be safe and watch out for all the little ghosts and goblins!

*****UPDATE ****** (We will be praying the rain will stay away Wednesday but if not we will do Halloween on Friday due to SHS Panther Football game Thursday. Please help spread the word!) SPD is wanting everyone to know the Town of Sterlington will be having Trick or Treating on Oct 31 from Dusk till no later than 9:00pm. However if it is raining during this time we will celebrate Halloween Friday night same time period. Please make sure to provide your child with a flashlight and reflective clothing. Inspect your children’s candy before they eat it and throw away any unwrapped items. Please be very cautious while driving around the neighborhoods and go well below the speed limits where children are present. God bless be safe and have a wonderful Halloween! Chief Bonner

**UPDATE: Bailey is now safe at home!!** This young lady was found near Sterlington Manor apartments. She is wearing a black reflective harness. If you're the owner or you know the owner, please give us a call at 318-665-4532. ~SP4

SPD is asking for your help with the speeding problem on our neighborhood roadways. If you can get the plate number of a speeding vehicle, we will make contact with the driver and advise them to slow down. The information you provide will be treated anonymously. If it is you who is doing the speeding please slow down! We will be running radar regularly.The life of a child walking on the roadway is not worth the few seconds you save by going faster than the posted speed limit. God bless, slow down and be safe! Chief Bonner

Well it looks like the long hot days of summer are finally behind us and the cooler shorter days of winter are steadily approaching. I am asking everyone to keep an eye on the elders of our community as well as those who may be suffering financially and find it difficult if not impossible to pay utility bills. Let’s make sure everyone in our community stays warm and fed. Remember, we are our brothers keeper! If we all pitch in just a little there should be no one suffering in our little slice of heaven. God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

This sweet girl was hanging out around Rogers Avenue. If you have any information that would help her get home, please send us a message or call 318-665-4532. Thank You ~SP4

You may have been hearing stories of women being followed around in stores in our immediate area. There have been reports filed and 911 calls made in regards to someone being followed. I want to make sure everyone knows what to do if you find yourself being followed in a vehicle or walking around in a store. First, if you think you are being followed in a vehicle, immediately call 911 and drive straight to the nearest police station. If they follow you into the parking lot of the police station pull up as close as you can to the front door and lay on your horn until an officer comes out to check on you. Be very vigilant and get as much information as you can about the driver and description of the vehicle. Second, if you think you are being followed in a store, go straight to an associate of the store and report the incident. Call 911 and give them the information about who’s been following you. Have the store management escort you to your vehicle. Always keep at the forefront of your mind you are surrounded by predators just looking for an opportunity to strike. Predators look for individuals who seem to be complacent and will normally steer away from people who look them straight in the eye acknowledging they know they have been spotted. Parents, your children are the most precious thing you have on this earth so why would you let your babies run around a store away from your sight? Always have your young children within arms length. I realize it can be difficult sometimes but the extra effort you put in to keep your baby safe is well worth it! Choose your parking space wisely. Do not park next to vehicles with blacked out windows or people standing around a parked car. If your gut senses something isn’t right listen to it! God has given us the ability to sense danger so take advantage of that ability! Better to be overly cautious than extremely sorry. God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

Today around 1100am we had a couple of cars get egged in the vicinity of Jax’s Square. A few teenagers were seen in the area walking the streets around that time. We are asking anyone with information to please contact SPD. Egging a vehicle may seem harmless but it can cause serious damage to the paint which can be very expensive to repair. God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

Angus will be cleaning out their stacks so we may hear what sounds like gunshots for the next hour or so. All is ok God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

Hats off to Cpl David Morris, Officer Jeremy Streeter and Assistant Chief Robert Bice for an outstanding job in obtaining a search warrant and arrest on over 800 Xanax bars! Also big shout out to MPSO for locating our suspect in Bastrop . Goes to show how departmental cooperation can make a difference! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if your going to deal in drugs you best not do it in Sterlington! God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

Homeland Security will be conducting training today on the backside of Angus. We may hear some small explosions and small arms fire. All are simulated and no danger to the public. God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

***UPDATE**** she made it back home! This pretty girl has wondered off from her home on Sharp Ave. If you see her please contact us so we can get her back home

We are possibly in store for some very severe weather the next day or two. Possible flooding and high winds can be expected. Please make sure you are not in a room where a tree could fall on you and if we experience high winds do not venture out until all roads are cleared of power lines and debris. Also please take the time to make sure your ditches are free of any debris that will prevent the water from flowing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in need of assistance. God bless and stay safe! Chief Bonner

Our community lost a wonderful long time resident this morning, Mitzi Burge. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. God bless and stay safe. Chief Bonner

****UPDATE***** Boots has been found and has been returned to his home! Thanks so much for everyone’s help and concern. This is Boots. He ran out of his house around the Davis St, 300 block area around 6:00pm today and disappeared. If you have him or see him please call SPD at 665-4532. Let’s get him back home!

We are asking for help in identifying the person or persons who shot and seriously injured this beautiful girl . She was most likely on Julia St off of Bartholomew when it happened sometime between 5 & 7 yesterday. Any information will be kept confidential and your name need not be used. If you see a dog roaming please contact SPD and DO NOT take it upon yourself to dispose of the animal. Animal cruelty laws are very stiff!

This little guy was found on LA-2 near Solvent Avenue. Please share so we can get him back to his owners! ~SP4

Congratulations to Lee Deal and Marcus Tillery with their promotion to Cpl. Two years of dedication to the Town of Sterlington. Outstanding job gentlemen!!