The University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department

  • Agency: The University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department
  • Address: 3811 Desiard St, Monroe, 71209 LA
  • Chief:
Phone: (318) 342-5350
Fax: (318) 342-5358

The University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department is located at 3811 Desiard St, Monroe, 71209 LA. The The University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department phone number is (318) 342-5350.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department News

Please be aware of a strong line of thunderstorms moving into our region tonight. The National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued a warning advisory until 11 PM tonight.

Message from Residential Life to all On Campus Residents: As most of you know, our University Police Department arrested a suspect in University Commons earlier this week. This individual who was not a student, gained access to University Commons by “tailgating” behind a resident of the building. Once inside UC, he went door to door finding six rooms unlocked. PLEASE help the Department of Residential Life and our University Police Department by: l. NOT letting anyone tailgate into one of our Residence Halls. 2. LOCKING your door! Please use the deadbolt lock on your door whether you are in the room or leaving the room. 3. NOT letting anyone use your ID for any reason, ever. 4. Also please remember your registered guest cannot be in your room unless you are there. All of our buildings are covered inside and out by camera’s, they have ID entrances, individual key access to your rooms and more. Do your part to help ensure a safe environment for not only you, but for all of your fellow students. Should you see anything suspicious inside or outside your building, contact UPD immediately at 318-342-5350. Thanks for working with us to keep everyone safe at ULM. Residential LIfe

Suspicious Person Alert On 10.22.18 at approx. 4:04 PM, UPD observed a person make an unauthorized entry into Commons #1. The subject then attempted entry into several rooms before being apprehended. No one was injured during this incident. Please be reminded to not allow anyone to “tailgate” into secured living areas. Please utilize the deadbolt on residential room doors and notify ULM PD IMMEDIATELY of any suspicious persons or activity at 318.342.5350.

ULM Police need your help identifying either of these vehicles in reference to a hit and run vehicle crash. If you have any information, please call us at (318) 342-5350.

The ladies self defense Equalizer Training was a hit!!! The next free training is Thursday, Sept. 13th, at Bayou Pointe Event Center. All ULM ladies are invited, bring your ULM ID card and wear gym attire!

We have recently received the following weather alert for the ULM community. Please use caution if a thunderstorm or severe weather produces in your area. Stay indoors during these events if at all possible. Avoid high water areas and roadways that are submerged.

For finals week, Sgt Willis helped chase down 9 baby wood ducks to save them from Highway 165 and return them to the Bayou!

It's time for the annual DEA National Take Back Initiative. Dispose of unwanted prescription pills by bringing them to the ULM Police Department on Saturday, April 28th between 10am and 2pm.

The National Weather Service has just issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Monroe, LA area until 7:45 p.m. tonight. This thunderstorm warning reports possibilities of 60 mph wind and quarter size hail. Please use caution and stay indoors until the storm passes.

Great class tonight at the SUB. #ProtectThisHouse is our goal. #AvoidDenyDefend is our motto. Resident training, free shirt, free pizza Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm.

Louisiana State Police at the quad with their roll over truck for alcohol awareness and anti-hazing awareness week. This is truly awesome to see. Come check it out!!!

Update: The Monroe Police Department HEAT Team has located the loose dogs and they have been quarantined. Caution: the below pictured dog was recently loose in the 3500 block of Bon Aire Drive, north of ULM. This dog has reportedly bitten a resident that lives in that area. If anyone sees this dog, do not approach it and contact ULM Police immediately at (318) 342-5350.

The ULM Police Department received a call about a suspicious person at Masur Hall. ULM Police Officers are currently at Masur Hall and have located the complainant and possible suspicious person. The officers have determined that there is no safety concern at Masur Hall and the reported suspicious person was cooperative and unfounded. This call came about from a student exercising the practice of seeing something and saying something. As always we encourage the ULM community to call the police if they feel concerned. Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite a busy day around campus, Sgt Willis and Officer Landry were able to spend some time with some of the children from the Child Development Center.

For all Warhawks, local police agencies just passed through our campus with lights and sirens activated. Another agency was attempting to detain a suspect. The incident started and ended away from campus. There was no relation to any student, faculty, or staff at ULM.

ULM Police needs your help identifying these two guys who recently burglarized the Warhawk baseball complex. Please call 342-5350 with any info

Sgt. Willis and Cpl. Harrell enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having while providing some extra visibility and patrols around campus. #TheBestIsOnTheBayou #TakeFlight

Let's all thank Arianna Smith for her diligent effort in keeping the ULM campus safe from this beastly bandit opossum. Due to Arianna's quick thinking, she was able to get the ULM Police on scene before this bandit opossum frightened or attacked any students. The brave and courageous officers,Sgt Willis and Cpl Harrell, at ULM were able to wrangle this wild beast onto a door mat and release it back into it's wilderness home on the Bayou!!!

Congrats ULM Warhawks Football on an awesome victory over ULL Ragin Cajuns. 56-50 in 2nd OT. Great job guys!!!

At the request of many students, the ULM Police Department has implemented a system for registering bicycles. The process only takes a few minutes. If you would like to register your bicycle, please contact one of our officers who will assist you. Bicycle registration allows for better results in locating stolen bicycles and returning them to their owners.

ULM monitoring Harvey; campus remains open The University of Louisiana Monroe is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Harvey. The latest weather reports indicate the most significant weather will be through the area by 9 a.m. Thursday. At this time, ULM will remain open and all offices, classes, services and activities will continue as normally scheduled. If the situation changes, students, faculty, and staff will be notified using the Warhawk Alert,, campuswide email, and social media. Everyone is asked to monitor their ULM email accounts, ULM social media, and To sign up for Warhawk Alerts, please use this link, All ULM students, faculty, guests and staff are encouraged to use caution while traveling. Do not drive into high water and if you are unable to travel to work or class, please contact your supervisor or professor to make other arrangements. Also consult the State of Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness website, For more information on Tropical Storm Harvey, visit