New Roads Police Department

  • Agency: New Roads Police Department
  • Address: 101 6th Street, New Roads , 70760 LA
  • Chief:
Phone: (225) 638-3271
Fax: (225) 638-5365

New Roads Police Department is located at 101 6th Street, New Roads , 70760 LA. The New Roads Police Department phone number is (225) 638-3271.

New Roads Police Department News

ATTENTION RESIDENTS New Roads Police Department is looking for Joseph “Jo Jo” Station. He has a warrant for his arrest for Felony Theft. He was caught on camera stealing several items out of Walmart.

It is important for you to know that if you have been a victim of sexual trauma no matter your age or how long ago it happened you can receive help right here in the City of New Roads. STAR has an office located on side of the court house for your convenience, so you can call the number on the brochure to set up an appointment. Please share this information because it’s important to know that help is literally only minutes away!

Good morning! If any of these pictured items belong to you please contact our Dispatch office at 694-3737 to have an Officer contact you so you can retrieve your items. Some juveniles were caught on last night and possibly visited the Oak St area, so please check for any missing items and contact us in reference to this matter. Thanks, New Roads Police Department

If any one is missing this set of keys and/or Apple watch they were recovered by Police and are at the police station

The perpetrator caught on video walking throughout the Major subdivision pulling on door handles has been caught and charged with four counts of burglary and two counts of attempted. Due to his juvenile status his identity cannot be shared. We truly appreciate the help of the community, and the Pointe Coupee Sheriff Office for assisting us in this matter. Bullying with not be taken lightly by New Roads Police Department. If it is being done (criminal) actions will be taken.

The subject from the hit and run pictures has came in and taken care of the situation. He was unaware that he had backed into around car. The right thing was done by this person. As soon as he found out what happened he came to the police station to take care of it.

Pointe Coupee Parish Public Schools CLOSED Thursday...

The roads are starting to thaw in New Roads. If you get out and drive please drive with care

The roads are very icy this morning. Stay off the roads unless it is an emergency.

Thanks Cottonport Bank for presenting a donation to New Roads Police Department and Pointe Coupee Sheriff's Office

Where heroes dwell... We have not forgotten you. E.O.W. 7/17/2016

To: The citizens of Pointe Coupee and PCPFD No. 5. We are currently placing sandbags and sand at Pointe Coupee Fire Protection District No. 5 Headquarters on Morganza Hwy. The current forecast is 4-8” with potential for 10-15+” with the heaviest rain expected tonight through Thursday. Be safe! "Waterloo area" I have requested the placement of sand and sandbags next to the Waterloo fire station.

There is no greater love, than that a man lay down his life.... For his friends. We stand beside the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office in their time of pain and mourning. In this family.... No one fights alone. Sgt. Shawn Anderson E.O.W. 3/18/2017 Never Forgotten.

Please prepare now for dangerous storm systems moving into our area. If you are one of those who know you can't drive in the rain please watch the weather from inside your home. Be safe 🙃

I'm memoriam.... #NeverForgotten

In Louisiana, we have a long standing tradition of keeping our Christmas lights up year round. It's not because we're lazy, it's because we don't feel like taking them down.

We hope you had an amazing Christmas. Please remember to keep your homes and vehicle's locked. Do not keep gifts inside your cars, it makes you a target by the kids on the naughty list. This time of year because of gifts there is a high chance your vehicle could be broken into. Protect your belongings with common sense.

Love it....

From our families to yours have an amazing Thanksgiving. To all the first responders working today we haven't forgotten you.

Please keep officer families in your prayers through out the nation. The holidays are especially difficult for many during this time. Officer Rose with the Wayne State University Police succumb to his injuries today making the count 59 killed by gun fire. They are never forgotten.

We can't begin to heal without dialogue, we can't understand each other's burdens without compassion, we can't truly smile without a Jr. police sticker badge.

Great day for soccer in New Roads... kids are making me feel old. Makes me miss recess. We need adult recess.